A large proportion of Japanese men purchasing clothes for running are opting for the shorts and leggings combination. With summer almost in full swing, one thing to note is that in Japan, people tend to be averse to being exposed to even the smallest amount of UV rays, so they will often wear more layers in order to avoid tanning or sunburn. For this reason, as well as for fashion purposes, it’s essential to choose a professional and high-quality running clothing manufacturer in Japan to supply your seasonal stock, let’s find out below which is the best choice.

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We have a large online presence that allows us to keep in touch with clients and bulk customers all over the world. Check out our massive selection of brand new running clothing items, and order them in bulk at low wholesale rates to save money.

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BerunWear Clothing Company is the world’s top-rated activewear manufacturer, with widespread acclaim. We have the most up-to-date technology, as well as expertise and a team of outstanding and skilled craftsmen and designers. This is why we have the largest and most diverse selection of men’s and women’s running apparel available.

There are plenty of choices in our varied collections, from tank tops to tees, ladies’ bras, leggings, skirts, and shorts.

With the supremely made clothing pieces in a wide range of colors, patterns, prints, shapes, and cuts, your store customers will accentuate their style statements when jogging or running on the treadmill.

We Believe in High-Quality Running Apparels and Fitness Clothes

These running clothes are woven with superior quality fabrics and exude scintillating qualities of fit and silhouette. As a result, they provide comfort, longevity, and convenience, as well as excellent moisture-wicking properties to keep wearers cool and dry. We’ll get our hands on them in bulk and add some freshness and uniqueness to your retail shop.

We Are The Reputed Custom Made Running Apparel Supplier

Are you looking for a large selection of personalized fitness apparel and running apparel? Visit our wholesale product catalog, choose the designs you need, and inform us of your favorite logo, color, or style. We have the unrivaled ability to provide you with the best-customized running clothing, tailored to your exact specifications.

As a result, now is the time to add trendy and practical running clothes to your store’s inventory and easily woo your fitness-obsessed customers. Furthermore, as reputable workout apparel and running clothing supplier, we ensure that the products arrive at your doorstep within the specified time frame.


Our company specializes in producing high-quality running apparel. Our custom running apparel is designed to order and is available in the most common running apparel styles in Japan. Simply choose one of our running apparel designs and send us your team’s colors, logos, and name. You can also send us your design for free through the internet.


  • Our running apparel designers will have a free design consultation.
  • Choose one of the styles from the drop-down menu.
  • The finest sublimated running apparel.
  • You have full creative control over the design elements, logos, and colors you use.
  • The price contains the players’ names and numbers.
  • Delivery time of three to four weeks
  • There are no additional fees or charges.
  • You can design your own uniform because we have our own clothing design department.
  • Make your own running apparel template or send in samples of what you want.
  • Numbers, titles, and logos that don’t peel, split, fade, or wash away
  • High-quality, custom-made running apparel made to your specifications.
  • Looks and feels amazing when paired with the new patterns on the products.


In Japan, custom running apparel is the newest trend, and it defines today’s generation. The market research team at BERUNWEAR is constantly on the lookout for new market trends that we want to incorporate into our sports apparel output. You can be confident in the consistency of your running apparel when you work with BerunWear. We are confident that our goods will not let you down. With BerunWears’ skilled touch, you can express your distinct personality:

We emphasize the customization of your running apparel because each athlete’s skills are special. We have a professional team of shirt customizers who can make you stand out among your fellow competitors.

We’ve known ourselves as Japan’s leading custom running apparel manufacturer over the years. The following are some of the features of our personalized running apparel: We have won the title of Japan’s leading custom running apparel supplier thanks to the tireless efforts of each of our employees. BerunWear’s products offer a cozy environment for those who appreciate BerunWear’s products by offering 100 percent quality intact fabric and the highest degree of comfort to those who appreciate BerunWear’s products. Our whole product’s long-term viability.


Our company has been making running apparel for a long time. We manufacture practical running apparel for some of the most discerning athletic clubs, outdoor apparel brands, and private labels, with primary markets all over the world.

In addition to our headquarters in Japan, we have merchandise offices in Mexico, Germany, China, and several other nations. Based on years of experience in the industry, each of our senior managers brings knowledge and integrity to the manufacturing process, making us a standout company in the manufacturing of running apparel and accessories.

The realistic running apparel market is developed by our own factory in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in a wide variety of running apparel types and can accommodate nearly all of your athletic apparel needs.

Just a few examples include training packs, track clothing, professionally seam-taped, and laser-cut waterproof versions of running apparel. We only think about you and your enjoyment when you come to us for running gear, which is why we are always ready to provide you with the best service possible.


Do you want to purchase a large quantity of Japanese running apparel? Why not use our website to locate the items you need for different sporting events? BerunWear has millions of products and thousands of items for the items you seek. All you have to do is look for us and place your order because we work for you to provide you with the best products possible.

Running Apparel from Japan is for sale on the internet.

BerunWear Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for the highest-quality Japanese running apparel and kits at the lowest prices you’ve ever seen. We are a reliable source that connects you to top Japanese retailers where you can purchase running gear and allows you to customize your own running gear.

We’ve been producing running apparel for a long time, and the quality of our work can be seen all over the place. Why not contact us today to order a large quantity of your own? All products purchased from our website are eligible for discounts. As soon as we receive your email, our production team will get to work on them, ensuring that you receive your products as soon as possible.


We place a high value on our distributors and partners, who have established themselves as leading wholesalers of running apparel and accessories. Not only due to its adaptability, but also due to its long-term longevity.

Simply fill out the application and meet our eligibility requirements to be eligible for one of our distributor packages.

Manufacturers of running apparel have taken the lead in bringing it to every fitness clothing shop, making it easier for them to replenish their activewear inventory. Our firm is one of Japan’s best and largest bulk running apparel producers.

Our seasoned and competent team of the industry’s best designers and manufacturers aspires to make an impact and set new standards in this fast-paced industry. We’ve been around for a long time, and in the years ahead, we want to continue assisting running athletes, running apparel and accessory suppliers, and individual bulk buyers with the same enthusiasm.

Our Japanese company started with a dream: to produce high-quality running apparel at a reasonable price, as well as a desire to make a difference in the manufacturing and distribution of running apparel.

We use inspiration to curate something new and develop our own set of guidelines, with a catalog that combines our forward-thinking principles with the latest fitness-fashion buzzwords. We want to set new standards in bulk sales and make sure you’re fully happy.


We have a limited range of running apparel in stock, all of which are made from high-quality fabrics and can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. These are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. These regalia are well-known for their polished designs, stretchability, colorfastness, delicate cloth, and reasonable prices.

Every single one of our products is made with cutting-edge technology. Our talented team used cutting-edge sublimation technology to develop our sequence. This is a flexible technology that makes creating beautiful fabric motifs much easier. The use of this technology means the designs last a long time and are weather resistant.

Furthermore, the company’s quality assurance cell inspects our goods before shipment to ensure that they meet international quality requirements.

We are the leading sublimation running clothing manufacturers and exporters in the world. We are prepared to meet the demands of dependable customers in Japan and a few other countries thanks to our readily accessible inventory and trusted international network. Customers who are interested in our products should contact us.

Your committal will be delivered to you safely and promptly. Furthermore, our whole product line is available at the most competitive prices.

BerunWear is a manufacturing company with extensive experience in the manufacture of custom running apparel and a wealth of expertise in the field. We are available every day and will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach out to us to express your thoughts on any order you want to put with us by using the following methods:

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