In this post, we will talk all about where and how to find the best sportswear supplier from 2020 to 2021. No matter you are Sportswear Startups or Amazon/Shopify retailers, you will know how to find wholesale sportswear suppliers after reading the article, so let’s get started with the basics: domestic or overseas sportswear suppliers, which to choose?

Choose Sportswear Suppliers: Domestic or Overseas?

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Many of you are looking for domestic sportswear suppliers in the US, UK, CA, AU, and other EU countries. There are many such suppliers that can be found online. In the meanwhile, a vast of original sportswear suppliers&manufacturers which are located in China are easy to be seen on the Internet as well. So which is better, which wholesale sportswear supplier to choose?

It will boil down to your personal preference, the MOQ you need, or the Delivery time you require. Look at the following advantages and disadvantages for sportswear suppliers at home and abroad to decide which is the best option for your sportswear business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sportswear Suppliers in US/UK/CA/AU

Apparently, the significant advantage of domestic sportswear suppliers is the faster delivery, usually within 1 week, you can get your order delivered. The next advantage is the easier communication, no language, and cultural barrier, this will speed up the procedure of sportswear manufacturing and assure the quality of your customized sportswear.

As to the disadvantages, there are 2 biggest ones. The first is the limited customization of sportswear, you should know the truth, nearly all domestic sportswear suppliers or manufacturers made in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, are also wholesaling from the original sports clothing factories in China. Buy from them, you have little space to custom your personalized sportswear or activewear. The second is the higher costs, due to the more expensive labor, the price of wholesale sportswear overseas will be much pricey.

Shortly, if you choose domestic Sportswear Suppliers, you choose Shorter Delivery, Easier Communication but Higher Cost and Less Customization.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sportswear Suppliers in China

How about the overseas sportswear suppliers in China? The disadvantage is apparent, that is the longer shipping time, the transportation from China to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and other countries in the world will cost 5 to 7 business days even with the express shipping agencies. The other disadvantages are the cultural differences, language barriers, no cheap option to visit manufacturers and verify custom-made sports apparel in person. 

But, the advantages of Chinese sportswear suppliers are attractive too. First of all, the lower cost, when compare them to overseas sportswear manufacturers in America, you will find those Chinese sportswear factories are much cheaper. It’s not because of the poor quality but due to the lower labor standards of China. On the other hand, if you wholesale from the direct sportswear suppliers&manufacturers, you can get the full customization, anything you want on your clothing can be satisfied, No restriction.

So, if you choose Chinese Sportswear Suppliers, you choose Premium Customization, Lower Cost but a little Slower Delivery.

Berunwear: Best Wholesale Sportswear Supplier

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Here please allow me to introduce our site to you, we are the Customizing Sportswear Supplier and Manufacturer located in China with 15+ years of experience exporting cycling clothes, running apparel, sports team uniforms, even wear and promotional products worldwide, including the US, UK, CA, AU, FR, NL, IT and other countries. Berunwear owns a private sportswear factory and works with over 30 clothing material suppliers and partners with activewear private label manufacturers to offer all clients high-quality products, punctual delivery, and competitive price. 

To know more about Berunwear’s service on Sportswear Customization, Manufacturing, and Shipping, check our details here. We are absolutely one of the leading Chinese sportswear suppliers you should do business with.

#1 Quality

Unlike other Chinese sportswear suppliers, all staff in the sales and design teams of Berunwear have fluent English and already served customers from over the world for at least 5 years. They are very familiar with sportswear customization, sportswear fabrics, and your domestic market’s needs. Tell us where is your market on our “Contact Us” page, we will assign the right person to talk with you. Choose, No cultural, and language barriers. This will yield fewer errors and mistakes before sportswear manufacturing and assure quality.

Fabric quality is also important, how Berunwear provides you quality sportswear fabrics? Like I mentioned above, we have 30+ material suppliers, within your budget, we will choose the most suitable fabric supplier which can offer the best quality. Because we are their regular wholesale customer, those suppliers will give us a rather lower price too.

