What’s unbranded sports clothing? It’s not fake or low-quality garments that are produced by an unknown clothing manufacturer, in fact, we make unbranded workout clothing to build our own brand more easily. Some professional sportswear manufacturers will offer better service about unbranded custom-made gym clothing, that’s private-label sportswear manufacturing. They can attach your brand to the apparel you define. So in this post, you will learn how to find unbranded gym clothing wholesale websites to grow your private label sportswear business. 

5 Ways to Find Unbranded Gym Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

1. Online Directories

The best way to start your search for a vendor is through free online directories. This is true for both domestic US and overseas suppliers. For domestic US directories I recommend getting started with Maker’s Row, ThomasNet, let’s make it here, or Sqetch. If you’re interested in overseas suppliers you could start with Alibaba and IndiaMart. However, I highly recommend using AliExpress for a dropshipping business. They have a very good list of wholesale clothing providers. They have over 700,000 suppliers from Asia and millions of products to choose from.

2. Search Engines

Another thing you can try is just Google Searching “Whole Clothing Suppliers” or being more niche like “Wholesale Clothing USA”. Most of the suppliers’ websites are old and outdated. Google rewards websites that are constantly updated so the manufacturers will be buried. That’s why they won’t rank high on a search. You will have to dig deep into pages 5 or 6 of your search to find anything useful. I don’t recommend doing this unless you have plenty of time and patience.

3. Word of Mouth Referrals

If you’re still unsure about where to find a vendor try relying on word-of-mouth referrals. If you know people in the business ask them for recommendations. Contact people who might be able to help you, even if you don’t know them personally. People are always willing to help if you know how to ask them.

4. Social Media Groups and Forums

If you’re still uncomfortable in reaching out you can try online forms that discuss clothing and more specifically wholesale clothing. Also, do some research on social media as well. There is already plenty of information out there for you to read and it can be easy to find people looking to share their knowledge. Also, look for forums that talk about clothing suppliers and vendors.

5. Trade Events

If you’ve got the time and the money you might consider going to trade shows. It’s just one more option for you to look into. Trade Show News Network will help locate a trade show in your area. You can go and check out the individual wholesalers in person. You can speak to their representatives. It will be an opportunity to network and sample some products. Who knows who you might meet at such events?

FAQs of Private Label Clothing Wholesale

Q1: How much do clothing samples typically cost from a manufacturer?

A:It is rare to find a manufacturer selling a sample. They are either shown to you via a wholesale show or by a road rep. But there some exceptions such as;

  • Prototype sample- these are samples that have been customized.
  • Pre-production sample- proves the pattern, cost, and consistency of production.
  • Production sample-this is the final approved version of the product before going into mass production.

Q2: What is the average profit margin earned by apparel retailers?

A:The average retailers’ gross margins on apparel clothing were 47.02% and the net margins were between 5%-7.6% in 2013. The profit margins for retail clothes are generally within a range of 4% to 13% according to market analysts.

Q3:Does China has a good private label clothing wholesaler and what are they?

A:Chinese suppliers are generally flexible and can make products according to customers’ specifications but they don’t have private label clothing wholesalers. This is because they are still operating according to OEM (make to order process)

Steps on How to Start Your Private Label Clothing Business

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Build your business plan
  3. Organize your business
  4. Agree on design
  5. Create a brand
  6. Start manufacturing
  7. Test your product
  8. Take it to market
  9. Scale-up

Are there any recommended branded clothing wholesale websites?

The DNC in America may be a wholesale branding company; they provide branding services on products like clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, towels also as cosmetics. the corporate prides itself on the assembly of a singular brand for all its clients.

Brands gateway is another banding company; they provide their services across the world. Branding is completed on several items like clothes, jewelry, bags, and shoes. the corporate has been within the industry since 2008 and has head offices in both Sweden and Jonkoping, within the ten years in business brand gateway has managed to serve about 500 clients across the world and continues to draw in more clients with their exceptional designs.

Berunwear Sportswear: Best Choice for Unbranded Custom Gym Wear

Our unbranded gym wear can meet both the demands of gym training and living sustainably.

  • We have a wide selection of different colors and sizes available
  • Our unbranded gym wear has no annoying large white tags (you know the ones), irritating labels or scratchy embroidery on the inside, making them super soft.
  • These plain style T-Shirts and Vests are perfectly cut, meaning they fit properly and hang right, just select your favorite color and size, and give one a go.
  • You can also rest assured that these areas kind to the environment as possible. We source only natural organic cotton, make them in the UK, in our factory which is powered by only renewable energy and ship them to you in plastic-free packaging.

At Berunwear Sportswear Company we are a manufacturer & wholesaler of unbranded gym wear on a trade-only basis. We have drawn upon our nearly 20 years of experience to offer you over 1200 SKUs of premium quality, color-matched gym wear. Our stock inventory exceeds 200,000 units all year round with 11 different color combinations.

In addition to the stock-backed products, we also offer a bespoke design service where our design team will work closely with you to create your own unique sportswear range. MOQs on bespoke products vary depending on the fabric used from 10-100 units and the lead time based on existing fabrics and existing colors is 4 weeks. Should we need to dye to Pantone (DTP) this takes an additional 4 weeks to create lab dips for approval and the MOQs will increase due to the minimum fabric dye batch. Please get in touch for more details and to discuss your requirements.