Wholesale Sportswear from Berunwear- Sportswear manufacturers & suppliers!

Free Design, Professional consultation, Small Minimum, Fast Turnaround, Self-own Factory, and Lower price, if you are looking for the Best Custom Sportswear Suppliers, here we are.

Solution 3: Build Your Professional & Powerful Supply Chain

1. Find the Suitable Supplier

Berunwear has different suppliers to offer a wide range of fabrics, they are including Cotton, Spandex, Tencel, Wool, Polyester, Lycra, Nylon, Mesh, and so on. According to your customizing need, we will select the right fabric from a trusted supplier.

Besides, other materials on a garment, for example, the fibers, the yarns, or the trims and accessories, they also should be sourced from exclusive companies. Berunwear works with multiple raw material suppliers, so no matter what you need, we will get from with cheap price and good quality.

2. Work with Experienced Factories

Berunwear only cooperates with professional and experienced sporting apparel companies. And we have our own factory as well.

The suppliers and manufacturers we work with have different pricing due to their scale, quality, timeline, and experience.

Based on your need, we will choose the one that suits you most and talk to them to offer us the best price. Of course, the more money you pay, the better service you get.

3. Have Private Label Manufactures

Creating a private label gives your own identity. We have private label manufacturers to custom labels, tags, logos, and packages to add more value to your Sportswear and Activewear.

They are specialize in it, so they can provide you with satisfying designs & garments.

Let the right factory to do the right production, it’s our ability to integrate our supply chain.

4. Use International Shipping Agency

Berunwear uses international reputable freight forwarders such as DHL and UPS to deliver you the customized sportswear and accessories.

Larger orders will be by ship and small or medium orders will be by air.

After shipping, it always takes around 5 to 9 days to arrive in your location with everything in good states. We will also help you to clear custom and get the best price on overseas shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fabrics do you have for Sportswear?

We have over 50 fabric options, for example the Cotton, Calico, Microfiber, Spandex, Synthetic,Bamboo fiber, Polyester, Nylon, Tencel, Wool, Neoprene, Lycra, Mesh, Sports Fleece, Polypropylene, Gore-Tex and so on, they are offer different functions such as Thermal Insulation,Wicking, Water proof, Fast Dry and most of them can be sublimation printed.

Is it expensive to customize private label,logo and package? and the MOQ for customization?

No, like we said above. We have exclusive private label, logo, and package manufacturers, their major job is to do this, so they won’t charge more on that simple service. If you want to custom made logo or label, the MOQ should be over 500 pieces.

Do you have a factory?

Yes, we have a private own factory, it’s located in Wuhan of China. That is a huge advantage for you and your team. Why? Because we own and operate our own manufacturing facility, we have 100% control of the entire process. Plus, because you are ordering factory direct … the larger your order the more you save!

Can you ship internationally?

We can ship worldwide, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and much more countries. No worry for that.

How long is for bulk production on my Sportswear?

Once the sample received and we have no questions about the final product. We will start to bulk production according to your quantity, the time will be from 7 to 14 days.