Europe is the world’s largest market for sportswear clothing and accessories. Sportswear manufacturers from Europe are one of the top sportswear companies in the world. Sportswear clothing and accessories companies such as Adidas AG, Puma, Nike, Marks and Spencer PLC, and The Aftershock Group are a few of the widely known European sportswear companies in the world. As the demand for sportswear clothing and accessories is increasing every day, market growth in this industry is guaranteed. If your company is involved in the sportswear business, then you can now find the solution to find the most trusted sportswear wholesale suppliers of Europe in this post.

Where to search for ethical sportswear manufacturers in France/Spain/Portugal/Poland/Belgium/Netherlands/Germany/Sweden/Italy

If you are looking for a reliable clothing manufacturer, you will first need to decide whether you prefer to work only with suppliers in your own country or if you are willing to look for suppliers from countries like China and India. Then you can start to create a wishlist of manufacturers for your sportswear business.

Important resources for finding ethical clothing manufacturers in France/Spain/Portugal/Poland/Belgium/Netherlands/Germany/Sweden/Italy, etc.

  • Events and congresses

Congresses and other events in the textile industry can be really valuable experiences to get to know new brands and establish possible partnerships with a good clothing manufacturer in Europe. Stay tuned to your city or state calendar.

  • Search Directories

Research directories can be incredible allies for entrepreneurs who are looking for new clothing manufacturers in Europe. Take a look at the clothing manufacturing directories in the country, if you want even more exclusive results, look out for directories that allow direct communication with the name brand clothing wholesale suppliers.

  • Internet search engines

You probably already know, but it costs nothing to remember: websites and search engines like Google are also great for looking for good clothing manufacturers in Europe.

However, it is common to find sites that are outdated or with outdated information; for this reason, remember to take a deep breath and continue searching the results pages.

  • Facebook Groups

Facebook is full of people who are still willing to help others. So, don’t be afraid to look for groups of entrepreneurs who work in the same niche as yours.

Before actively participating in a discussion, however, remember to read the guidelines and rules established by the other participants.

  • The good old independent research

If you prefer to talk to more experienced entrepreneurs and manufacturers, even better – after all, the fashion and clothing niche can be quite complicated. The import of clothes made in China, for example, is only carried out if the garments are in accordance with European textile regulations; clothing sizes and measurements change from country to country or region to region, and it can be a real nightmare to set the right pattern for your store; product packaging ideally needs to be delivered with the store’s brand and not the original manufacturer’s seal. 

What to consider when selecting suitable sports clothing provider/manufacturer/clothing distributors from the list

We know that it is not always possible but, if you have the opportunity and the time, we always recommend that you visit the clothing supplier so that you can review the authenticity of their textile manufacturing and cloth production processes and efficiency. It will help you validate your decision about choosing them and also helps to build a closer business relationship between you and the manufactures.

In any case, these are the main questions you should consider when choosing your clothing manufacturer and distributor:

  • Price: You should choose a clothing provider who can provide you with the highest quality products at a price that fits your budget. You do not have to be suspicious of all cheap products, but if your brand is related to luxury (e.g. you are looking for brand clothing suppliers or American clothing manufacturers), you should bear in mind that these products will necessarily be more expensive than those that you get from other clothing providers.
  • Shipping times: Also, it is essential to find a clothing provider who can provide you with the fastest shipping times. Of course, this will vary if you choose a national distributor or if you are going to sell Chinese products or other countries from abroad, but keeping your clients waiting for 2 months to receive their product is not recommended. So, it is always recommended that you choose a clothing manufacturer who can deliver within the minimum time.
  • Quality:  Place sample orders and check the quality of the product, packaging, etc. Have they been wrong about the size? Are the clothes stained? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and stop for a moment to reflect on how you would value your shopping experience if you received that package. For example, you are looking for yoga leggings manufacturers, you also need to check samples at first.
  • Experience: This is an important aspect that is normally overlooked. But it shouldn’t be like this. Working with an experienced clothing manufacturer or supplier will guarantee that your orders are delivered on time, with the highest quality standards and, if there is a sudden increase in demand, your supplier will be able to supply you without problems (for example, to prepare you for Black Friday or the holiday season).
  • Suppliers of imported clothing vs. National clothing manufacturers: If you are looking for a clothing supplier, another question to consider is whether you want to work with national clothing suppliers in the country in which you reside (for example, United Kingdom, Spain, Danmark, or Serbia). Or if you prefer to get your products from foreign clothing manufacturers, from countries like China, India or America. We have talked about some pros and cons of sourcing sportswear from overseas suppliers and domestic suppliers

How to work with your sportswear suppliers

You have found some best athletic apparel manufacturers for your business brand and now it’s time to know how to build and keep a stable relationship with them so as to get better service, for example, cheaper prices, more fashionable styles, and more. Here are how you can maintain a good relationship with your clothing supplier:

  • Evaluate each supplier

Make sure it is the best choice for your business and that its products meet your needs. Your suppliers must agree with your strategy.

  • Integrate key suppliers into your business

Learn how they work and make sure your respective systems – billing, order processing, and more – are fully compatible. If you want to work with good quality wholesale sports clothing distributors, you just need to integrate potential suppliers.

  • Collaborate with your suppliers to improve quality on both sides, solve problems and develop products

Also, work together to increase your respective capacities and adopt best practices.

  • Constantly measure performance

Regularly have structured discussions with your key suppliers on possible improvements.

The ultimate goal is to work in partnership, in the interest of both parties. Sometimes companies are short-term and just ask suppliers for price reductions, rather than thinking strategically. It’s not a long-term winner.

  • Communication with your supplier

If you are working directly with the supplier, this is the easiest way to cut costs and make bigger profits. Another thing to consider is that suppliers are not necessarily competitive with each other. For example, if you call a mobile phone case supplier and say your business is too small for them right now, you can always ask them for recommendations. They might even give you a full list of other reputable suppliers who work with small brands. 

Establishing a professional contact with the supplier company is not always as easy as you think. Sometimes you talk to a different person each time you call. Ideally, one or two people know you by name and remember certain details of your business. This not only speeds up the conversation, but you can learn and trust the supplier as the partnership grows. Therefore, this first phone call must establish contact with the company. Of course, as your business discussions become more serious, you may be designated to speak to a different person in the future, but the first contact is really very important. In addition, part of the productivity of this first call is getting a decent amount of information from them. Your initial line should look like this:

5 do’s and don’ts in your supplier relationships

  1. DOs – Consider supplier relationships for shared prosperity and long-term mutual development. Help suppliers increase their technical and problem-solving capabilities.
  2. DOs – Know exactly how your key suppliers work. Familiarize yourself with their functioning and their culture to foster mutual trust and solid partnerships.
  3. DOs – Periodically assess the performance of key suppliers using scorecards and regularly survey the market to find more effective or profitable solutions. Having strong relationships with suppliers does not mean being captive.
  4. AVOID – Don’t just focus on short-term goals, like cutting costs. Don’t demand unreasonable payment terms from suppliers or assume the costs and risks of holding most of your inventory.
  5. AVOID – Do not waste your efforts. Reserve special treatment for only a handful of key strategic partners. Beyond that, it would be unmanageable.


We really hope that the information about Searching for Ethical Sportswear Manufacturers in Europe that we are providing is helpful to you. Definitely read up more about the sportswear wholesale business tips and find out everything that we need to know. 

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