Are you curious about starting a legging brand? Here I even have listed some important tips and steps for a way to start out a legging brand so you’ll sell your own brands and earn money. Starting any brand or business and maybe a really hectic task. But with the clear stated steps and guidance, you’ll create your own legging brand effectively. Have a vision then decide about your partners, funding, and begin doing the below steps:

It’s a good idea to start a custom leggings brand in 2021

Starting a leggings clothing line is an exciting venture. In womenswear and teen markets – nearly all women of a certain age own at least one pair of leggings or yoga pants. Whether athleisure is a trend that will fade is an open question but for now, it appears there is no slowing down in sight. Women are more likely now to buy a pair of leggings before even buying jeans. The jean market has been decreasing steadily and the pure popularity of everyday leggings is definitely a factor. Super easy to wear with sports tops, tanks, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, or even high fashion blouses makes leggings a must for any wardrobe. 

Tips on how to start a leggings brand

1. Do your research: 

What I always tell my clients is to first research and put together a plan. Who is your customer- Be Specific!  What kind of leggings will they wear? Why will they shop with you? Do they prefer cats or dogs? A specific customer will help you create more targeted marketing and a dedicated following.  Don’t be afraid to be narrow here. Pictures of dogs won’t prevent cat lovers from shopping your brand – trust me!

2. Design your leggings:

Throughout history, most successful entrepreneurs started out just doing something they love. Once they realized that they were really good at their passion they then decided to make their business official. With this in mind is why I say creating the fashion sketches for your leggings designs should come first before you officially start your leggings line. You want to get good at creating your designs and showcase your sketches to others to get their feedback. You want to talk to people who buy leggings and ask them what do they like or what they don’t like about a pair of leggings they own. You want to ask them what is something they wish all leggings had. This information can then be used in your next round of designs. Next, create many different designs then get feedback to determine which styles people love the most. Choose to go with your top reviewed styles for your first collection.

3. Choose the right leggings manufacturer:

I have written about how to customize the leggings of your own styles in my last post, and now when selecting a reliable leggings manufacturer you can work with, it is important to consider skills and reputation to make sure your custom leggings project is done the right way. Sewing leggings requires skill and technique considering the tailor or seamstress has to deal with challenging fabric that is stretchable and thin. You have to make sure the manufacturer you are working that has experience in working with clothing garments particularly leggings in the past.

Your potential clothing manufacturer has to be reputable in a positive way given they have a good track record and have successfully worked with multiple clients in the past. This factor is a good measure of how to assess manufacturers and you can rest assured you’d have a promising working relationship later on with your projects. Their reputation in and around the industry is primarily the reason why they have been around for quite some time now.

4. Create a checklist:

Before the production starts, make sure you have done everything from the checklist. yes, have the checklist of what our actions have to take before production so that you will not miss anything. Check whether

  1. your design pattern is ready,
  2. you have ordered fabric,
  3. you designed a sample piece.

5. Build a website:

Establishing an online presence is so important in this digital age. Make sure to use Search Engine Optimization keywords on your website. For example, if you are selling floral leggings, make sure the word “floral leggings” is used throughout your website.

6. Marketing on social media:

Don’t forget to utilize social media to share your brand and products. Nowadays social media platforms play a major role in online purchases. Try to gain followers with your interesting and regular updates. Offer giveaways to your followers and make them believe in your brand. Tell about your story and be genuine to your followers. Facebook and Instagram are two hot social media platforms that have the highest number of followers and support online business in a friendly way.

Our current favorite is Instagram for sharing behind-the-scenes images from the studio.  Potential customers like to know the brand they are supporting and a picture speaks 1,000 words!

7. Be positive in mind:

Surrounding yourself with people that belief in what you do is a vital part of growing into a business that can truly support your mission. This includes employees, customers, and friends. Did we mention entrepreneurship is a roller-coaster?  These people will help you stay on the ride. Remember: Always think positively and have positive people around you. There is nothing that goes wrong when you can’t sell anything in a month maybe you can do it double in the next month. 

Now you are ready to launch. You have your business affairs in order. Hope the above guide helps you. Again I remind you, research and research more about your product to get a clear idea about designing and marketing it. If you’re really curious about creating your own leggings brand, contact us today. We would love to help make your legging dreams come true.