Every year, the fashion trend is different. It is the same for workout clothes. For Shopify retail store owners, it is very important to find a workout clothes manufacturer that suits them. Experienced wholesale manufacturers specialize in new fabrics, When craftsmanship or new trends change, they can quickly learn about them, and quickly produce them to brand owners, so that brand owners can better expand sales. Only with this kind of cooperation can brand owners occupy faster Sell ​​the market and maintain their retail customers.

2021 The most popular workout clothing: Seamless gym leggings


One of the primary benefits of wearing seamless activewear is that this workout gear is some of the most long-lasting, durable stuff available on the market today. It doesn’t use any seams or stitching, which means your body won’t pull and tug at the threads that hold everything together because there aren’t any.

Flexible and adaptable

Seamless leggings don’t have any visible stitching and the result is a flexible, adaptable piece of clothing that isn’t like anything else out there. This means that it is perfect for running, aerobics, yoga, and other cardio workout routines. It also tends to be very flattering on most body types.


A pair of leggings sans stitches will limit the amount of chafing your experience when you wear the garment. Eliminate the problem pretty much entirely with seamless activewear that doesn’t irritate your skin through friction.


What makes workout gear ideal is if so comfortable that is you forget you’re wearing gym clothes. Seamless activewear is lightweight and comfortable. This gives sports enthusiasts maximum movement range and flexibility.

Other trendy workout leggings for different people

Versatile Pant

With a rise that sits just above the hip, a versatile pant made of stretchy material is a classic, work wardrobe staple. The pants also win points for size and fit inclusivity. Unlike activewear leggings, this pair has a bit of structure, made from a blend of rayon and spandex. And though they look sleek for the office, they’re still comfortable and flexible.

Plus-Sized Leggings

For plus-size women, finding flattering yet comfortable leggings can be a challenge. There’s a list of choices you can browse from, making these leggings appealing to short and tall women alike. Made from a rare combination of Pima Cotton, Modal, and spandex, the leggings have an exceptionally soft feeling and won’t pile easily.

Seamed Black Legging

Many petite women may often find leggings too long for their stature. However, manufacturers have designed a great pair of pants to wear at the office or even while working from home. While some leggings run the risk of looking too sheer, these pants’ rich black color fabric is made from a blend of viscose, nylon, and spandex that’s perfectly opaque. One great detail in the design of these pants is the seam, which runs from the waist to the hem.

High Waisted Leggings

Made with a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex, these high-waisted leggings easily fit into any budget without skipping out on fabric opacity. Available from sizes small to 1X, they feature a high waist that’s truly flattering for most women. Best for less formal office settings, these leggings are a versatile staple that can be worn with most business casual tops

Recommended private label workout clothing for Spain/France/Germany

Private label fitness leggings is a fashion business that has emerged in recent years. If you want to create your own brand, keep up with fashion trends, and find a matching manufacturer, it’s not easy, right?

Yes, if you create a brand, the ultimate goal is to sell to your customers, and increase their stickiness, in order to have a better repurchase, and advertise the brand definition. We Berunwear Sportswear, the local manufacturer of workout clothes based in Europe, not only can be customized according to the design you provide, and we will collect various popular elements to design new styles for you to choose from, or we design fitness clothes according to your style for you to choose.

Maybe you will have concerns about whether the styles we designed will meet your requirements. Don’t worry, we have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Our design team has 10 years of design experience. Every year we collect all kinds of trend elements, from style to fabric, we can follow the trend. Our designers will design professional private brand sportswear series according to the style you define and according to the characteristics of fitness clothes, so as to attract fitness enthusiasts.

A vast catalog of private label clothing collection for workout wear

In the world of private-label fashion, catalogs need to have a lot of variety in order to get noticed. Berunwear Sportswear Manufacturer has a wide variety of leggings, t-shirts, shorts, gym bags, compression wear, fitness caps, pants, hoodies, and so much more.

Our private label fitness clothing units are all set to make your collection different from the rest of the competition. We have our own set of designers who work day and night to make sure that your products look and feel unique. They derive their inspiration from the runways of Milan, Paris, New York, and London and try to implement all of it in our collection. When you bulk order a private label collection, you get all of these things mashed into perfect balance and that is what makes us the best private label fitness apparel manufacturer!

Choose a private label clothing manufacturer for startups

In one word, the reason is: Without a good brand effect, any work is wasted. This means that the market does not recognize your brand. The success of private label fitness clothing also depends on this. We will manufacture high-quality fitness clothing to ensure that your customers get what they expect.

We can not only cooperate with you in terms of quality, but also in terms of fashion design. The popular elements are different every year. Without a keen eye, it will be difficult to understand why private label brands always require fitness clothing manufacturers to provide fabric options. We can more easily cooperate with you from the perspective of your customers.

Why choose us Berunwear Sportswear factory?

  1. We will negotiate with you first, make samples first, and then produce. And after all the details are confirmed, samples will be manufactured.
  2. We start producing after confirming all the details, and we will often use photos, videos, or online videos to let you know about the production process of fitness clothes.
  3. We have a very professional sales team, which works almost around the clock to complete your orders faster.
  4. We provide all the accessories of fitness clothes, such as private labels, cards, fabric, colors, patterns, etc., which can be customized according to your requirements.
  5. We provide OEM&ODM services, and we will launch new products every quarter for brands to choose from.
  6. Our minimum order quantity is 200 pieces, and if you have a series of orders, maybe the quantity can be less. If you want more details, please contact us, we will give you a satisfied solution according to your actual situation