If you are looking for places or sites to wholesale cheap workout clothes, here is the answer. To you do workout clothing business in USA, Canada, Brazil, and Colombia, in the following, I will teach you how to find reliable manufacturers, share with you the wholesaling workout clothes tips and show you the latest trendy workout styles!

How and Where to Find Cheap Workout Clothes Wholesalers?

To buy cheap workout clothes in bulk, then your home country wholesale suppliers should not be a choice if you are living in the United States or Canada. Their labor fees, material fees, and other fees all are much higher than the original clothing manufacturers from China. Textiles, clothing, and anything that needs to be handmade are ideal candidates for importing from China.

So to wholesale cheap workout clothes, you should directly find overseas Chinese clothing manufacturers. Then, on the Internet, where to find them? You have 3 free sources to use.

  • Google.com
  • Alibaba.com
  • GlobalSources.com

Both Alibaba and Global Sources vet all of their suppliers and provide you with useful information so you can quickly evaluate each vendor. In addition, with a click of a button, you can easily contact a Chinese supplier directly and ask for quotes, minimum order quantities, and lead times. In general, both Alibaba and Global Sources allow you to quickly access thousands of vendors without having to travel to Asia.

As for the search engine Google.com, there is no need to say more, input keywords such as “Chinese workout clothes suppliers” or “wholesale workout clothes from China”, you will see a list of clothing factory websites. If you are choosing from them, remember to view more pages of the search results, not only the first 1 but also the first 3 to 5 pages, most high-quality clothing manufacturer sites don’t have a good Google rank, because they are factories not familiar with SEO.

Is Wholesaling From Overseas Chinese Suppliers Worth It? 

Despite the hassles of importing from China, it is definitely worth it. The prices are unbeatable and the upfront investment pays for itself in the long run. Once you’ve established a good relationship with your supplier, the process becomes much smoother. You will be able to competitively price your products.

You will be able to outprice the larger chains and you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. Once you have confidence in your manufacturers, you can design your own custom products and that is where the big money starts to kick in. If you can fabricate your own designs or make small improvements to existing ones, you have the potential to sell completely unique goods that no other store can offer.

Another way to find cheap workout clothing wholesale suppliers-Attending tradeshows in China

While finding and contacting vendors via Alibaba and Global Sources is fairly straightforward, it is a very slow and cumbersome process. So do you want to contact and see sample products for thousands of Chinese vendors all at once in a single location? See and touch all of the merchandise without having to wait several weeks? If yes, attend a major trade show like the Canton Fair or the Global Sources Expo.

There are so many different vendors congregate at these fairs and bring their merchandise with them, you can easily cover hundreds of vendors in the span of just a few days. No back and forth or delay in communication. No samples made and sent overseas. Everything is right there at your fingertips.

If you only want to find the cheap workout wear wholesale distributors in your countries, there are methods as well. For example, to American workout clothing business owners or retailers, you can visit the Wholesale Fashion Square, LA Show Room, ReferenceUSA, ThomasNet.com, or Makers Row websites to find the made-in USA suppliers.

Tips on Wholesaling Workout Clothing From Chinese Clothing Manufacturers

1. Choose the Manufacturer or Wholesale Supplier supports the Lowest MOQ

MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity, you will come across many workout clothing suppliers that require a MOQ, some have a small one, some have a very huge one, if you only need a small batch and want to lower your cost, then you would better choose a company or factory supports the lowest. But be aware of those who do not require a MOQ or have a very small requirement say 10 pieces or so, they can’t be trusted. 

The reasonable low MOQ is around 100 pieces. 

2. Get Workout Clothes Samples to Test The Manufacturer’s Quality

If you prepare to choose a wholesale supplier, then you must get clothes samples from them and verify their quality. This is a very important thing. Basically, all workout clothing manufacturers are supporting samples, some even can offer for free.

3. There Are Hidden Fees When You Wholesale Workout Clothing from China

Chinese clothing manufacturers are much cheaper than the overseas ones, but when it comes to importing workout clothes from China, there are very factors that can influence the final fees, they are

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Tax/Import duties
  • Shipping costs

So be aware of them and let the manufacturer tell you directly how much you will spend in total considering all of these factors

4. Ask The Lead Time and Shipping Time of Your Wholesale Order

Order from a large clothing manufacturer with a self-own factory, you can enjoy a short turnaround time of your bulk workout clothes order. So directly choose a clothing factory to order not a middleman in China. And if you buy a small batch of apparel, remember to let your wholesale supplier ship via the express carrier by air, not by sea, so you can get the cheap workout wear in around 1 week, even though you are living in the USA, Canada, Brazil or Colombia.

2021 Latest Trendy Workout Wear Styles

1. Top Selling Workout Clothing-Sportswear Running Fitness Apparel Activewear Sets

2. Top Selling Workout Clothing-Fashionable Mesh Splicing Printed Yoga Sports Active Wear Two Pieces Set

3. Top Trendy Workout Clothing-Fashionable Women Tank Top Quickly Dry Outdoor Sleeveless Sports Jersey

4. Top Trendy Workout Clothing-HOT High-Quality Running Blouse Sports Long Sleeve Hoodies

5. Top Trendy Workout Clothing-Men’s Private Label Gym Clothing Workout Sporty Jacket

6. Top Selling Workout Clothing-Men’s Fashion Athletic Apparel Training Shorts Tights Sweat Pants


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