People have become increasingly involved in sports to try to keep the bodies healthy. Specialists suggested people pursue sports to keep the bodies free from diseases. This has resulted in high demand for fitness wear used in various sporting activities. These garments include; shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, swimsuits for swimming, ski suits for skiing, gymnastics leotards, yoga pants, diving wetsuits, and many more. This is an excellent opportunity for fitness wear sellers to leverage business opportunities. So if you are struggling to build your fitness clothing brand, you may need to find a private label fitness clothing manufacturer, let’s check the reason below.

Private label vs white label, which one to choose for your fitness clothing brand?

The sportswear which is rebranded and modified by resellers then made available in the market is known as either private label or white label sportswear. These two terms are often confused with each other and a lot of people think both describe the same thing. However, it’s definitely not the same!

What is white label clothing? Put simply, it is a product that is produced, with no branding whatsoever. We would make the product and you, the artist, would rebrand it to make it your own. This makes it appear as though the product has been made by you.

Another alternative to white labeling is private labeling. Private label clothing production gives retailers a chance to create their own brand without having to design a product from scratch. It offers the opportunity to grow as a business and allows for control over the look and style of the product.

White Label Versus Private Label Sportswear

You’ve chosen white label or private label because you want brand recognition. You don’t want to sell someone else’s brand while you have started your own fitness clothing brand; you want to sell your own. So when should you choose private label over White Label or vice versa?

Choose Private Label when:

  • You have already designed a product
  • The product that you designed is superior to any white label product offering.
  • You intend to manufacture your product yourself at some point.
  • You need to reduce manufacturing costs due to low volume or reduce expenses in establishing manufacturing operations.

Choose White Label When:

  • You want to get to market faster
  • You don’t have R&D budgets
  • You have a brand demand but no product to fulfill it
  • You aren’t, don’t want, or need to be an expert in this specific product.
  • The White Label Choices meet Your Quality Requirements.

Where to find private label fitness apparel wholesale suppliers

You have to obtain an inventory of the workout wear essentials by purchasing bulk and athletic clothes from various fitness apparel wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. For this there are two ways, you can either contact the manufacturers and suppliers directly or by visiting their websites. For getting in touch with them online, you can access the wholesale application online, and make your account with the details fed, like revealing your proof of identity, a sales tax or resale license number, and a few more.

Now, how would you understand which manufacturer to choose? Here are some tips.

  • Ask your references like friends and business associates to shortlist the most reliable and renowned manufacturers.
  • Do some online background research about the best workout wear manufacturers present in the market, and understand which one would be best for you.
  • Check out the online ratings and reviews to choose one of the best manufacturers.

Besides, you have also the following ways to find more wholesale fitness clothing manufacturers: 

  • Test industrial directories

Online directories such as Doba, Salehoo, and Central Wholesale can be conveniently accessed by charging anything, anywhere. Check for directories of trade, and go through the companies listed. Generally, they audit the listed dropshipper or wholesaler to ensure you are not scammed.

  • Trade articles and journals

Some traders pay to be advertised in magazines and journals for their jobs, and this is one way to know if they are legit. Do not trust the second-rate subscription.

  • Visiting the website of the official manufacturer

Depending on the product you wish to purchase, please visit the manufacturer’s site where you will see a list of local and regional suppliers.

  • Business shows

This should be your first stopover if you are serious about knowing the reliable fitness wear drop shipper and the best sportswear to treat. Most of these shows may not occur near you, but you may be able to search for information about the people shown in the show. Like global sources, the general tab. Several trade shows are listed here.

  • Forums Online

Search for a forum dealing with sportswear you want to dropship, so you’ll learn the best fitness wear drop shippers and the best sportswear as well. You’ll learn from the discussion more about what consumers love, how to find the best drop shipper.

5 Best Manufacturers for Wholesale Fitness Clothing

Slyletica is delivering the ideal fitness wear for different purposes and men. It’s the perfect clothing brand that creates unique pieces for people with excellent fitness wear. This offers blanks that are also great for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gym-goers.

If you want some unbranded, high-quality fitness wear, then this is the perfect place for you where all the garments on the online platform are available. It will encourage you to order bulk with a bulk discount, and if you are in Australia, you will receive it within three days.

Fitness Wear Direct

Fitness Wear Direct is a Los Angeles-based USA company. They are manufacturing clothes and accessories for the fitness community since 1989. They have an in-house designing team to style and make trendy clothes for workouts. They also do private labels if you have your own brand. If you’re looking for USA wholesale apparel, then that’s the right spot. This has specialized in athletic wear and is primarily based on women’s organic garments and leggings, and even provides men with tanks.

It is known for providing the best fitness wear in the industry, and it uses the initial design concept. It uses the full integration facility to pay attention to quality. They focus on classical styles and the fabrics of performance.

Blank Clothing

Blank clothing is a local family-run business in Australia. They provide simple and blank t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters, and other sportswear in different colors and styles. Not only that you can also create your own unique sportswear and they will print shirts or other wears for you.

They do offer wholesale pricing. Just contact them and let them know your demand and if you want your company logo or tags for the specific set of fitness wear.

Alanic Global

Alanic Global is an emerging clothing designer brand based in Melbourne, Australia. They leverage technology, design, and art to create stunning and useful activewear for the fitness community. They design women’s workout clothes and also men’s. By providing their customers deal-breaking garments, they have a track record of being one of the best international wholesale fitness clothing suppliers.

With the help of their cost-effective custom clothing solution for bulk buyers, they can give one of the best private label services in the fitness industry.

Monob Clothing

Founded in 2009, Mono B Clothing produces multi-occasion clothing to meet the needs of all. Their vast collection includes perfect swimwear for women, high-performance fitness wears, lounge wears, and athletic clothing. With the help of Mono B Clothing and their stunning prints, you are never out of fashion. The best thing is that they also do wholesale plus-size workout clothes for women. They only show you the catalog of their designs and clothes when you sign up to ensure the exclusivity of their designs.

This is the ideal place with lots of variety where you can get some fitness wear, and it will guarantee excellent performance. It will, in the same position, offer both fashion and functionality.

Recommended private label fitness apparel manufacturers

You get everything that your private label fitness clothing brand wants to specialize in. The private label brands will get everything in a wide variety of colors, cuts, styles, designs, sizes, and fabrics. Here if you are searching for a reliable private label fitness clothing manufacturer, we will recommend Berunwear Sportswear company to you: their sportswear ensures the trendiest style elements that are infused to bring in the best silhouettes on your customers and make them buy more from your venture. Their custom services are for business owners looking to promote their brand through promotional clothing, independent designers launching their own clothing line, sports team managers looking to create new and unique uniforms for the teams, and so on.

Just have a try to contact them for more information by email to [email protected].