As COVID-19 keeps threatening our health, we Berunwear Sportswear as a responsible cotton mask manufacturer and wholesaler in USA, we’ll keep sharing articles about cotton masks, disposable masks, well-being, and self-care to help you out with this horrifying situation. In this week’s blog post, we’ll inform you about top 10 best Cotton Masks manufacturer & wholesaler in North America.

Why Use Cotton Face Maks?

Cotton is the most popular material for fabric face masks because that is the best fabrics for this purpose according to Dr. Gustavo Ferrer, pulmonologist, and president of the Intensive Care Experts Health network.

Dr. Ferrer states that cotton has tiny fibers that may stop the virus particles on the way through. Thick cotton also came out on top in an unpublished story from Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

As N95 and surgical masks are scarce and should be reserved for the health care workers who fight 24/7 against Coronavirus to make everything go back to normal again, Cotton Face Masks are the best solution and choice in our battle against the virus.

Benefits of Cotton Face Masks

Cotton face masks we manufacture & wholesale all around the world comes with many benefits. Cotton face masks can be washed at temperatures between 60 degrees and 90 degrees. It allows cotton face masks to be reused multiple times so you won’t run out of masks when you need to go outside! Cotton face masks also can be used at all times.

So how often you should wash the masks? The US Center of Disease Control suggests you wash the cotton face masks after each use routinely so it stays protective.

Top 7 Best Cotton Face Masks Manufacturer

We at Berunwear Sportswear have spent a lot of time studying the market and have come up with a list of North American suppliers that look to have a reliable supply, and decent quality washable, reusable, 2 or more layer face mask.

Prices range from $1.19 to $14 each, and with customization with logos, graphics, and colors the prices climb into the $7 range for 1,000 to 10,000 face masks.

Here is our research on the Best 7 suppliers of wholesale, bulk, non-medical cotton face masks — the prices for the masks — and the basic features.

Berunwear Sportswear

We have to start with Berunwear, a maker of lifestyle yogawear for the past decade, based in the US, supporting fair trade workshops using upcycled fabrics.

Our company is now working with a few of our workshops to make a Premium, 2 layer, polyester/cotton face mask that is super economical and can be branded with your Logo and corporate colors.

Retail pricing of the masks starts at $6, with bulk orders of 1,000 blank masks at $0.5 each or masks with 4 color printed logo and individual bagging at only $2 each. Wholesale customers can order sample packs of 10 at $6.69 each and get this reimbursed with their first order of 1000.

We can have your masks customized and shipped anywhere in North America in two weeks for most orders.

  • Customization: Yes
  • Standard Colors: black, white, blue, rose and others
  • Samples on request: Yes
  • Ships from: USA, free shipping


T-shirt online customizer Custom Ink has two masks on offer that with their design tool you can jazz up anyway you like.

The Single Layer basic cotton-spandex face mask starts at $5.53 each for 1000 customized masks with that dropping to $5.16 each for more than 10,000 masks. If you want to give them a try you can buy a 12-pack without customization for $2.08 each.

The company also offers a three layer cotton mask at $7.50 each for quantities of 1000 face masks with customization, or you can buy 100 of these for $3.50 each without logo.

Pricing and design is fast and easy with their online design and pricing calculator.

  • Color: white
  • Customization: yes
  • Ships from: USA


This maker of Lacrosse gear is producing a 2-ply mask made from California grown cotton for that true made in the USA face mask covering.

This company appears geared up for wholesale orders with pricing at $6.99 per mask, $5.99 for 1,000, or half a pallet of masks (10,000) for $5.49 each.

Customized screen printing is available for orders over 5000 masks and the company says it can make 100,000 masks a day using a workforce based in LA.

  • Color: Black
  • Customization: custom screen printing on Cloth Face Mask orders of 5,000 face masks or more.
  • Ships from: Los Angeles, California


If you are looking for a decent yet basic mask the Shop Mask D has a super basic 100% cotton single layer mask with an antimicrobial coating.

The price is right at only $1.99 each, or for quantities of 600 the price drops to  only $1.49 each.

Masks from Mask D are made in Pakistan, Mexico and Central America

  • Customization: No
  • Colors : Black and White
  • Ships from: not specified


The Vistaprint 2-layer RFS mask has a removable filter and comes in both Adult and kids sizes with adjustment capabilities. The outside layer of the mask is a polyester spandex blend and the inside is 100% cotton.

Vistaprint offers the mask in numerous colors and prints but it is not clear if you can also have custom design or logos on the mask as you can with their other promotional products.

Pricing for one mask is $18, and this drops to $13.50 for 500 to 999 masks. You have to call them for quotes over 1000 masks.

  • Customization: Most likely
  • Colors: Myriad of colors and patterns
  • Ships from: No origin specified, free shipping


These basic face mask coverings are Made in the USA in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. They have single layer and dual layer masks, made of either a cotton polyester blend or cotton lycra and a nose piece for a better fit.

Eros sells them at 24 per case and the more cases you buy the better the price with the cotton/polyester blended masks starting at $1.60 each and the cotton/lycra at $5.20 each

  • Colors: Black
  • Customization: NO
  • Samples on request: NO
  • Ships from: USA


Bagz Depot is selling their 100% Airlume cotton masks in packs of 120 for $158, which works out to $1.32 each.

The company’s masks are a single ply, no sew design that the company says are lightweight at 4.2 ounces each. They look almost identical to what Eros is selling with a not so appealing nose design.

  • Colors: Black
  • Customization: No
  • Samples Sent: No
  • Ships from: California