If you are a dropshipper or a wholesale business owner who is interested in wholesale workout clothes then you are at the right place. You may have wondered why unbranded products are cheaper online than branded ones. And you may have also jumped to a conclusion like most people do that it is probably due to their low quality. Well, if you think this way, you may be wrong. The price of unbranded clothing wholesale usually has nothing to do with the class. Read on and you will know why. In this article, you will see, for example, how to find unbraned gym clothing wholesale in Australia

Sourcing platforms: Searching for unbranded gym clothing wholesale websites

If you come to Australia and only stay in Sydney, you will feel that the Australian clothing market is very similar to the American clothing market. However, the United States has a population of 266 million, while Australia has only 20 million. Therefore, the number of orders will be much smaller than in the United States. Although Australians have similar clothing tastes to Americans, they differ in the size of their clothes and the laws related to trademarks. China has been a clothing supplier for Australia for 40 years, and Australia is a market with small capacity and value.

There are no specific figures on the number of clothing and footwear purchased by Australian households, but reliable data show that clothing and footwear in Australia have never been cheaper than they are now. The main reason is the increase in imports and the reduction in protective tariffs. Therefore, while the proportion of household expenditure on clothing and footwear has decreased, the number of clothing purchased by Australians has increased.

Australia’s textile, clothing, footwear and leather markets average annual consumption of approximately A$15 billion, which is expected to reach over 20 billion in 2021.

Therefore, Australian clothing suppliers are mainly from China. If you want to find Australian clothing suppliers, you can try the following B2B online wholesale markets:

  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • Global Sources
  • FashionTIY
  • DH gate

These are the top wholesale markets in China, and you can easily get clothing wholesale on these websites. The most popular wholesale website among these 5 websites is FashionTIY, because there is no service fee for wholesale clothing on their website, there is no minimum order limit, the price is cheaper than other wholesale websites, and it is the best Australian clothing supplier.

Three Things to Consider for Wholesale Unbranded Apparel on Sourcing Platforms

In any business, you have to consider some certain factors to be successful in dealing with the business. And wholesale unbranded gym apparel business is no exception. Here are three things you have to consider in the business:

1. Quality of the gym apparel.

You have to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable supplier for your unbranded business. The supplier must have a quality product to ensure that customers are satisfied with what they deliver. Quality of the product should never be undermined, not even for the price.

2. The Price of the gym apparel.

The price of the product is also another important consideration when choosing a supplier. A supplier must have quality product along with a competitive price that will be good for your business. Some suppliers provide huge discounted prices for their unbrand gym wear which can give you an advantage in pricing.

3. Good support.

Some suppliers go the extra mile to provide you with quality support for your business. They help you with logistics and other services to ensure you have enough time to promote your business. Find a supplier that you can easily contact and are not just willing but have the resources to help you succeed.

Sporswear Companies: Looking for a sustainable gym apparel supplier in Australia

Well we have listed 5 workout clothing sourcing platforms from all over the world. But if you ask which are best for small business owners, then we will have to see which selected supplier or manufacturer has the least MOQ, wholesale prices, quality unbrand gym wear with maximum peace of mind.

The only name from the manufacturers crowd we can consider as such is Berunwear. The reason behind is that it has no MOQ limit, quality products assurance, guaranteed 24 hours processing and dispatching, easy API integration with SEO optimized product details and reliable after sales customer support. 

Berunwear Sportswear Supplier is a reputable, international wholesale supplier of high quality gym clothing and fitness accessories. Shop a brilliant range of gym wear clothing for men and women, for a whole range of fitness requirements. Berunwear Sportswear prides themselves on offering fitness clothing that is not just stylish and trendy, but also comfortable, durable, supportive and just generally perfect for your workout sessions. These brands are well known for their high quality materials and innovative design and this is echoed in the vast number of positive reviews regularly received, from happy customers.

Berunwear Sportswear are gym clothing providers located in Australia who believe working out should be fun and invigorating, and they understand it is something which you are passionate about. They recognise that many of their customers carry this passion into the buying of their gym gear and because of this, they always ensure that requirements are met with nothing short of excellence in all of the supplied clothing.

Three Things to Consider for Sourcing from Sportswear Manufacturer Companies

Becoming clothing wholesalers in Australia is one thing, knowing the rudiments of turning bulk clothing suppliers, is a different ball game. There are strategic steps you have to take and certain factors you must put into account when you want to buy in bulk from Chinese wholesalers. These things need to be attended to in order to get the quality unbrand gym wear you seek. We have carefully selected those points you need to pay attention to while investing in the bulk purchase as wholesale clothing suppliers in South Africa.

1. ISO Certification

As online dropshippers, you have got to be realistic, knowing full well that the world’s market is replete with all kinds of gate crashers. Knowing those who host e-companies that deliver quality wholesale market will help navigate and get the best products. And one thing that gives you assurance is to know and get familiar with those Australia manufacturer websites that are ISO-certified.

You can be sure that Alibaba.com, DHgate.com, Ali Express (aliexpress.com), OFweek (en.ofweek.cn) are top brands you can guarantee their certification and quality assurance of the unbrand gym wear they put on another website. Here is the sum: ensure you get you wholesale products from verified and certified Australian manufacturer companies before you make an order.       

2. Shipping Policy

Again, there is a need to understand the shipping policy of each market while buying in bulk from Chinese wholesalers. Some of the Australia manufacturer and wholesale suppliers have a comparative edge in terms of shipping of merchandise. Try to know which companies deliver products on time, their shipping payment policy, delivery methods, return policy. We have a number of the companies that operate relatively low and affordable shipping fee, and these ones also ensure your unbrand gym wear get to the destination without delay.

There is also a need for you to know return policy of goods. You can be sure that some of the host websites accept defective goods and goods with a shortage to be returned when you make a prompt complaint to them. Some do not offer this service. In fact, some will even allow you to make payment only after your orders have been delivered. The shipping policy is all encompassing and you must try to ask questions and do enough background check on all the major Australia manufacturer websites.

3. Market size and Discount offer

This is one thing you cannot control but should pay attention to. The larger the market of a manufacturer company the larger the number of products promoted on it. There are a number of sportswear supplier-companies that deal only in retail and so do not have a discount offer. So, be sure which of the source you are patronizing so as to guarantee profit and return on investment.

Ordinarily, wholesalers are expected to give some discount to fellow wholesale buyers to cushion purchasing cost. Not all e-commerce wholesalers in Australia provide the unbrand gym wear you are trying to buy. Especially, the clothing products are ones that have a market preference. Some prefer to take some clothing and textile products only come from top markets.