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Looking for Sportswear Manufacturers in USA? I must tell you the truth, all made-in USA sports clothing sites are just stocking the apparel in their domestic warehouse, not really manufactured in the United States. They are buying from the original Chinese clothing factories, some buy the complete styles, the others buy the blank version and print their logos or images in USA. So if you really need the direct sportswear manufacturer or supplier, the answer is still the Chinese company, like us-Berunwear.

Punctual Delivery, Lowest MOQ, Fast Turnaround, Direct Factory Price!!!

Berunwear is one of the best sportswear manufacturers in USA

Souce All Needed to Manufacture Sportswear

Not only fabrics but all other materials such as buttons, zippers, clips, eyelets, draw-strings, loops, snaps on customized sportswear, Berunwear will source for you from our long-relationship clothing material suppliers. We are their wholesale&regular buyers, so we will get the best price on all sportswear materials to reduce your cost.

Manufacture Activewear and Private Labels

Our service includes supplying custom-made t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, pants and etc. Berunwear also can manufacture private label, tags, and exclusive packages for you. For producing sportswear we are professional, for designing labels, tags, and packages, we have expertise too as a sports clothing manufacturer with 15+ years experience.

Equip with Self-own Factory and 10+ Parters

Berunwear’s factory has 115 workers and 10,000 square meters working area, the monthly output is over 100.000pcs. We have pattern making, cutting, sewing, printing, heating, and packaging departments in the factory. All workers are efficient staff with 3 to 5 years of experience, and we have small, medium, and big size production lines for different MOQ.

Produce Sportswear in Bulk with Strict Quality Control

Your custom sportswear will be manufactured in bulk by our factory or our partner ones. No matter in which sportswear factory, all the clothing will be inspected 3 times, in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of manufacturing. We will check if there are any print mistakes, any size differences, any quality issues, or not on every piece of our sportswear.

Give the Best Custom Sportswear and Wholesale Service in US

You don’t need to know much about sportswear production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the clothing manufacturing process. You don’t have to look into how to find a custom sportswear supplier, because we bundle small orders and work with several mass production companies of activewear. No matter you are located in Georgia, Texas, Floria, New York, or California, Berunwear can design your exclusive sportswear, manufacture them in bulk and deliver them to you in 1 or 2 weeks. is your Top 1 choice for getting custom-made sportswear in the USA and other countries, we offer the first-class Design, Develop, Manufacture, and Shipping service. Especially in manufacturing, Berunwear performs the best of the best!

Manufacture Sportswear in all styles and categories. Serving American and global Sportswear Business owners/retailers/ individual bulk buyers, Berunwear can custom and manufacture a huge collection of sportswear or activewear, or fitness clothing. Our catalog includes Cycling clothes, Running Apparel, Sports Team Uniforms, Sublimated Activewear, Event Garment, and so on. You can find everything from joggers, vests, singlets, compression wear, shorts, pants, jackets, t-shirts, polos, hoodies, and sweatshirts in sports apparel USA manufacturer-Berunwear company.

Powerful Sportswear Manufacturing with 10+ Factories. As one of the origins of many American Activewear wholesalers, Berunwear not only has a self-own factory but works with 10 more clothing factories. Big scale ones are for massive orders, small scale ones are for small orders. Better than other activewear manufacturers USA, we only use experienced workers and professional designers in the factory, most of them have ever worked for famous sporting brands such as Adidas, Champion, Fila, Nike, Puma, and Columbia. Plus, we have the latest machines for cutting, sewing, knitting, printing, heat sealing, and embroidering, with them, we can custom made sublimated or 3D digital printed activewear for USA customers include you.

Supply Private Label, White Label, and Package Service. At Berunwear, we understand the importance of Brand for a USA sportswear eCommerce startup or an established company. We will offer you a unique private label&tag design with good quality. From customization to logo embossment to even other factors like design trademark, we, as one of the private label sportswear manufacturers in U.S can help you establish a high-quality fitness apparel business. Berunwear is able to produce woven labels, care labels, and hangs tags. Some of our fabric suppliers even make custom hang-tags to show fabric certifications. Care labels come in rolls, woven labels come in rolls or bags while hanging tags always come in bags. Quantities vary depending on your customizations. 

Customizing Sportswear Manufacturer with the Flexible MOQ. No need to worry if you only have a limited budget but want to try stylish sportswear in America, finding us and chatting with us you will get an acceptable MOQ. Right, the minimum order quantity can be negotiable, sometimes we can do with 10 pieces, sometime you should buy 30 pieces at least. Why we can do that? Being an old-brand sportswear manufacturer with private own factory, we have many advantages than others, one of them is in our factory, all staff and machines are working all the time, we can add your small order to a product line easily without additional cost. That’s really an easy job for us.

No time to waste, want to realize successful Sportswear Business in United States or in anywhere of the world? Just get help from Berunwear-One of The Best Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers Manufacturers in The Clothing Manufacturing Industry.

Happy Clients of Berunwear

Undefeated Wolves

The wolves of Duval Charter Scholars Academy have been undefeated for two seasons in a row. As their coach, I believe they earned the right to show their team pride with these great shirts. The team loves them. Go wolves!

Northsiders Softball Team

This photo is after our 16″ co-ed softball team from Chicago won a tough game! We ordered jerseys from Berunwear to stand out as the most put-together team. The league doesn’t require uniforms, but all the other teams always comment on how good we look and ask us about where we got our jerseys from. We always promote Berunwear and let them know how much we love the quality and style of the products!

Love this company!!!

We been together since 2015 and never won the final. Once we purchase the jerseys and added my business logo, we felt like a real team. We won with strength and passion for the game.