The last way to make sure the sportswear quality is Berunwear’s Quality Control department, we have exclusive workers to check the quality of all stitching, measurements, fabrics, embellishments, hand-work, and materials on each piece of customized active sportswear. Every bulk order will be inspected 3 times during production, before shipping your sportswear out, we promise every t-shirt, polo, hoodie, sweatshirt, pants, shorts, jeggings or any other sportswear is without mistakes and issues!

Berunwear has a 98% satisfaction feedback in our 15 years’ history serving global clients, no matter they are sportswear startups, shopping platform retailers, individual wholesalers or organizations, and colleges.

#2 MOQ

MOQ is minimum order quantity, it’s vital for many sportswear small business owners and startups. To have the lowest MOQ but still with the wholesale price, Berunwear knows what you are looking for. So be free to contact us by email at [email protected], we will give you a flexible moq based on the sportswear style, the fabric, and the printing method you choose. Sometimes we can even do wholesale price on MOQ=5 or 10. No hesitation, email us now!

#3 Shipping Times

Shipping times include turnaround time and delivery time. Berunwear’s self-own factory has 115 workers and 10,000 square meters working area, the monthly output is over 100.000pcs. We have small, medium, and large scale product lines for different MOQs. Plus, we work with other 10 more sports clothing factories as well, anytime you require rush order, we will arrange for you in time. Even in the holiday season and hot-selling time, Berunwear can satisfy your shorter turnaround and fast shipping need. For example, 3 days for turnaround, 4 days for overseas shipping.

We support multiple payments and reputed international shipping agencies, the DHL, UPS, DDP are our common to use shipments. Not only we will ship your personalized sportswear in a short time, but also help you to solve Custom issues. To every possible problem you may meet on overseas shipping, we will think in advance and prepare all methods to resolve them.

#4 Fashion Styles

The very last thing is serving you stylish sportswear or activewear. To any sportswear business owners, sell the latest and fashionable activewear is a must. Berunwear will update our sportswear styles every week, develop new sportswear with the newest hot spots. Currently, our best seller is the customized neck gaiter, as the stylish alternative to masks, the neck gaiter or neck warmers are widely welcomed in EU and NA. 

So if you are not familiar with sportswear or want to expand your sportswear catalog, choose Berunwear, we will give you the most professional recommendation and products.

How to Find More Sportswear Suppliers in 2021?

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1. Online Directories

It’s the most convenient way to search for more sportswear suppliers. If you are looking for domestic US directories I recommend getting started with Maker’s RowThomasNetlet’s make it here, or Sqetch. If you’re interested in overseas suppliers you could start with Alibaba and IndiaMart. For those of you do dropshipping sportswear, AliExpress is the best choice. 

2. Search Engines

Google on “Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers” or being more niche like “Sportswear Suppliers USA”, you will find a list of suppliers’ websites. But those websites are not that reliable and you must pay a lot of time to search for information on them. Personally, to those of you who haven’t got enough time I don’t recommend this way.

3. Word of Mouth Referrals

This way means if you know people who are doing sportswear business, you can ask them for recommendations. Or you can post questions in Quora or Reddit, maybe some people can give you a good reply. 

4. Social Media Groups and Forums

You can try online forms that discuss sportswear and more specifically sportswear wholesale. Also, do some research on social media as well. There is already plenty of information out there for you to read and it can be easy to find people looking to share their knowledge. Also, look for forums that talk about sportswear suppliers and manufacturers.

5. Trade Events

The best but also the most expensive way is to go to trade shows. It’s just one more option for you to look into. 10times and Trade Show News Network will help locate a trade show in your area. You can go and check out the individual wholesalers in person. You can speak to their representatives. It will be an opportunity to network and sample some products. 

Now You Know How To Find Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers!

And Berunwear, one of the best Custom Sportswear Suppliers, getting started with an activewear supplier or manufacturer isn’t easy, you may spend time to search for many suppliers and talk to them one by one to decide the most suitable one for you. Here to save your time, on all you want to know as a sportswear supplier&manufacturer, we are providing in

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