Protect your face and workforce from the wind, dust and sun while adhering to the COVID-19 CDC guidelines for Coronavirus personal protection. You need our customized neck gaiters which are a comfortable, antimicrobial face mask alternative—so you don’t have to worry about awkward ear straps or masks that slide down under your nose. So are you looking for 100% American Made Neck Gaiters? You don’t have to! Let’s tell you why below:

What’s a neck gaiter/face shield?

Technically speaking, a neck gaiter is an article of clothing worn about the neck for warmth. It is a closed tube of fabric, often thick fleece, merino wool, synthetic wicking, or knit material. It can be slipped on and off over the head. And it can also be pulled up over the mouth to keep out wind and sand.” It’s simply a swath of cloth worn around your neck to protect it from wind, sun, debris.

But it can also be easily lifted over your mouth and/or nose. This helps to protect your face from dirt, debris, bugs, dust, or easy identification….

Identification? Yes, just like the traditional ski mask. The ski mask has become a symbol of nefarious activities for decades. And a neck gaiter can be used to conduct similar mayhem without easy identification. Anyways, the neck gaiter has come a long way over the years. As textiles have become more synthetic, and more breathable, neck gaiters have become more comfortable. And with the advancement in printing technologies, you can get one in a color or design that feels like “YOU”. That’s exatly custom neck gaiters!

Custom neck gaiters full of possibilities in Berunwear

Berunwear specializes in making the industry’s top of the line premium neck gaiters by using 100% American Made fabric treated with a silver and copper antimicrobial solution. Not only will our gaiters protect you from the elements, but can also become cooling gaiters when wet for ultimate relief in high heat environments. Berunwear’s fabric is 100% interlock polyester with a UPF50 sun protection rating that will not shrink when washed and dried. If you are seeking two ply protection, simply fold your gaiter in half and get maximum face coverage without ever having to take your gaiter off when it’s not needed.

How Custom Neck Gaiters Are Made:
  1. Professionally designed.
  2. Printed on quality sublimation paper.
  3. Press each blank side, creating a permanent and vibrant print.
  4. Individually packaged.

How to bulk buy custom neck gaiters in USA

You can find many websites offering custom made neck gaiters and some of them are really basd in USA while others are not. But it’s not very important. In view of the ongoing pandemic situation, the manufacturing and logistics of the United States have been greatly affected, resulting in lower productivity and transportation capacity than in previous years. If you just want one custom neck gaiter, or just a few, well, you are recommended to order in local manufacturer website. They can print individual custom neck gaiters with just some limited types of patterns on it. But if you need bulk order of quantity >1000 with low wholesale price, you’d better not choose USA based supplier, otherwise you will have to pay more money and wait for the delivery for longer time! In this condition, we recommend to bulk buy custom neck gaiters with any print you want and fast turnaround time on this website:

Whether for your company, your organization or if you just want to give them away…. Berunwear headwear gives you the ultimate in headwear protection. Need help with your design, no problem.  We have in-house designers that can take your idea from concept to reality and design a custom Berunwear with your special branding.  Already have a design, even better, just send us your graphics and let us go to work. 

Quantities start at 10 pieces and the whole process of developing your graphics and getting them print ready, to actually printing your Berunwear and getting them out the door takes as little as 2-3 business days (faster than anyone else on the planet) after design approval (although times will vary depending on qty size). Our Headwear Technology and Custom Graphics are second to none with realistic graphics, 50+ UPF protection, and fray proof edges…Compare our product, quality and graphics to anyone else on the market, we are SECOND to NONE!

Custom Neck Gaiters: Berunwear Vs. Our Competitors Made in USA

  • Lower Price & Same Quality

We promise that our wholesale pricing is the lowest in the industry, as low as to $0.5/unit, while the quality of our neck gaiters is just the same with others claiming made in the U.S., we know the life is hard this year, let’s fight together. 

  • 100% Custom

Every inch of available fabric showcases your custom design in awesome, full color. Place whatever custom graphics and logos you would like anywhere on the bandana for no extra cost.

  • Premium Print

Our custom neck gaiters are printed using dye sublimation on a stretchy polyester that is designed to be lightweight and breathable – making for a seamless fit. This printing technique is best for fabrics due to its high color reproduction and superior fade-resistance. Your bandana will still look new after multiple washes.

  • Customer Service

With over 15 years of experience designing and printing custom orders for our customers, our customer service team is knowledgeable and trained to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Need a bulk order? Need the order rushed? We are fully staffed and always ready to help.