To those of you who are looking for a wholesale sportswear supplier, before choosing anyone, you must have the following 10 things to consider. Wholesale sportswear suppliers or manufacturers are easy to be found, but how to choose from them, you must have a headache. No worry after reading this post, it gives you full guidance on wholesaling customized sportswear from reliable suppliers.

Ten Factors to Consider in Wholesale Sportswear

1. Wholesale Which types of Sportswear?

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Sportswear has a large catalog, the cycling clothing, running apparel, sports team uniforms, yoga wear, swimmer wear, fishing and rowing tracksuits, fitness apparel, athletic gym clothes, and activewear, all can be called sportswear. So what’s your chosen type to start your own sportswear business? The latest research shows that now the fitness apparel, yoga wear, and fashion activewear are the dominant types in sportswear wholesaling. If you are one of the sportswear startups, I will recommend you start with one of those styles.

On the other side, for you already have some sportswear to sell but want to expand your catalog, you should look for a full range wholesale sportswear supplier, not every site on the internet can do that, you should carefully check their services on the homepage and confirm what you want they can offer as well. Because lacking experience in manufacturing high-performance sportswear, many suppliers can’t offer you diving suits, tights, ski suits, racing suits, and jockeys.

In order to find more professional sportswear suppliers like Berunwear, you need to search more on the Internet or just google “wholesale X sportswear supplier”. 

2. The Cost of Your Sportswear Wholesale?

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You must have your own budget in wholesaling sports activewear. No matter it’s big or small, according to your budget, you can choose different sportswear supplier or manufacturer. Every sportswear manufacturing company has its own method of pricing its products. For this reason, all sports wears are different in price. Some widely known brands are quite expensive like while others are relatively cheap. To avoid mistakenly choosing too costly or too cheap sports clothing, it’s important for you to ask for a price list from the sportswear supplier. 

Generally speaking, running apparel is much cheaper, cycling clothing and sports team uniforms are more expensive, yoga wear and active sportswear are in the middle of them, other specialist athletic wears are the most expensive types.

3. Do You Require Customization Or Not?

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Most sportswear business owners are requiring customizing service from suppliers or manufacturers. So they can get their own unique active sportswear, it’s better to build their brand and be the different one in the market to motivate sales. So if you want to have personalized sportswear as well, you should find a customized sportswear supplier.

What does Customization include? You can custom-made the fabric, the color, the size, the stitching, the printing, and any detail on the sports activewear. So they can be much suitable for your market’s need. And you can sell the most stylish ones with the perfect design from an experienced sportswear manufacturer like Berunwear.

4. The Quality of Your Sportswear?

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In fact, the quality is depended on your budget, if you have enough budget, you can tell the sportswear supplier to offer you the high-quality fabrics to make the premium quality sportswear, always keep this in mind, the more you pay, the better you get.

On another side, if you find the direct and original sports clothing factories such as the Berunwear company, they can send you quality sportswear in bulk too with not that expensive price. Because these sites, always have been in the sportswear business for over 10 years, have self-own factory to produce sportswear, work with a great supply chain to get lower-cost fabrics and other clothing materials. Your overall sportswear wholesale cost can be reduced by them in many ways, from sourcing, manufacturing to shipping.

5. What’s your wholesale MOQ?

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MOQ is the minimum order quantity, every sportswear wholesale supplier has a MOQ for bulk order with discounted prices. Most of them are starting from 100 pieces, especially to the famous sportswear manufacturers, they will require from 500 or 1000 pieces. Plus, with the different types of sportswear, the MOQ can be different as well. 

If you are looking for a small MOQ wholesale sportswear supplier, our site can be one option. Because we have a private own factory with never stopping product line, we can accept any MOQ you want. Don’t believe it, give us a try here.

6. Looking for A Manufacturer with clothing factory?

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The Latest machinery, multiple production lines, efficient staff, and the cooperation from different departments are the reflection of a sportswear wholesale supplier’s powerful manufacturing. To those strong sportswear manufacturers, they can finish your order in 1 to 3 days, the turnaround time will be very short, you can get a fast response from them during designing, manufacturing, and shipping. Which is the wholesale sportswear supplier with powerful manufacturing ability, is one of them.

Why? check the page here.

7. Any Certifications Wholesale Suppliers Need?

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Yes, if you can find a supplier that can show you many certifications on their sportswear or their company, it’s more likely the sportswear supplier can be trusted. At least, they are more professional than those ones do not have any certifications. Here introduce you some worldwide clothing certifications.

  • BSCI Certification
  • WRAP Certification
  • OEKO-TEX Certification
  • SEDEX Certification
  • ISO 9001 Certification

8. Support Sportswear Private Label Manufacture?

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You can not only wholesale customized sportswear, but also get custom-made labels or tags from the activewear private label manufacturers. What’s the private label using for? It’s to build your brand, add additional value to your sportswear, make your clothing more outstanding among competitors. If you plan to establish your own sportswear brand, you can’t miss this service. Many online sportswear suppliers or manufacturers can offer private label manufacturing as well, including us,

9. Customize Packaging of Active Sportswear?

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Sports clothing packaging is another thing, very few suppliers or manufacturers can offer this service. With customizing packaging service, you can require print your company’s logo or brand to the boxes or poly-bags. The best way to simplify and rationalize your activewear packaging design process is to work with an experienced team of graphic designers. At, we’ll help you custom the best packaging for your parcels and will make sure they work with the rest of your branded materials unimpeachably. 

10. Can You Wholesale Sportswear from Overseas Suppliers?

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Choose domestic wholesale sportswear supplier or overseas ones? what is their delivery time difference? Can the overseas sportswear manufacturers ship to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other countries? You may have these questions. 

After my research in this post, you will know how to choose from domestic activewear suppliers and overseas ones. If you require a rush order and without many requirements on customization and can accept a little higher price, choose the local wholesale sportswear supplier, otherwise, the overseas activewear manufacturers like is the better option. Of course, the overseas sports clothing companies can send worldwide with the International shipping agencies, such as the DHL, UPS, and FedEx. The delivery time should within 5 to 7 business days.


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The above is my list as your must to know wholesale sportswear tips, if you still have any other question, welcome to ask me here, contact us at [email protected], we are glad to offer you any help. Select a reliable sportswear wholesale supplier isn’t easy, but follow my tips here, I believe you can make a good decision. Good luck and best wishes for your sportswear business!!!