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We are one of the most reputed Custom Sportswear Suppliers offer full manufacturing service include clothing design, material sourcing, sample making, bulk ordering, and international shipment. With Berunwear, you can establish your stylish sportswear brand in the USA, UK, CA, AU, and other countries within months.

Berunwear Features: Why choose us as your Sportswear Manufacturer?

Professional Team and Strong Manufacturing

10 designers’ team and 100+ workers’ factory are our major sportswear manufacturing labor. 95% of them are either from famous activewear brands such as Champion or with 3 to 5 years of sportswear producing experience. And, all salesmen of our site have fluent English, so we can chat without barriers. Berunwear has powerful manufacturing too with the self-own factory and other 10 experienced quality factories. They are both equipped with the latest machinery so can produce sublimated, 3D digital printed or embroidery clothing.

Fast Response and Premium Quality Guaranteed

Once you choose us, you choose the small MOQ, fast turnaround, and punctual shipping. To help sportswear startups, we can support MOQ as low as 10 pieces, for rush order, the whole manufacturing procedure will be completed in 1 to 3 days, from design to sample making to bulk order shipping, it can only take 7 to 10 days. Meanwhile, we won’t miss quality with the fast response, Berunwear has an extreme QC system, even a little mistake is found on your wear, it must be fixed immediately otherwise we will refund you.

Best Customer Service and Competitve Price

As one of the oldest sports clothing factories and suppliers, Berunwear has a huge network of material suppliers, private label manufacturers, and package makers. We work together at least with each other for over 10 years, being their regular wholesaler, we get fabric, other materials, custom label, tags, and packages from them at a rather lower price. So your order can be cheap too. Lastly, Berunwear offers comprehensive customer service, you can call us and chat with us on video if you think it’s necessary.

What Sportswear we Manufacture in Berunwear?

How to get Berunwear Sportswear Manufacturing Service?

Step 1: Tell us your idea

You may only have a concept or you get a picture or a photo of what sportswear you want to custom-made. Both are acceptable for Berunwear. Email us or use the “Contact us” page to tell us your idea, then we will assign a designer to chat with you. The designer will serve you from start to end.

Step 2: Confirm your design

With fluent English to introduce our design to you clearly, our communication will be efficient. The quickest design time will be within 5 hours. Beunwear will invite you to discuss the details on the sportswear together, of course, we will suggest you suitable fabrics and the most fashionable styles.

Step 3: Make the Fitting Sample

After all customization details are confirmed, we will start to make patterns and create a tech pack for your desired sportswear. Berunwear also sources cheap but quality materials and customizes colors&fabrics to your stylish activewear. You must get comfortable and fitting samples.

Step 4: Arrange bulk order

Bulk order manufacturing will begin if you are satisfied with the samples. No matter you need it completed fastly or slowly, Berunwear can meet your demand. Our self-own factory and other cooperated manufacturers, they have multiple production lines for small orders and large orders. Rush order is accepted too.

Step 5: Send your sportswear out

It’s not the last step, but it’s an important step because most of you will have the custom issue when importing from overseas. No matter you are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or any other country, you will have to clear customs, Berunwear will help you solve the issue.

Most Common to use Sportswear Printing Methods

Screen Printing

This printing technique has been one of the most reliable for quite a long time now and is a favorite among veteran printers. Compared to other techniques, screen printing is relatively simple to do, and it’s also cost-effective for large batches of garments, so it’s the go-to technique for bulk orders.

Screen printing provides a quick turnaround, as anywhere from 1,000 garments can be printed per hour, with those numbers sometimes rising quite substantially based on the print design and the skill and experience of the printer.

Although it’s a simple process, it does involve multiple steps of repetition in order to achieve the desired result. This can compromise the resolution and quality of the design, which is one of its primary drawbacks.


  • Guarantees high quality
  • Very durable
  • Great for large quantities
  • Fast results if a single design is used


  • Too complicated for small quantities
  • Not the best for complex designs
  • Not good for manual usage
  • Can be more costly

Direct-to-garment Printing (DTG)

DTG is a relatively newer printing technique that is like using a printer to directly print on the garment. Because it uses a printer, it can support very detailed designs and a multitude of colors at once.

This printing technique is better suited – and more cost-effective – for smaller batches of garments, as it’s a much slower process than screen printing, with an average of 30 – 60 t-shirts per hour as compared to screen printing’s 1000 prints per hour.


