Many people may wonder what a neck gaiter is, but it’s simply a face-covering designed to offer full protection for nose, mouth, and neck. Its flexible, stretchy, breathable fabric allows you to adjust it for optimal comfort and coverage for a variety of uses. As the number of novel coronavirus cases continues to rise nationwide, the recurring message from many public health experts and doctors has been simple: Wearing masks saves lives. But many people are unwilling to wear masks for various reasons, so a multi-purpose, reusable neck gaiter should be a very good substitute for disposable medical masks. Here the question is: can neck gaiter really be used as a mask to protect you from Covid-19?

Neck gaiter efficacy for personal protection

The short answer is that other mask options are probably better than a single-layer neck gaiter in many situations, but a gaiter, even at a single thickness, is almost certainly better than nothing.

As face coverings have become increasingly commonplace in American life, so have questions about efficacy — and now a group of researchers from Duke University are aiming to provide some answers. Latest researches show: Gaiters are as effective as a mask made out of a similar material, if you double over a neck gaiter, you can get very good protection. The thin gaiter’s effectiveness increased when folded over to create two layers. For all the particle sizes tested, the doubled-up gaiter was more than 90 percent effective, according to the research.

Protection From Germs

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommending that all people wear protective face coverings in public, it’s important to be prepared. A custom tube mask is the perfect covering for visiting the grocery store, taking a walk, or running daily errands. While a neck gaiter does not guarantee protection from disease, it is useful in preventing the spread of moisture droplets and airborne particles that can be spread from the nose and mouth, or dirt and debris.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you’re doing yardwork or headed out for a day in the snow, a neck gaiter is ideal for warding off dust, dirt, and debris and keeping your neck and face warm. Custom neck gaiters are the perfect way to stay toasty while skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or sledding while looking stylish and sharing a brand.

Head Protection

Neck gaiters offer versatile protection for more than just your face. You can wear them on top of your head as a protective scarf or a helmet liner when riding bikes or motorcycles. Cooling neck gaiters can even be used as sun protection. No need to mess with tying a scarf or bandana. With a neck gaiter, simply pull it onto your head and stretch the fabric where you need it.

How to choose a neck gaiter

Experts recommend a gaiter made of blended materials.

Experts recommend a gaiter made of blended materials.

If you opt to wear a neck gaiter, how do you pick the best one? There are certain features to look for when choosing a gaiter. Face coverings that are made of multiple weaves [i.e., higher thread counts] seem to block more respiratory droplets than those with lower thread counts. In addition, there is some evidence that [face coverings] made of blended materials (cotton plus another material) may be somewhat more effective as well.

Of course, comfort is key. No matter the material, choosing either a face mask or a gaiter that you can wear comfortably for extended periods of time will be most effective, as you won’t be tempted to remove it or adjust it, which could transfer germs from your hands to your face. But there is no doubt that wearing a neck gaiter will be more convenient, more comfortable and more beautiful than masks.

Where to buy neck gaiters bulk with cheap price

Comfortable and multifunctional face/head/mouth/neck gaiters are great for retail, printing, promotional product companies looking to offer something different than face masks. Our wholesale neck gaiters can help protect your face from direct contact to the sun, wind, sand, and dust. Neck gaiters are a great item for those who are active outdoors and need a comfortable breathable face cover made from Eco Friendly fabric that wicks away moisture. 

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Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

Neck gaiters offer versatility like no other protective covering, including:

  • Neckerchief 
  • Hair tie scrunchie
  • Neck gaiter 
  • Wristband
  • Face mask 
  • Sun guard
  • Balaclava
  • Hood
  • Headband cap
  • Helmet liner
  • Hairband
  • Hat liner
  • Foulard

Neck Gaiter Fabric and Colors

At Berunwear, we’re committed to making sure our clients feel protected, which is why we’re here to help with custom neck gaiters. Our neck gaiters are made from sustainable fabrics. We offer a viscose bamboo/organic cotton/spandex blend, and an organic cotton/RPET blend. Our RPET is made from recycled plastic bottles. These styles come in the shades of grey, black and white and more!

More about Berunwear’s Custom Options

Neck gaiters are great for customization as they are large enough to print your logo/design on. Make our neck gaiter your own with re-labeling, private label, screen printing, and embroidery. Contact us today to get a quote on your custom order!