Neck gaiters have multiple styles, read this post you can know the best 5 styles, and choose a suitable one to wholesale. Plus if you are looking for the neck gaiter wholesale suppliers in Australia or in New Zealand, the answer is here too. 

A neck gaiter, or neck warmer, also known as a buff, is an article of clothing worn about the neck for warmth. It is a closed tube of fabric, often thick fleece, merino wool, synthetic wicking, or knit material, which is slipped on and off over the head.

Currently, wearing neck gaiters are not only for sports but for daily life as well because of the Coronavirus personal protection. No matter you are the owners of sportswear e-commerce sites or the managers of active sportswear enterprises, don’t miss this best selling product from this year.

Mask Gaiters with Filters 

Mask Gaiters with Filters 

What sets the Neck Gaiter with Filters apart from other face masks is that they are coming with filters to protect you further from Dust and even virus direct contact. With the built-in filter pocket, inserting disposable filters is a breeze. The included filters offer extra protection against dust and other particulate matter. These mask gaiters with filters can be used as some additional protection against COVID-19.

Usually, the filters are replaceable carbon activated, five-layer PM 2.5 filters. These filters come with 5 layers of protection, with each layer filtering the air before it hits your lungs. They can better manage dust and pollution for your outdoor activities. Made with 100% polyester microfiber, the neck gaiter with filters is comfortable all day long. It stretches on your face to make it a perfect fit for anyone. It breathes too, so you aren’t overwhelmed on warm days. And it wicks away moisture so your sweat won’t soak into the mask for a tough fit.

The polyester fiber is also easy to clean. Just throw it in the washing machine and you can reuse it over and over again. And its V-shape hem cover protects your neck and face from the sun, wind, dust, and bugs while also offering UV protection. The effective and functioning carbon filters that seamlessly provide protection with the super-soft microfiber breathable polyester that’s quick to dry and lightweight, can be used as other coverings like a neck warmer.

Lastly, these mask gaiters with filters can be worn by anyone of any age and can function as other fashion statements while still maintaining its protective functions. Help children, runners, cyclists, hikers, fishermen keep safe outdoors while still looking good.

PS: PM2.5 Filter is NOT washable, Bandana is washable.

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Neck Gaiters with Earloops

Anyone who’s ever worn a gaiter knows they often slip down over time, and repeatedly fiddling with your face covering to keep it in place isn’t ideal. But the ear loops style, which shoppers say has the perfect amount of elasticity, eliminates that problem. It stays put right where it should for hours of wear, which means no adjusting and no touching needed. Genius.

When your team or your customers are the outdoor sporting activities enthusiast, we recommend you wholesale the neck gaiter face masks with ear loops. If they are going out for fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycling, skiing, skating, running, wearing the earloop face coverings can let them exercise without worry.

The unique ear loop design makes the face cover non-slip, and it is not easy to loosen and fall off. The unique elastic fabric makes you feel comfortable, advanced sewing technology makes this mask wear-resistant and not offline and no deformation. Wear it as a face cover or a neck gaiter to protect your face or neck from getting burned from the sun/UV/dust/wind, also keep you feel cool.

The quick-dry fabric technology lets your face mask bandana dry in minutes, instead of hours. This size is also suitable for most people and gives you an unexpected free stretch experience when you exercise.

PS: This product is not a medical device and is not suitable for medical use.

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Neck Gaiters with Earloops

Plain Neck Gaiter Masks

Plain face cover neck gaiter is a piece of clothing designed to offer coverage and warmth for your neck and face. They can help protect from the cold and wind, as well as offer UV protection. Sewn into a tube, they sit around your neck and can be pulled up over your mouth and nose for more coverage. They are suggested to wholesale if you want to print your logo or design on it by yourselves later.

This face bandana perfect for music festivals, concerts, carnivals, cycling, climbing, skiing, trekking, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Plain mask neck gaiters are multi-functional, and suitable for outdoor activities, such as fishing, cycling, hiking, camping, motorcycling, hunting, Yoga, Travel, and more activities you can imagine. 

Multi-purpose seamless plain neck gaiter masks are always in a solid color, no edge finish, Pantone color available, full color customized. They are either can be made with 100% organic cotton or wool or fleece or polyester and elastane. Most fabric choices can come in a range of colors and you can specify a specific Pantone shade for corporate branding requirements. Printing is also available, so your logo, slogan, and brand can be incorporated on the neck gaiters. 

