The sportswear industry is one of the fastest growing sections of the clothing industry, with more and more brands looking to capitalise on this segment of customers looking for quality workout garments. With an increase in demand for locally sourced products, there are growing sportswear manufacturing hubs in United Kingdom. sportswear manufacturers in China or India are also great options to build your range as they often offer wholesale sportswear at a lower cost. So in today’s post, you will learn how to find a good sportswear manufacturer in UK with low evern zero budget, let’s start the business here!

Custom Sportswear Manufacturers

Sportswear is a very specialist area of apparel that needs experience to master. Although much of sportswear is made using high stretch fabrics, they do need to be made to a very high specification. While athleisure garments just need to look stylish and feel comfortable, ergonomically constructed sportswear has to serve very specific functions related to the sport they are made for.

Patterns need to be cut by highly experienced sportswear experts to achieve a perfect fit. The use of panelling and gussets in  sportswear is often the secret behind a well cut custom made garment. Just look at cycling gear. Sports people are very fussy when it comes to the performance of the garments they wear. High functioning athletes performing repetitive actions for maybe hours on end will severely test any product.

Normally, it’s very complex to find a reliable manufacturer online because you will need to take much time to learn about the chosen factory, sometimes you get dozens choices to contact. And if you just opened a new business and have no much budget, most of sportswear manufacturers even won’t accept your order, because your order does NOT reach their MOQ.You have no much time to search for the one which is reliable located in your city or country and no much money to launch the first custom sports apparel order. 

Here I will recommend you the proven reliable sportswear manufacturer in UK, you can contact them directly to begin your business, so no wasting time to look for others! 

Berunwear Sportswear: Small run Sportswear Wholesale Supplier in UK

We are a London based custom sportswear factory, providing  a one stop solution for  startup sportswear brands looking to sample  and manufacture in the UK. Or for expert advice regarding  offshore manufacture. Berunwear Sportswear Company has helped countless new UK sportswear labels and small fitness brands of all genres, with custom design, manufacture and sample development. Our London based sportswear manufacturing unit has a well deserved reputation for high quality samples and small production runs in sportswear and athleisure apparel.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Bespoke Design.
  • Pattern Cutting.
  • Grading. 
  • Sampling.
  • Tech Pack Design.
  • Small Scale Production Runs.
  • Expert advice.

Berunwear Sporswear Production Capacity (Styles, MOQ, monthly production, machinery)

  • We make sportswear, outdoor wear, underwear, promo wear, promotional textile items (flags, banners, accessories).
  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
  • Monthly production capacity is 100k pieces.
  • Fabric production capacity is 2.5 tonnes/day.
  • You can buy fabrics directly from us (cotton, recycled polyester, polyester, bamboo).
  • Our knitting machinery (Canmartex and Terrot): 4 interlock knitting machines, 2 rib knitting machines, and 2 single knitting machines.
  • Modern machinery like Orox Flexo C800 conveyor cutting machine and Orox P4 spreading machine are within our facilities. 
  • We use JUKI and SiRUBA sewing machines of various types.
  • Our dye-sub printers are: Epson SureColor F6200 (10 units), Epson SureColor F7200 (2 units), Epson SureColor SC-F9400H with fluorescent inks (1 unit).
  • We have 3 Monti Antonio 120T calenders for dye-sublimation and 1 XPRO DS170 heat calender for dye sublimation.
  • We have 5 Summa reflective foil cutters.

Printing options:

  • Dye sublimation
  • Heat transfer
  • Screen printing

Our printing department uses 100% water-based inks – the industry standard for printing solutions so your carbon footprint is minimised.

Berunwear Sporswear is the first textile company in UK that has tested the Epson SureColor SC-F9400H.

Because of that, fluo colours are available as a dye sublimation printing option.

Naturally, we can print brand labels if you choose not to provide them.

Why Berunwear Sporswear?

We believe that British brands should source as much as possible from British apparel manufacturers. We also believe that non-British brands should work with private label manufacturers from UK for the products they sell on the continent.

And not only that. The end-users are getting more and more socially and environmentally aware as time goes by. 

And they are more likely to believe that a worker from UK works in a socially and ecologically responsible environment. That’s why clothes with the Made in United Kingdom label can sell a lot better. Do take this information with a grain of salt because the Clean Clothes Campaign has discovered many sweatshops in UK too.

Berunwear Sporswear: How we customize sporstwear of your style?

  1. Once you have taken the plunge and decided that you would like us to go ahead with developing your styles, we suggest that you take part in our 1-1 sportswear start-up workshop. This isnt by any means compulsory. We just feel that it provides a great starting point for anyone new to the fashion business. And more specifically – To the sportswear  business.
  2. In order to get started developing your designs we always suggest that you provide us with some  reference  garments, along with sketches and reference images. This all helps to ensure that we get it right first time round. We would guide you on exactly the information that we need and we can ask if we need more.
  3. You will need to source fabrics and trims. If you have done our workshop then you should have all the appropriate information. We can do the sourcing for you, but there would be a charge for this service. We can also offer guidance here.
  4. The next step is for us to make the pattern. We dont ask for a tech pack, as long as we have all the information we need. Some people waste their money on a tech pack before coming to us. In most cases it is an unnecessary expense at this stage.We can provide you with a tech pack later if necessary. We do also offer a service in which you can work with the pattern cutter  to develop the pattern.
  5. Once the pattern is made we would either make a toile (mock-up), or a sample. It is often more economical to go straight to the sample, as long as we are confident with the pattern.
  6. If the sample is approved, we would then cost the garment for fabric consumption. The fabrics and trims would be ordered.
  7. If a tech pack is necessary, then that would be done now for the production. The tech pack would be a final blueprint for the design. It would include all the information necessary for the factory to be able to produce the garment exactly as it should be.
  8. We would now grade  the pattern to the different sizes. We would discuss with you what the best size range and grading increments should be.
  9. Production.