BerunWear sportswear Manufacturer offers the best when it comes to basketball uniforms/jerseys.


We have our own basketball uniform designer group on board to help you build your dream custom basketball uniforms.

We specialize in producing high-quality basketball uniforms, jerseys, and apparel for our business. Our custom basketball uniforms are made to your specifications and are ideally suited to fit your team’s brand image in the most common basketball uniform styles in Japan. Simply choose from one of our basketball designs and provide us with your team’s colors, logos, and name. You may also apply your basketball uniform design to us via the internet for no additional charge.


  • Our basketball uniform designers will provide you with a free design consultation.
  • Choose from one of the styles listed below.
  • The best-sublimated basketball jerseys.
  • You can use as many design features, logos, and colors as you like.
  • The names and numbers of the players are included in the price.
  • Processing period of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • There are no additional fees or charges.
  • We have our own clothing design department, so you can create the exact uniform you want.
  • Submit your own template or send examples of what you’re looking for in terms of a basketball uniform.
  • Numbers, titles, and logos that won’t peel, break, fade, or wash away
  • High-quality basketball jerseys that are custom-made to your specifications.
  • Super durable – much more so than traditional basketball jerseys.
  • Feels and looks amazing when worn with common styles.


In Japan, custom basketball jerseys are the most recent trends that characterize today’s generation. The market research team at BERUNWEAR is constantly on the lookout for new market trends, which we intend to spread through our sports apparel manufacturing.

Be confident in the standard of your basketball uniforms when you work with BerunWear. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with our goods. With BerunWear’ skilled touch, you can express your unique personality:

As basketball skills are special to every person, we emphasize the customization of your basketball jerseys. To make you stand out in the crowd of your basketball fellow friends, we have a talented cluster of jersey customizers.

We have developed ourselves as Japan’s leading custom basketball jersey manufacturer over the years.

Features of our custom basketball jerseys: Our reputation as Japan’s leading custom basketball jersey supplier stems from each of our employees’ tireless efforts. BerunWear’s products offer a cozy feeling for those who enjoy BerunWear’s products by offering 100 percent quality intact fabric and the maximum comfort level. We guarantee the long-term viability of our entire product line.


Do you require a new line of affordable custom basketball jerseys for the coming season? Are you sick of wearing the same old ten-year-old jerseys? Do you want to make a statement on the court? BerunWear gives you the best chance to do all of this while still allowing you to design your own outrageous jerseys. BerunWear is an undeniably successful custom basketball jersey manufacturer in Japan, and it prides itself on providing unrivaled service.

Our advantages over other Japanese Sportswear Manufacturers include the following:

  • Custom merch that represents the team’s spirit
  • There are several different designs, colors, and types to choose from.
  • Extra-soft fabric that is custom-tailored to your specifications
  • It reflects your personal style. the proportion
  • Fit-knit fabric is a long-lasting alternative.

Other Advantages we can boost of are,

Safe Shopping

  • Security

To secure your credit card and personal details, we use cutting-edge encryption technology. Stable Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is required for placing your order(s). SSL technology, which is the industry-standard system for securing Web communications, is used to encrypt data with digital certificates. For a TCP/IP link, the SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication. Since SSL is integrated into all major browsers and Web servers, all you have to do is install a digital certificate to enable it.

  • Safe Shopping Assurance

Every online transaction you make will be completely safe. Your bank cannot hold you responsible for more than $50 in fraudulent charges under the Equal Credit Billing Act. If your credit card is used without your permission, you must inform your credit card issuer according to its reporting rules and procedures. BerunWear is the place to go in Japan if you want to purchase custom basketball jerseys.


BerunWear specializes in digital sublimation printing customized sportswear and leisure wears, such as cycling wear, soccer uniforms, basketball uniforms, NHL, fishing wear, T-shirts, board shorts, and so on. Besides, we offer sublimation printing on fabrics as a service.

Here Are Some FAQs

Q: How can we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality goods?

A: First and foremost, we use EPSON printers and ink from Japan, as well as a Montiantonio transfer printer from Italy. Second, we have a complete quality control system, which includes design, printing, cutting, stitching, and packaging. Finally, we have a competent after-sales team to address any issues that might arise.

Q: Do you sell custom-made clothing for various designs?

A: Indeed, we have a professional design team who can create a mock-up based on your specifications. There are no restrictions on the types of designs or colors that can be used.

Q: What are the orders’ minimum quantities?

A: For variable orders, we consider any quantity, even one piece.