PS: Customization is available to be imprinted on your logo, brand, or design.

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Plain Neck Gaiter Masks

Printed Sublimation Neck Gaiters

The best printing method for clothing is Sublimation. Dyes Sublimation, also known as Dye-Sub employs a printing process that uses heat and pressure to transfer dye onto synthetic materials such as polyester, Lycra, nylon, plastic, and metal. Dye-Sublimation is ideal for neck gaiter, face mask customization.

This dye bonds with the fabric or substrate material to create a vivid, and permanent digital print. The dye-sublimation process not only yields bright colors that have a soft hand and are durable, but it also allows you to print photographic or complex colors and designs with gradients accurately. 

So if your goal is a custom-designed neck gaiter for employee gifts, events, teams, clubs, and customers or is to advertise your brand with a purpose, I will recommend you wholesaling the printed Dye Sublimation Neck Gaiters.

These sublimated printing neck gaiters are made 100% Polyester designed to protect you from dust, germs, and infectious disease. Reaching your marketing goal is easier if you start imprinting these Custom Sublimated Neck Gaiter custom with your own artwork or message! Pick up a logo/images you like to create a custom face mask should be cool under the situation that demands for face masks are getting high everywhere. 

Imprint Color: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Athletic Gold, Brown, Green, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, Teal, Purple, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Gray, Charcoal, White, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver

Premium Print: The custom neck gaiters are printed using dye-sublimation on a stretchy polyester that is designed to be lightweight and breathable – making for a seamless fit. This printing technique is best for fabrics due to its high color reproduction and superior fade-resistance. Your bandana will still look new after multiple washes.

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Printed Dye-Sublimated Neck Gaiters

Sports Fabrics Neck Gaiters

Berunwear’s Sports Fabrics Face Mask Neck Gaiters are the last style. From outdoor summer activities to winter sports to cycling, running outdoors to riding a motorbike, our special neck gaiters serve several essential and protective functions. In winter, they keep your neck and face warm and also offer protection from the wind chill factor.

Designed using different fabric types to suit different requirements including a high-performance microfibre fabric that is entirely seamless for complete comfort, as well as a moisture-wicking fabric to absorb sweat away from the skin as well as preventing excess exposure to the elements, hot sun & UV rays included.

Beunwear’s Sports Neck Gaiters are made with 100% microfibre and we can add spandex to the fabric for more elasticity if required. A choice of colors is available and all are machine washable and quick drying. Our microfibre offers UV protection as well as wicking properties. These face mask gaiters are great for sports enthusiasts, whether your jogging, fishing, cycling, motorcycling, as well as skiing and snow sports, providing good protection from all the elements. 

Lightweight, stylish, versatile, and comfortable to wear, they’re foldable and convenient to carry and can be worn around the neck, as well as over the head like a balaclava delivering full head and neck protection when facing the outside elements of sun, rain, wind, and snow.

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sports fabric neck gaiters

Which are the best neck gaiters to wholesale?

The answer is variable, if you pursue protection, neck gaiters with filters are fitting you, if you prefer sporting need, the mask gaiters with earloops or sports fabrics neck gaiters are the solution, if you want the fully-customized face mask neck gaiters, the plain blank style or the printed sublimation style are recommended. Just choose with your specific need.

Plus, no matter which style of neck gaiters you choose, comfort is the key, and all the gaiters Berunwear have are tested with great comfortability by our past customers.

Wholesale Neck Gaiters in Australia and New Zealand

wholesale neck gaiters Australia NZ

You will need help from us, Berunwear, the custom sportswear supplier & manufacturer has over 15 years of experience designing, printing, and shipping custom product orders to our loyal customers and 3rd party resellers. We are not located in Australia or in New Zealand, and no wholesaler is there too. Work with international shipping agencies, we can deliver neck gaiters and face masks to everywhere in the world, including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and more countries.

Berunwear offers all styles of mask gaiters mentioned in the post, we can also customize them with free design and professional designers’ team. You can choose to use any fabric to make the gaiters or masks, we will provide sublimation printing, embroidery, rhinestones, transfer, textile vinyl, and screen printing. OEM, branding, labeling, and personalized packaging are all available.

In the end, if you want to make bulk order with Black Friday or Xmas Discount, go to the Contact us page to tell us your need, and we will contact you in 24 hours!!!