  • Simple to use (although it requires some skill)
  • Good for complex designs
  • Soft finish
  • Easy to switch designs


  • Higher initial investment
  • Takes more time to produce in big quantities
  • Less durable designs


Sublimation is similar in many ways to transfer printing; however, the science behind it is a bit more complicated. When heated, the special sublimation ink turns into a gas. This gas then embeds itself into the garment, thus creating a clean, professional appearance.

The disadvantage of sublimation printing is that it can only be done on 100% polyester garments, which limits the variety of garments it can be used on. Sublimation also has a generally higher start-up cost than transfer printing, as you’ll need a dedicated sublimation printer, specialty sublimation paper, and ink, as well as sublimation-compatible blanks.


  • Good for large designs
  • Suitable for unlimited colors and patterns
  • Lasts for a long time


  • Works only on light fabrics
  • It can be pricey if used for small quantities
  • It doesn’t fully cover all parts of t-shirt such as arm pits or side seams


Embroidery isn’t technically printing, but it is becoming more popular with clients, especially corporations who desire a long-lasting, high-quality product. Indeed, embroidery does project a look of class, quality, expense, and professionalism.

The issue with embroidery is that because of the required technique of applying thread to the garment, the shading and intricate details of the original artwork can sometimes be lost. Often when this happens, the detail appears to be too thick because of all of the thread used. Still, for clients seeking a more professional look, embroidery is often the best choice.

Whichever sportswear printing techniques you prefer, Berunwear can satisfy 100%.


  • Nothing looks as great as a design embroidered onto a cloth. It’s professional and looks very elegant.
  • The design is a part of the clothing fabric, so there’s no risk of it coming off. It will last as long as the t-shirt.


  • Real costly and time-costing. Embroidery isn’t easy.
  • Even with the most skilled embroiderers, minute designs, especially text becomes very difficult to print.

Top Quality Active Sportswear Fabrics Berunwear Can Offer

Cotton Sportswear Fabric

Cotton sportswear is experiencing a revival, as it has better odor management compared to other materials.

Spandex Sportswear Fabric

Due to its high stretchability, Spandex is one of the most common types of materials used in sportswear.

Polyester Sportswear Fabric

Polyester is made out of plastic fibers making it light-weight, wrinkle-free, long lasting and breathable.

Nylon Sportswear Fabric

Nylon is stretchy, quick-drying, and mildew resistant, is a very soft material that has a texture similar to silk.

Wool Sportswear Fabric

Wool is a good sportswear fabric in locations that have cold weather, is breathable and keeping you warm.

Polypropylene Sportswear Hover.

It can be used as a standalone fabric as well as a base layer with another fabric, completely water-resistant.

Neoprene Sportswear Fabric

Neoprene is majorly used in the creation of water sportswear such as diving suits, is one of the thickest materials.

Microfiber Sportswear Fabric

It's an expensive component that is often used for branded activewear. Highly absorbent and non-abrasive in nature.

Synthetic Sportswear Fabric

Synthetic material can be used not only for clothing but other sporting equipment as well such as knee and elbow bands.

Bamboo Fiber Sportswear Fabric

Environment-friendly material. Very light in weight, moisture wicking, also provides protection from UV rays.

Tencel Sportswear Fabric

Since this material is made out of wooden fibers, it has a good texture with perspiration wicking properties.

Gore-Tex Sportswear Fabric

It is a hybrid material that is not only used to make sportswear clothing such as jackets, but also running shoes.

Berunwear Provides One-stop Manufacture Service for Sportswear&Activewear

We are a renowned International Sportswear Supplier and Manufacturer for business owners, platform retailers, eCommerce online stores, schools, groups, organizations, and individual wholesale buyers. our motto is to ensure the highest standards of quality, blending superior fabrics with cutting edge manufacturing practices, our team strives to offer only high-quality active sportswear.

We make use of different types of top-notch raw materials and these clothes highlight active wicking and ventilation properties, thereby guarantying wearers’ maximum comfort even in worst weather conditions.

Depending on style we can produce up to 7,000 garments per week within our powerful production factory and team. Our vastly experienced and skilled team produce to the highest standards with checks on quality and measurement throughout all stages of the production process.

Our team can offer fast turnaround and low minimum order quantities, most style under 30 pieces will be charged at sample rates.