Comfortable Workout wear ensures the longevity and efficiency of your sweat sessions. If a style is added, the clothing crosses the borders of health clubs and becomes a part of your trendy wardrobe. Your fitness wear inspires you to keep yourself fit and motivated for more workout sessions.

wholesale gym leggings in Australia

Want Quality Material with Style?

Your gym wear decides whether you shed off your workout pressure through comfortability or stay stressed with unreliable material. Furthermore, the fitness fanatics demand style in active wear so that it becomes adaptable in lounging as well. Healthy routine and fashionability go side by side when your Gym Leggings cater to your casual wear. Visit Berunwear to get the trendiest collection.

We keep your needs in mind when manufacturing this garment for you. Whether you are working out or indoors, our rip-free, seamless leggings will ensure your comfort. The breathable fabric will wick your sweat and let you feel damp-free for a longer period. We bring in-demand clothing that will satisfy your workout requisites as well as aesthetic sense. Have a look at our most promising edition of leggings.

Broad & Narrow Striped Leggings

The trendy high-waisted striped leggings will motivate you for longer sweat sessions while keeping you in fit attire. You can enjoy pairing up this garment with your formal tops as well. The garment will make you feel at ease with its compression quality even if you have some bruised area.

Custom Printed Gym Leggings

The assertive garment with bold prints and prolific designs may prove as an addition to your wardrobe while serving as a comfortable partner in your exercise sessions. Our customization and sublimation techniques will make this garment your style statement.

Funky Colored Leggings

We soothe your cravings for vibrant colors in your Gym wear if you are a color fanatic. Our riot-printed leggings will bestow you a funky and sporty look. The availability of a wide range of colors and prints will satisfy your urge for colored patterns.

Why wholesale leggings from Berunwear in Australia? 

wholesale leggings in Australia

Berunwear invigorates fashion with comfort. We care about your stylish healthy routine. Our trustworthy name gives you confidence with reliable sportswear. You can move freely with our comfortable clothing. 

From shape to material, our cotton-blend gym leggings make your body feel less sulking-in. The material absorbs your moisture and allows your body to breathe freely. It keeps you cool during your persistent workout sessions. Your lounge life gets stylish with our trendy printed or plain leggings. We promise to keep you fit and shaped.

Our Nylon Gym leggings give you a silky touch and wick your sweat during the loaded exercise routine. Its water-resistant quality lets your sweat evaporate from the surface. You feel comfortable and damp-free with our flexible leggings during your workout.

Our spandex leggings are very popular for extra-stretch quality. Plus-size people feel more comfortable with it. You feel yourself at ease while working out with different equipment and positions without having shapeless and loose clothing.

Custom Gym/Workout leggings by Us to Make It Trendy!

Berunwear is a prominent manufacturer and wholesale supplier of custom gym wear. We are honored by our retailers and customers for our advanced customization techniques and service. We offer custom logos, names, embroidery, patchwork, and fully customized sportswear. Our ace workmanship materializes your ideal designs through creativity that satisfies your aesthetic appeal.

We are putting in our expertise in the manufacturing and customization of gym leggings to make it the perfect edition you are looking for. The persistence of sports activities depends upon the right choice of clothing. The sustainability of your active wear marks the productive sessions. So, it is significant to keep a quality check on the fabric of your sportswear. 

Select the Right Material for Your Leggings

If you are in search of comfortable, soothing fitness wear for light workout sessions and lounging, go for our bamboo-pulp fabric in the summers. This fabric is light, breathable, and anti-static. Moreover, it is moisture-wicking and provides a protective shield against UV rays when you are jogging or working outdoors. The absorption quality keeps you cool and ventilated.

When you prefer stretchy wear for heavy sweat sessions, we present our Nylon-based leggings with an appropriate portion of elastane. Its quick-drying quality lets your sweat evaporate from the surface and gives you a silk-like feeling with comfortability. Another feature is water resistance that lets you feel damp-free. 

We also bring polypropylene inners to support your workout sessions during chilly winters. Our Polypropylene leggings will not only wick your sweat but also dry quickly to protect you from cold.

5 Reasons to Buy Bulk Leggings from Berunwear

Seamless Stitching

We stitch our leggings with 14 stitches per inch in a seamless manner. It prevents any cracking during your loaded sessions. Its double-knit texture adds to its longevity.

Reliable Material

Gym wear undergoes washing time and again. Our quality material ensures the longer life of legging without chaffing. Moreover, comfortability comes along not-see-through attribute that makes our leggings everyone’s’ favorite.


We use recycled nylon and polypropylene with a set amount of elastane to give strength and comfortable stretch to our leggings.


From minimalist patterns to bold prolific designs, Berunwear always presents fashionable gym wear with hi-shine trends. 

Be Different

We bring the seamless and consolidated textured gym leggings for quality-conscious fashionistas. Be different among your workout mates with our ruched leggings.

Order Gym/Workout Leggings from Berunwear for Bulk Supply

You have many reasons (as mentioned earlier) to rely on Berunwear for your bulk orders. Whether you are promoting your retailing business or want to shine with your private brand, our grand infrastructure can support you through uninterrupted supply anywhere in Australia. Our creative designs and customization service will make you feel free in selecting our brand as custom gym wear manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. Visit our website for further inquiry.

FAQs for Wholesale Leggings in Australia

Q1. Categorize your services that I can avail.

Ans. We offer finished Products services for retailers or those who order us to add their logos at ready-to-ship garments. We keep updating our edition according to the latest trends.

Customized Clothing Service for the private brands who want complete customization of the garments from the scratch.

Q2. Can you deliver a sample?

Ans. Yes, We can. The unit price for the samples varies from product to product.

Q3. Do you deal with multinational brands?

Ans. Yes, we feel pride to outsource a number of multinational brands. Our customization techniques outshine us for wholesale supply.

Q4. What kind of material do you use for clothing?

Ans. We use a bamboo-based, cotton blend, spandex, polyester, and polypropylene material for clothing. Our material is guaranteed breathable, moisture-wicking, and sustainable.