When you plan to start a clothing line you need to find a sustainable clothing supplier, or if possible, you can make it yourself by creating a factory, which is not easy for most of startups or small run business. So if you want to find a good supplier for sports apparel, for example, generally you will think to search for it online like Alibaba.com. If this is your case, you have came to the right page, in this post, we will tell you how to find sustainable sportswear supplier on alibaba.com and more important tips: it’s the best way to look for custom sportswear manufacturers? any better recommendation? Let’s start right now. 

How to Start a Clothing Line With No Experience

At first, we will introduce how to start a clothing line as a newbie, if you think you can do it from scratch, just check these preliminary steps below:

STEP 1 Understand the ‘why’ of your brand, your brand’s purpose, your brand’s message, your styles and designs, and the lifestyle choice it represents to your customers when they see, buy, and wear your clothes. This is also a question of positioning your brand in a crowded market.

STEP 2 Get your styles, designs, and clothing’s functionality figured out before you approach manufacturers. Knowing exactly what you’re looking to produce and how you want it to look must come before contacting potential manufacturing partners.

STEP 3 Choosing the right manufacturing partner is key to getting your clothing made with consistent quality and avoiding the pitfalls new designers face. Associate only with ethical clothing manufacturers. This will impact the perception your customers have of your brand and move your brand away from slave / child labour and unethical business practices.

STEP 4 Start making patterns and samples to test for quality and service. The sampling phase is about perfecting your designs and testing your materials. It can sometimes take longer than you expect but it can also be a great way to get to know the people you’re working with, and understand the true possibilities of your designs.

STEP 5 At this time you should already have completed samples in your hands, and you are either providing approvals to move into mass production, or be discussing alterations. Now is the time to ensure all your checks are in place and your budget is ready to finalise a mass production.

STEP 6 When you’re ready to sell your clothing, you’re going to need them to be properly packaged with branded labels, woven labels, swing tags, and packaging. The final stage to ensure your quality clothing is ready for sale is to ensure every piece is tagged and bagged correctly, ready for shipping to your customers.

Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers in China

If you are looking to build your own apparel line Berunwear is your one-stop shop for apparel sourcing needs. Specializing in trims, tags, zippers, and elastics, Berunwear works with partner organizations around the world to provide a full package service for companies large and small. Berunwear will take your apparel idea from concept to production, whether branding and promotional swag, such as hats, shirts, and wristbands, to garments requiring added testing and technical fit.

When full design and technical fit needs arise, Berunwear engages with its partner organization Berunwear, relying on their global vendor partnerships, their design and fit expertise, and their Asia-based support team, to deliver quality apparel on time and within budget.

With designers, fabric mills, and garment production facilities worldwide, the Berunwear partnership is able to meet your needs with a unique customized solution delivering to your brand great product with big customer margins. See more our advantages here:

● Cheap

Most of the sportswear  are manufactured in China thus making the cost slightly lower than other platforms (China wholesale websites are always cheap in price). You get quality sportswear at affordable pricing.

● Variety

Given the sheer number of supplier on the platform, you are exposed to possibly the largest volume of sportswear that you could ever get from local supplier . 

● Quality 

As stated earlier Berunwear never make a mistake when it comes to quality. Suppliers are all reviewed and quality assurance guaranteed. You are even allowed to receive a testing sample, in this case a sportswear to determine for yourself the degree of quality.

● Automation

Suppliers at Berunwear will be able to offer you fully automated order fulfillment services ensuring you spend less time on processes and more on customer satisfaction.

● Huge Inventory 

You can always rely on Berunwear to be honest with you regarding available stock. Stock is almost always available and if it isn’t you will be able to see it in real time because all of the inventory data is available to you.

● Global Warehousing 

Berunwear has warehouses in different parts of the world meaning you don’t have to worry about your shipment taking too long. Additionally, they have even partnered with shipping companies such as EMS and DHL just to increase efficiency. It only takes less than 2 days that goods deliver to customers’ door of most consumers.

How to Find the Best Clothing Suppliers on Alibaba.com

With thousands of suppliers to choose from, sourcing clothing and textiles on Alibaba.com can be overwhelming. 

Unless you have manual, that breaks down the process in actionable steps:

  1. Find the right keyword and use the ‘Supplier search’ function
  2. Review the supplier page
  3. Read the TrustPass profile
  4. Review product pages
  5. Select suppliers, submit techpack and request quotations
  6. Order product samples from 4+ suppliers
  7. Place your order with Alibaba Trade Assurance
  8. Book a sea or air shipment

You will find it’s complicated to do this work and will cost you much time and money, which industry pro purchasing manager won’t do so. Searching sportswear manufacturers on alibaba.com or other similar plateforms can work anyway but it’s not the best way and even a stupid way, why not have a try first with some famous and reliable sportswear wholesale supplier like us Berunwear Sportswear? 

Which is the Best Custom Sportswear Manufacturer in China?

It’s difficult to find that look in sports clothing where you feel all of the above when you step out in the field. Berunwear Sportswear provides you with this opportunity to design your own sports clothing and share it with the world. As sportswear manufacturers we provide the following features:

  1. Sportswear Variety — There are a lot of sportswear segments that we manufacture for different sportswear brands like fitness clothing, athleisure, custom (private label) gym wear, yoga wear and activewear. From extra small sizes to plus sizes we cater to all age groups, all we require is a detailed blueprint of your designs “tech pack” and we take care of everything else.
  2. Sports clothing finishes & treatments — Give your sports clothing an extra edge by getting special finishes or treatments like wicking process for sweat absorption, anti microbial or silver 9 finish for killing the bacterial build up because of sweating, cooling finish for reducing up to 3 degrees of body temperature, anti odour finish, anti wrinkle finish and more.
  3. Sports fabrics — With natural fibres like cotton and viscose to sustainable fabrics like bamboo, tencel, hemp, recycled polyester, organic cotton and other synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon (polyamide) blended or non-blended, with or without spandex (lycra) all can be used to custom design your sports clothing.


All the sportswear designs that we manufacture for the sports brands are their property (till the time it’s not available for the public to buy at large) and we adhere to strict privacy policies. Everyone in the organisation is well aware of these policies and they follow them with the utmost importance.

So, just to summarise, we at Berunwear Sportswear, as China’s one of top fitness clothing manufacturers, believe in transforming the way activewear clothing is manufactured and worn. We are all inspired to be more free and comfortable in choosing what to wear and when but still looking your best all the time.