In recent years, yoga activity is becoming more and more popular in the world, and thanks to this trend, yoga tights or leggings are selling well too. We think that wholesale tights are still very profitable in 2021, and then you will see huge business opportunities in wholesale tights. In this article, we will recommend to you 5 of the best leggings wholesale suppliers/manufacturers in the USA/UK. If you are looking for them now, here you are in the right place! Besides, this article will solve all the things about wholesale leggings, and you will definitely get the inspiration for a successful wholesale leggings business.

Is it still profitable to sell leggings online in 2021 and later?

Knowing why the answers of wholesale leggings bulk, can give our business some goals, we will be more direction when making money. Why should we consider wholesale leggings bulk? We have listed some answers:

1. People have a great demand for leggings

Whether you are a man or a woman, a child or an old man, you all need leggings. In the winter we need it to keep warm. When we participate in outdoor sports or activities that may be injured, we all need her to protect our bodies.

2. It is not a seasonal product

European and American stars are dressed up casually and in different styles, but once you pay more attention, you will find that the rate of sports tights is extremely high. Therefore, many sports brands have tight-fitting trousers that are suitable for everyday life, with a low-key color but a personality, and a combination of detail and comfort.

3. The market’s upward trend

First look at the following set of data

We basically know that the sales trend of leggings is growing year by year. 

Put together, the global market for athletic wear, in general, is now 30% of all the footwear and clothing industry. Singled out, the market for yoga leggings has been on a steady rise since 2011. It is recording a growth rate of 7% every year. In fact, for the first time in history, there was a higher demand for yoga leggings than that of denim jeans in the US in 2017.

This means that buy wholesale leggings online will be always very profitable, at least it’s true in 2021 and a sustainable and reliable leggings supplier will help a lot with your leggings retail business, that is to reduce your cost and increase more margin, even help build your own leggings brand!

Where to buy wholesale leggings in the USA/UK?

For merchants with wholesale leggings, the wholesale source must be what everyone wants to know. Wholesale leggings? Here are some channels you might use:

1.Directory website

With the powerful directory collection site of the Directory website, you can find a lot of things you want. Enter: Where to buy wholesale leggings, it will give you a lot of channels for you to choose from.

But the downside is that it only gives you links to these channels, and you can’t intuitively get the channels you want.

Directory website has a lot of things like Doba

Doba is a platform that connects entrepreneurs or retailers with the products they can sell. Their website has more than 2 million products, from clothing to books and more.

Doba provides retailers with the tools they need to find a product for sale, export it to a store, and ensure that the supplier ships the product when the order is shipped.

Under “Wholesale Suppliers”, you can search for their newly added suppliers, search their lists, and find suppliers that you are familiar with.

For new suppliers, we may not be familiar with their quality, but it allows us to test whether it is worth our continued choice.

  • Note: More directory websites of the same kind can be found here

2. Apparel trade show

Fashion shows are an integral part of the clothing, fashion, and textile industry’s efforts for the market. The apparel industry has many international fashion shows and apparel industry exhibitions every year.

The Clothing Search Guide helps us understand the trade activities available and trade show organizers specializing in clothing, textiles, and fashion shows. Apparel Search gives you easy access to important events from around the world.

If you want to find leggings, here is certainly one of the channels you can choose, but you may have to spend some energy to find it, because you may be distracted by the wonderful costume show.

3. Wholesale website

This method may be the most direct way to find the Wholesale leggings channel. Nowadays, when the Internet is so developed, we can accomplish things that you can’t imagine through the Internet, let alone find a wholesale channel. Recommend some for you, you will find where to buy wholesale leggings. This will not be a problem.

Best 5 wholesale leggings bulk suppliers


This is a market where merchants can find quality products that are sold online. With Oberlo, merchants can get detailed information on 3 different types of suppliers: Oberlo Verified Supplier, Oberlo supplier, and AliExpress supplier. Benefits of Oberlo Verified Suppliers and Oberlo Suppliers:

They know that Oberlo users are making direct investments. Then they will not add any promotional materials or other invoices to the packages they send to your customers. This way, the merchant does not have to spend extra time to inform the supplier not to do so.

More importantly, it automatically chooses the cheapest shipping method for customers. Since some vendors offer multiple shipping methods, merchants can click on the shipping options and choose the shipping method they prefer.

Berunwear manufacturer

You may be a small clothing business owner who is looking for wholesale leggings in the UK? You want to launch your own fitness clothing brand, you want to provide high-quality products at an affordable price, Berunwear Sportswear Company is a good choice. It gives you the widest catalog of leggings wholesale online for women and men.

Each of its products undergoes rigorous quality inspections and meets international standards. The materials used in the fabric penetrate the advantages from all angles, not only providing consumers with maximum comfort but also providing effective moisture wicking and ventilation for a pleasant experience for the wearer. Berunwear also pays attention to the style of leggings. To understand the latest trends and consumers with different style preferences, Berunwear designers ensure that their collection remains stylish.


Leggingswholesale, which has been in the tights business for over 10 years, is one of the largest leg and leg fashion wholesalers in the United States, located in the heart of the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, California.

World of Leggings (R), USA Fashion (TM), and Only Leggings are also their names. Leggingswholesale supports the purchase of one-piece wholesale. By wholesale in a single piece, even small boutiques across the US can offer dozens of styles with little risk. In terms of logistics, Leggingswholesale offers USPS and UPS transportation options.


Sammydress is the world’s leading online wholesale supplier. We can provide women’s wear, men’s and women’s shoes, handbags and accessories, casual dresses, accessories, fashion jewelry, etc., as well as leggings wholesale. 


Chinabrands is a very powerful cross-border e-commerce service platform that brings together a large number of suppliers and sellers around the world and has joined forces to become a huge sales network. If you need to buy wholesale leggings for dropshipping, this platform is your best choice. 

Tips for Buying Yoga Leggings

  • Length of the leggings

This is arguably the first thing you should consider while buying yoga leggings. We have the Full Length and the Capri. Whereas full length is long enough to cover the entire leg, capris extend only to just below the knee. The choice of whether to go for either depends on the prevailing climate and the individual’s preference.

  • Style of pants

If you love gentle and calm yoga, you should insist on fitting yoga leggings as they are more comfortable. If yours are more demanding exercise, you should insist on high-waist yoga leggings. This is because they are not confining on your thighs or on the hips.

  • Beware of the fabric used

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you have to select the fabric that suits you. If you need one that breathes easily, it should be leggings made of synthetic fabrics like polyester. If you need something that is warmer, for less active yoga sessions, you should insist on those made of cotton.

  • The color of the pant

Color is also worth considering while selecting the yoga pant to go for. If yours is more intensive yoga that leads to more sweating, you should avoid light-colored yoga pants as they show sweats. Instead, you should go for darker colors.