Right now, because of the Covid-19 situation, many people are more inclined towards shopping online, including everyday essentials to luxury items. Certain types of products are selling really well online, such as the fashion sportswear or athleisure apparel. If you want to start an online store, I think it is a good time now. Here in this post we will cover how to open an ecommerce store in 15 minutes and start selling without stock! Let’s read on below.

What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

Shopify might be one of the best-known brands in the ecommerce world, but not everyone knows what this tool is, or how it works. In simple terms, Shopify is a software that you pay for using the SaaS model – in other words, you subscribe for the service. Usually, if you pay for a year’s worth of support at once, you’ll benefit from a slightly reduced cost.

With Shopify, ecommerce business owners and merchants can create a website and use an in-built shopping cart solution to sell both digital and physical products to customers around the world. Shopify even offers a system that allows customers to quickly and easily manage things like shipping requirements, and inventory tracking. Using Shopify, you can get access to a state-of-the-art admin panel, where you can see the products you have for sale, write descriptions, process orders and so much more.

How to Create Your Own Shopify Store With in 15 Minutes

It is no secret that we think Shopify is a great ecommerce platform, there is a reason why it tops our list of all best ecommerce platforms. It used to be that setting up an ecommerce store took a lot of hours as well as a lot of know-how. Today, however, that has changed and setting up an online store only takes a few minutes. With a few mouse clicks and a little typing, you can set up your own online store on the web.

There’s a reason why Shopify is such a popular platform. Perhaps the biggest reason lies in the fact that creating your first online store has never been easier. In the video below, we show you how you can set up your own Shopify online store in less than 15 minutes. If you want to learn more about Shopify, then you can either sign up for their 14-day free trial, or you can read the full Shopify review here.

Here’s a video guide:

YouTube video

How to sell online sportswear without products in stock?

Reach out to a company like ours: Berunwear Sportswear. We are a private label sportswear manufacturer, focussed on all kins of sports apparel. We supply 63 brands globally with collections as well as teamwear. Our MOQ is just 1 and usual turnaround times is just 2.5 week. Again, it depends on the requirements. POD (Print on Demand) is becoming our main focus as of 2019. It allows for brands to keep limited to no stock, as such – no initial investment- but with the help of social media (linkedin, facebook, instagram, twitter), reach out to b2c customers globally. We saw several success stories, based on our manufacturing capability. Really proud of what we have achieved and also eager to help anyone looking to start up or move their production requirements to us.

How do private label manufacturer help you sell sportswear online with zero stock?

Finding the perfect sportswear manufacturer is crucial for the success of your business, crucial to the extent that you couldn’t possibly initiate, run or sustain your business without a reliable manufacturer that you can blindly rely upon. The capability of your brand to deliver the requirements of your clients depends majorly on the delivery of stock through your manufacturers, hence finding the perfect manufacturer should be high up on your agenda when you plan on beginning a fashion business. 


The business owners and retailers have understood the knack for sportswear these days, and the craze surrounding the activewear pieces. This has led them to launch their sportswear private label apparel brands, to explore the clothing industry, and expand their business potential. If you are thinking of doing the same to be a part of this competition, and have your own private label sportswear brand, then it is time to think of having the best wholesale private label sportswear company to spruce up your collections. We, at Berunwear Sportswear, have the best team to help you with revving up your stock with the best activewear collections for your new private label clothing line.

Based in the USA, Berunwear Sportswear has established it as one of the leading private label wholesale sportswear manufacturers, with a string of offices all around the world. Being renowned in the list of sportswear private label wholesale sportswear manufacturers, our team maintains the richest and widest inventory of bulk activewear pieces, in a wide array of varieties. From the high-end sublimation leggings to the compression sportswear pieces, the tank tees, sport, bras, tops, tees, gym pants, joggers, to the smart jackets, you get everything that your private label sportswear clothing brand wants to specialize in. We, as one of the revered private label sportswear manufacturers USA, make sure to have everything in our ever-expansive selection of sportswear clothes so that you do not fall short of any options.

Being one of the celebrated private label sportswear wholesalers, our collection holds everything in more than one option. The private label brands will get everything in a wide variety of colors, cuts, styles, designs, sizes, and fabrics. Our products ensure the trendiest style elements that are infused to bring in the best silhouettes on your customers and make them buy more from your venture.

Why Choose Berunwear as your sportswear supplier? 

Being in the business since 2005, we believe that we are a go-to private label apparel manufacturer for all your sportswear brand’s needs. With a vast portfolio of various sportswear products, you can rely on us, regardless of what type of sportswear your brand is focused on. So whether you’re just starting your own clothing line or you’re an established name in the clothing industry, we got you covered. We’ve got the know-how and the technology to properly cater for your needs in a way that’s environmentally and socially responsible. We take pride in being an ethical and sustainable sportswear manufacturer.

Not Just a Private Label Sportswear Manufacturer

We provide more than just the private label textiles. To further deepen the relationship with our clients, we offer customized services. They range from design suggestions to technical suggestions. And ideally, that’s what every sportswear brand should expect from their clothing line suppliers. Once you start having a greater need to customize your sportswear brand, you can depend on us as an OEM sportswear manufacturers to make your clothes according to your instructions.

Whatever your motivation, send us your enquiry, and find out right away how much of a fit can we be.