Your customised face masks are a great way to promote your brand. We print high quality logos with vulcanised rubber to withstand multiple washes. You can use them as a smart way to help keep employees safe or sell them on your online store as a brilliant way to promote your business to customers. You can chose your own colour for the masks. These face coverings are priced as low as they can be at Berunwear the custom face masks manufacturer, to get you a really good value quality fabric mask. Therefore, let’s read on the blog below to know more about how to order the custom printed face masks for wholesale.

What is a custom logo face mask?

A custom logo face mask is a protective shield designed from cotton cloth. The face mask is either layered or non-layered and comes with a filter that keeps you protected from viruses, dust, pollution, and common infections. You can completely customize these masks with your business logo or artwork and distribute it to your staff, prospects, and even customers. Some of these face masks have anti-microbial polyester with elastic straps for comfort and protection.

Why Personalise a Face Mask?

Over the last few years, people have been using face masks while travelling on public buses, railways, and public spaces but due to the virus spreading around the world, face masks have become popular than ever. These days, businesses hand out face masks with their logo and message for promotions since masks are a necessity and that you have to wear them at all costs while travelling outside, you can make the logo a little prominent so that others can see and know about your brand. When your staff and workers wear your customized face masks, they are not just protecting themselves, but are also promoting the place they work for. This visible marketing strategy works like a charm and creates a lot of impression among the locals.

When you are creating customized face masks for giveaways and promotions, you can choose branded face masks from our store and keep the logo small so that your prospects and customers feel that they are wearing a branded face mask and would be happy to use them for a long time.

What Types of Face Masks Are Available?

As you may know, the demand for antibacterial masks is still high in the countries around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of one-time-use medical face mask. Moreover, there are too many kinds of antibacterial cloth face mask out there which we do not know whether they are good or not. At Berunwear, there are three main types of face masks and coverings your business may need:

Non-surgical Face Masks

These non-surgical face masks help you to offer reusable, daily protection that’s cost effective for your business. Made with100% polyester, non-surgical face masks can be washed upwards of 30 times after each use, which makes trips to the grocery store, gas station, and doctor’s office a little bit easier.

Reusable Promotional Face Masks

Bulk printed face masks (or neck gaiters) offer your customers safety while providing tons of brand exposure for your business. Feature your logo on these reusable masks to get it seen again and again. Plus, reusable masks can be washed, making them both convenient and reliable for future uses.

Tip: For the best protection, look for reusable face masks made with special antimicrobial material.

Disposable Face Masks

When customers want to shop, but they’ve forgotten their face mask, provide them with a disposable mask they can use in-store. An extra supply of bulk disposable face masks will ensure you never have to turn away customers.

Berunwear Custom Printed Face Masks Style

Since the face masks have been mandated by the government, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the boring variants. Be stylish whilst protecting yourself from the harmful virus. Retail business owners who wish to include such masks in their store can contact one of the best sublimated mask manufacturer Berunwear, below we show 4 most popular mask styles nowadays and much more available just contact us to discover discover the potential face masks hot sales styles!

Classic geometric patterned sublimated mask

This mask is perfect for those instances when you have to tone down your style for the workplace. A classic neutral variant, this mask is perfect for the conservative formal environments. The best part is you can style this mask with other stylish apparel pieces as well.

Muted Camo print sublimated mask

The muted camo print sublimated mask is perfect for people who are outdoorsy and have a penchant for the earthy tones. The unique muted shades are perfect for styling with your hiking, running outfits that will lend a cool vibe to the outfit.

Pastel Zebra sublimated mask

Do you like quirky unconventional prints? Then why don’t you incorporate it in your face masks as well. The pastel zebra sublimated mask is a great alternative to the boring masks that you can wear with your everyday outfits. The baby blue color will definitely complement the aesthetic of the season!

Hollywood star black sublimated mask

Who loves the OOT style? If you love to flaunt the glam style then the Hollywood star black sublimated mask is great for accentuating your style. The instagram worthy print adds a cool style to the black mask. Be it with a casual clothing or something maximalist, you can always pull off the Hollywood star look with panache!

Note: you can also send us your photo for custom print on the mask!


​You can chose your own packaging by sending us your design to be printed on a 4×4 card which is included with the mask in the individual packet. We can design for you as well for a small fee. Customised packaging makes the mask easy to sell by targeting your customers and marketing your brand on packaging. All packaging comes with upc code making it easy to sell. ​Our face masks are cost-effective and ready to use even without a filter as they can be washed and reused daily. Colours and patterns may vary. 


For fast orders processing, simply email us at [email protected], including your contact details, delivery address and number of masks required.
From only $0.1 each – NO VAT( Wholesale Discount available for more than 1000 masks per order)