Q: How quickly can you turn around each production or sample?

A: Usually, sampling takes 7-10 days, and bulk processing takes 20-25 days. Urgent orders are also possible.

Q: What services can you provide to clients who are new to the custom-made industry?

A: We can include a standard size graphic, as well as hot-selling designs, and current market trends.

Q: How do I make a special order?

A: There are three possible ways to go about this:

ANY OF OVER A HUNDRED OF OUR Initial UNIFORM DESIGNS CAN BE Updated. Create your own color scheme, logos, team name, and preferred fonts and lettering layout on our DRAFT BOARD by selecting a particular team sport, selecting a uniform template you like, and then adding your own color scheme, logos, team name, and preferred fonts and lettering layout.

You are the one that creates the look you want! It’s also possible to order and pay for it online.

EMAIL us to let us know what design you want.

REPLACE AND REINVENT. Find a uniform you like and our design team will recreate it with your team and player information.

Q: Do you have any additional information about ordering custom uniforms for a team?

A: Our loyal customers have learned to order extra uniform sets beyond their actual requirements.

This is a good backup strategy for new players or if you plan to wear the same uniforms for a few years.

Q: Is it possible for me to request a sample of one of your products?

A: We make every effort to upload and update actual product images. Please call to ask about product sample availability if you need samples to present to a league or an approving body.

Q: Is it possible to get a sample of my actual order?

A: For medium to large orders, we always make a Production Sample first and then give you a digital image for approval. If you need a physical product, please provide additional time for the processing and delivery of your entire order.

Q: What is the most important detail I need to finish an order?

A: Having your team name, player names, player numbers (optional), weights, and any other special requests (longer inseams, etc.) ready to go will speed up the ordering process.

Q: What types of files are you able to accept?

A: For picture submissions, we accept jpg, BMP, pdf, PSD, gif, and tiff formats.

Q: What does it mean to be “professional quality,” and how does it vary from other uniforms?

A: Professional Quality applies to uniforms that are on par with those worn by college and semi-pro leagues. For style and durability, the fabrics used are of higher quality, the designs are more precise, and the lettering is meticulously sewn on.

Q: How are Berunwear items, even if they are “professional standard,” affordable?

A: We can do so in part because we own our own factory and have established close relationships with business partners and high-quality material suppliers. We take no shortcuts, track our prices, and pass those savings on to our customers because we have full control over overproduction.

Q: Should I have my letters sewn on or printed?

A: You’ll get a better-looking result either way. Because of the professional appearance, most athletes prefer “sewn on.” Printing allows for more complex designs and is preferable for reversible jerseys due to the lighter end product.

Q: What types of fabrics are available to me?

A: Most people choose dazzle or NBA mesh (high-quality cloth with air-holes) for basketball and football, while others combine the two. Shiny is commonly used for football because it is less susceptible to “runs” and tears, or double dazzle shoulders with a mix of thick mesh. Cotton is a popular choice for baseball. Dazzle, heavy Mesh, and Shiny are the best choices for other sports. Semi-cool fabric options for practice jerseys are recommended.


Q: What is the best way for me to pay for my purchase?

A: You can pay with a check or money order, a school purchase order, a bank cable, or by faxing a credit card.

Q: How long do you take to make a payment?

A: Payment must be made directly after you accept the Purchase Order with the final design and requirements to process all orders. You can call us to offer a partial payment agreement to start production on large orders ($3000 or more).

Q: What other options do we have for getting discounts?

A: Ordering in large quantities will save you a lot of money (up to 30 percent ). We also provide discounted rates to teams who add us to their league, such as referring us to other teams or the league administration to discuss sponsorship opportunities. It’s also possible to save money by ordering ahead of time (6-8 weeks).

Q: Can you tell me about your return policy?

A: We do not allow returns or give refunds on these uniforms because they are custom-made. If a defect is found, however, we will replace the uniform at no cost to you.

Within three days of receiving your shipment, you must notify us of the defect. Verification can necessitate the use of photographs.


BerunWear is a manufacturing company with vast knowledge in the production of custom basketball uniforms and years of experience in the industry. We are always available every day and we will be open to you 24/7. You can contact us to communicate your mind with us on any order you want to place with us via the following means:

  • Contact Person Name: Cindy Sue
  • Address: Room 1801, Unit2, 6# Buliding, Guanggu No.8, Optics Valley Ave, East Lake High- tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430074 China
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

You can also get in touch with us on our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and so on.