Here list you the top 7 sportswear wholesale suppliers for drop shipping, if you are seeking wholesale sportswear drop shippers on the Internet, just find them in this article. However, is dropshipping really good for your sportswear business, and compare with sportswear self-warehousing, which is better? Here is the answer too!

What are Dropshipping and Dropshippers?

what is drop shipping

Dropshipping is a popular model for online sellers. In the dropshipping model, the seller sources, markets, and sells products that are then supplied, packed, and shipped by a dropshipping supplier, like Aliexpress or DHgate. So the online store owners don’t have to keep the products they sell. They just purchase the products from a third party and let the third-party handle the following things for the customer. That’s to say, dropshippers are the middlemen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sportswear dropshipping?

Lower set-up cost is the biggest advantage of dropshipping, however, the lower profit margin is the biggest disadvantage too. The less money you put in, the less money you get from. And there are also other pros and cons to check in the below table.

Pros Cons
Sportswear Dropshipping 1. Less capital is required

2. Easy to get started

3. Low overhead

4. Flexible location

5. Wide selection of clothing to sell

6. Easier to test

7. Easier to scale

1. Low margins

2. Inventory issues

3. Shipping complexities

4. Supplier errors

5. Limited customization and branding

Top 7 Wholesale Sportswear Dropshippers in 2021

top 7 sportswear wholesale dropshippers

The most popular to use sportswear dropshipping companies are these 7 websites. AliExpress, DHgate, and Bangood are the Chinese drop shippers, the last 4 sites are the online platforms for dropshipping service, used to connects the retailers and dropshippers/wholesale suppliers.

1. AliExpress(Free Sign Up)