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Any UK Sportswear Manufacturer can be recommended? If you don’t want to buy from “middleman” clothing online stores, then you should not choose the so-called British Sportswear or Activewear manufacturers on the Internet, because they are just purchasing from the Chinese real sporting clothes factory, for example,, then stock them in their own warehouse for you to purchase.

Buy sustainable sportswear in bulk from proven factory-Berunwear!

Berunwear is one of the best SPORTSWEAR MANUFACTURERS IN UK

Cheap but Good Quality Materials

By integrating with over 30 sports clothing material suppliers, and being a regular&wholesale customer of them, Berunwear can source all sportswear needed materials for you with lower cost and good quality. We also can offer a wide range of materials, it must include fabrics, buttons, zippers, clips, eyelets, draw-strings, loops, and snaps.

Large&Small Scale Factories

A large scale factory is belonging to Berunwear, it has 115 workers and 10,000 square meters working area, the monthly output is over 100.000pcs. At the same time, Berunwear works with private label manufacturers, package manufacturers, and other activewear factories. They can satisfy your customization, small order, and rush order needs.

Experienced and Efficient staff

Workers of wholesale customized sportswear supplier or manufacturer Berunwear are the fully experienced and efficient staff. Most of them were coming from famous sporting brands such as Adidas, Champion, Fila, Nike, Puma, and Columbia. No matter designers or workers of Berunwear are familiar with sportswear/activewear with 3 years’ experience.

Latest Sportswear Specialist Machines

Specialist machinery is a must for every sportswear factory or manufacturer. Berunwear uses the latest technology(Dye Sublimation, 3D Digital Printing, Laser) on clothes production and has the latest sportswear specialist machines. We will custom-made and manufacture performance tracksuits, polos, jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, pants and etc. 


You don’t need to know much about sportswear production to get started, because we help you with the technical side of the clothing manufacturing process. You don’t have to look into how to find a custom sportswear supplier, because we bundle small orders and work with several mass production companies of activewear. No matter you are located in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or England, Berunwear can design your exclusive sportswear, manufacture them in bulk and deliver them to you in 1 or 2 weeks. is your No. 1 choice for getting custom-made sportswear in the UK and other countries, we offer the first-class Design, Develop, Manufacture, and Shipping service. Especially for sportswear startups, Berunwear is the best manufacturer to cooperate with.

Design and Manufacture All kinds of Sportswear in fashion. As the UK retailers and private label brand owners’ sportswear supplier, Berunwear will design stylish sportswear or activewear for your store or company or group from scratch to the fitting sample with pattern making, size grading, tech pack providing services. You can wholesale customized Cycling clothes, Running Apparel, Sports Team Uniforms, Sublimated Activewear, Event Garment from us, in each month, we will email you the latest fashion sportswear styles in the world.

Manufacture Customized Sportswear with Strict QC. We are a serious and responsible activewear manufacturer for platform retailers and business startups in UK. When producing sports clothing for you, in the whole procedure, we will carry out 3 inspections. In the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of bulk order manufacturing, if we find any print mistake or size difference, we will fix with day and night to finish your order in time. Being an old-brand sportswear manufacturer with 15 years’ history, we never let our customers down with strict QC management.

Powerful Sportswear Manufacturing with Fast Turnaround. To serve British and global sportswear startups, Berunwear accepts Minimum order quantity and supports Fast turnaround. The MOQ can be as low as 10 pieces, the whole bulk production can only take 1 to 3 days. Don’t forget that! We have our own factory and work with 10 more other sport clothing manufacturers, your order can be easily added to a working product line among them, even rush order is available in Holiday and Hot-sale seasons.

Professional Private Label, White Label, and Package Service. For establishing and promote your brand in United Kingdom, the unique private label, tag, and package design are essential. Berunwear partners with exclusive private label and package manufacturers to offer you the best brand-building service. The manufacturers have custom-made over 8000+ labels for 5 years, each design is done within a few hours with the complete satisfaction from customers. With their help, Berunwear is able to produce woven labels, care labels, and hang tags. We can even make custom hang-tags to show fabric certifications. Care labels come in rolls, woven labels come in rolls or bags while hanging tags always come in bags. Quantities vary depending on your customizations. 

No time to waste, want to achieve profitable Sportswear Business in United Kingdom and anywhere in the world? Just wholesale from Berunwear-One of The Best Wholesale Sportswear Supplier Manufacturers in The Clothing Manufacturing Industry.

Happy Clients of Berunwear

Renegades Football in Manchester

This is a flashback to our Flag Football team from a year ago. We are currently getting ready for the new season and can’t wait!

Babylon Sportswear based in England

This photo was taken to promote Baseball Jersey as a product to Babylon Sports Apparel. This clothing line was created in Liverpool by myself as an independent artist who is very creative and talented. I have ordered my clothing from Berunwear for 5 years and they have always provided superior custom sportswear. Our last order did not disappoint! THANK YOU for your quality assistance and service.


Nottingham area flag team in our inaugural year. We wanted to look the best so we went to the best. Berunwear helped embody that in these shirts for us with the common thread of teamwork between us both. Thank you again for the excellent customer service and fast turnaround!