Activewear is a popular worldwide trend, custom activewear you will be easy to make money from the global customers, but you can’t custom-made and manufacture all by yourself, so you need an active wear supplier or manufacturer. Here introduce to you the cheapest way to wholesale customized activewear from a Chinese reliable activewear clothing

How Much Money to Pay for Custom Activewear Wholesaler?

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It depends on how large-scale you want your business to be. If you want to sell a few things at local events, you can probably get off the ground for under $5,000, or even under $1,000. If you want a full retail line marketed to target audience members across the globe, you’ll need to sink a lot more money into marketing, photoshoots, and much more.

Check out the activewear manufacturers you might use to make your first run and use their numbers to set your budget. Factor in some extra funding for advertising or other promotional activities you can hand out at those events, too. Then, make sure to start setting money aside for your future marketing efforts, like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Wish and etc.

The first step – selling at local events – can be done for no more than a couple thousand dollars, I suspect. It might be a good idea to set a spending cap on your project. This can help you ensure that your excitement about moving forward doesn’t leave you with serious financial problems later on.

If you plan on starting small and local, I think a budget of under $5,000, depending on the cost of production, is completely reasonable. However, as your business grows, your budget may need to grow too.

All Costing Factors When Wholesaling Activewear From Any Supplier

1. Design costs

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Your activewear designs are a crucial factor when starting an activewear line. This serves as the backbone of your products. A lot of people simply purchase sports apparel because of its print and only bother about the garment quality or comfort later. This does not mean you have to compensate for quality and comfort for design, but it only goes to show you need to spend on your designs to sell your products.

If you have graphic design skills and do all of your shirt designs personally, then you would not have to pay for professional graphic designers or garment product design agencies to do it for you. But in the long run, you cannot do it alone and you will eventually need the help of other graphic designers for a helping hand. Designing costs is inevitable when starting a clothing line.

2. Material costs

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The costs of raw materials you will use for your clothing business is a major costing factor. Expenses for materials such as fabric, packaging, labels, etc. should be summed under materials cost. Taken together with the labor cost based on the production location and the order quantity, this constitutes your manufacturing cost.

3. Manufacturing costs

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This is the main costing factor for which a large part of your capital will be spent on. Manufacturing cost is the central focus of your business plan and it can dictate the size of your business along with your target market. Most importantly, there are sub-factors to consider which are related to materials and the production process. Make sure that your production cost and target price line up.

Manufacturing cost will largely depend on your manufacturing location because of the labor fees involved which are different for each country. When it comes to small scale manufacturing, this is particularly important. The premium for making low quantities and minimum order sizes (MOQs) are significantly higher in Western countries. For large scale manufacturers, the labor price difference is more important. This is also the reason why countries such as China, Bangladesh, and the Philippines are much more common manufacturing locations compared to the US and other European countries.

Manufacturing cost decreases as order quantity increases and this applies to all of the manufacturing, not only in activewear manufacturing. Factories always charge less when you are ordering in large quantities (because they have setup costs). However, the quantity you would like to produce is also crucial to the outcome of your business. When starting out, it’s still recommended to order a small quantity. The market has to be tested and feedback collected.

Taken together with the labor cost based on the production location and the order quantity, this constitutes your manufacturing cost. It is advisable to start an activewear clothing line in phases to determine whether you are suitable to move up in terms of quality and scale.

4. Private Label and Packaging Costs

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In order to establish your own activewear brand, you will need to custom private labels, tags, and packages for your clothing. Most activewear wholesalers can support that service, but they will charge you on this part too. Generally, activewear manufacturers or factories have a lower cost on the private label and packaging, because they do not ask other companies to help them, they can do it by themselves. But if your activewear wholesaler isn’t a factory, they will charge you at a higher price.

5. Shipping cost

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No matter you choose domestic activewear wholesalers or overseas wholesalers, there will be shipping costs. Shipping from locally to your warehouse will be rather cheap, however, shipping overseas will be a little expensive. Sometimes you will have to pay the Custom or the Tax when importing activewear from overseas activewear suppliers. Notice the hidden fees!

Save Your Money on Wholesale Custom Activewear: What Berunwear does?

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We are reducing your material and manufacture costs!

Berunwear is an activewear manufacturer locating in China, we have been in clothing manufacturing for over 15 years, throughout history, we collected 30+ fabric suppliers and other raw material suppliers. Berunwear keeps a good and long relationship with them, wholesaling from them each season in a year, so their price to us is the lowest and the quality is guaranteed as well.

Being the Chinese activewear manufacturer and wholesaler, our production cost is rather low, plus Berunwear is a factory itself, we can manufacture custom activewear all by ourselves, no need to pay any other one, and you are no need to pay the middlemen.

In order to decrease your cost, we accept the small order, the minimum order quantity can be flexible, from 30 pieces to 100 pieces per different types, Berunwear will minimize the MOQ but still offer you the wholesale price.

Furthermore, we are an activewear supplier and manufacturer that provides private labels, tags and packages customization, and production services. Samely, our own factory, and designers can custom&manufacture private labels, tags, and packages. No help from others, so no additional payment to others.

We are cutting your design and consultation expenses!

Once you choose Berunwear as your custom activewear wholesaler, we are offering free but professional design and consultation services. There will be 1 sales manager and 1 designer work for you. They will discuss with you activewear customization, fabric choosing, sample making, and recommending the most popular activewear styles to your major market. No fees!!!

We are giving you the biggest shipping discount!

Partnering with international reputed shipping agencies for over 10 years already, we are their VIP so can enjoy the cheapest price with the best service. They will arrange for my products to be shipped much earlier and they will tell us how to clear customs by paying less Tax. So choosing Berunwear, you can save the wholesale cost in every stage.

Now, what you are waiting for? 2021 is coming nearly, do not miss the chance of being a successful activewear business owner, Berunwear is here for you to provide bulk customized active wear with Low MOQ, Fast Response, Punctual Delivery, High Quality, and Reduced Price!