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Free Design, Professional consultation, Small Minimum, Fast Turnaround, Self-own Factory, and Lower price, if you are looking for the Best Custom Sportswear Suppliers, here we are.

Solution 1: Bring Idea to Ready-made Product

1. Send us your Idea or Picture

You may only have a concept or you have a picture of what you want. Either is ok, just send that to us via email or online chat, we will start to research, think, and draw a Design Sketch.
Product design starts with a professional 2D concept drawing. This allows us to determine and agree on basic product characteristics. As one of the leading product design companies, we plan ahead and consider technical aspects already in this phase. Any quick sketch or reference product from you is enough for us to get started.

2. Define the Materials

Define the materials and other things you will need to use for the Sportswear. As the Sports clothing specialist, we will help you to decide which style of fabric, size, stitch, and color to use on your garment. Brunwear has all the popular to use fabrics including Cotton, Spandex, Tencel, Wool, Polyester, Lycra, Nylon, Mesh, Neoprene, Bamboo Fiber, Microfiber, Sports fleece, Calico, and Polypropylene. They can offer different functions, such as Thermal Insulation, Moisture-wicking, Water Proof, and so on.
We will also take price and quality into consideration, so your product can be inexpensive but High-performance sportswear for the local customers.

3. Create a Tech Pack

Finalize the design. Create a product specification or Tech Pack. After the aesthetics are taken care of, the new Sportswear design has to be translated and broken down into its practical features. The product specifications describe the functionality of your product. The great part for us as your professional design helper is to let you reconciling design and practicality in an elegant way.

4. Review the Design

Once the Sportswear or Activewear design is completed, we will take a step back and invite you to look at the newly designed product as a whole. We together make sure that we got all details in the right way as you want and will meet your markets need. If the answer is yes, we can start to turn the idea to reality.

5. Pattern Making

Pattern making is a process of making template pieces of a garment. Usually, cut out from thick paper or created digitally with software, these templates are later used in cutting out specific parts of clothes from fabrics. Another name for pattern making can be pattern cutting. This process involves cutting out patterns – parts of a design which will then be sewn together to produce your garment.

6. Sample Manufacturing

Once you have confirmed the materials and finalized your design and tech pack, a fitting sample should be produced to check that your garment fits correctly. In this stage, our high-quality cutting, sewing, printing departments will work in combination to create a perfect product for your idea. 

We are experienced in manufacturing active sportswear including; jerseys, leggings, polos, shorts, joggers, t-shirts, vests, tank tops, sweaters, hoodies. Furthermore, Hot fix transfers, embroidery, high-density silicone prints, sublimation, and basic lamination are our line of work too.

Finally, our garment manufacturing process seamlessly integrates your idea into a professional production line at the best garment factories and suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design sportswear for us, suggest fabrics and fashion styles?

Yes, we offer Free Design. You are no need to pay fees for designing your sportswear or activewear. And of course we will recommend the most popular fabric and the latest fashion styles.

What kind of Sportswear you can design?

We have a wide range of available products, we can design and manufacture cycling clothes, running apparel, sports team wears, event wears, and promotional products. Our garments can cover cycling shorts, cycling jerseys, running pants, running singlets, running jackets, running tights, sweatshirts, plus size activewear, marathon clothing, hoodies, t-shirts, cheer uniforms, and so on.

Can I use my own logo or brand on the design?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you provide Berunwear Store with high quality and clear logo for us to use.

How can I know you won't sell my product design idea to others?

We are your trusted sportswear manufacturer and supplier. We make a living off people trusting us with their product design ideas and don’t sell any products ourselves anywhere. Furthermore, we are willing to sign any non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or confidentiality agreement (CA).

Is the fitting Sample for free too?

It depends on how many you will order in bulk. If you confirm will buy more than 100+ pieces from us, we will refund you the sample fee. Generally, the cost for a sample will be very small, we basically charge you on the shipping and material only. So it’s not a big issue I think.