When you’re in a team, one of the most important moments you will have is putting on that brand new jersey. Have you heard the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Studies have shown that wearing the right outfit increases confidence, so why not boost up your team and get them those jerseys they’ve been longing for? In this post, we will collect the 30 most popular custom basketball jersey ideas in 2020 for your reference, and how to get a custom basketball jersey for free, let’s check it out now!

What Logo Customization Options are Available?

First, you may want to get familiar with how each printing style looks like before designing your uniforms. There are different methods for printing your team’s logo on a basketball jersey, but the most popular are sublimation, screen printing and tackle twill. Getting to know these styles before ordering your custom basketball uniforms will be of great help for you (and your printer!)

  • Sublimation. The design or pattern will be dyed directly into the jersey’s fabric, meaning it will cover the entire garment and it won’t fall off. Choose this option if you are looking for an all-over print look.
  • Screen Print. Colored ink will be applied to the garment, your design can have up to 2 or 3 different colors. Some services allow additional colors for an extra price.
  • Tackle Twill or Sewn on Twill. For a more traditional look, twill pieces or patches will be sewn into the jersey, most printers allow for 2 or 3 colors when using this technique.

TIP: though it tends to be the most expensive option for most uniform printers, Tackle Twill is also the most professional looking one. I recommend choosing this method for the main jersey for an All-Star look and printing out raglans, tshirts and other secondary jerseys using more cost-effective methods.

Top 30 ​Custom Basketball Jersey Ideas and Inspirations for Colleges

But, How Can Bring My Ideas to Life?

You can directly contact our senior fashion designer on the Berunwear.com website. We are a professional manufacturer of custom basketball uniforms, with our own factory equipment and excellent jersey designers. The entire design process is very simple:

  1. Go to berunwear.com website and launch a free quote request to us. 
  2. Tell us the details of your own jersey design, or send us the mockup of your design directly.
  3. We will assign you an exclusive designer, please keep in touch, we will work with you to modify and improve the final design plan.
  4. Get your free sample! We will send you a physical sample jersey as an example of how you want the final product to look like.

The entire process is free to complete, you only need to pay some time to get your unique basketball jersey! Of course, if you appreciate the results of our labor, please cooperate with us to mass-produce your basketball jerseys and give your team a total new look. 

Is There Any Other Way of Making Basketball Jersey Templates?

Some custom jersey sites provide previews but usually, the pictures turn out flat and boring and this is not what you want from a picture that’s supposed to hype up your team!
There are other ways of making basketball jersey mockups. If you know how to use Photoshop you could use PSDs, but finding good templates that don’t look cheap or basic is a hassle, and it’s a bit hard to make them look realistic. Also, they take a ton of time that you could be using training for the next big tournament!