Here’s the selection of the top 30 Neck Warmers to Wholesale, because of the COVID-19, neck warmers already becomes essentials to everyday use of course includes outdoor sports like cycling, running, and so on. Whether you sell them or give them away, neck warmer gaiters offer an outstanding marketing opportunity for retailers, teams, event promoters, and organizations of all kinds. It’s the right time to wholesale customized neck warmers now!!!

The Most Welcomed 38 Fashion Neck Warmers

sports neck warmersports neck warmer

sports neck warmersports neck warmer

neck warmers for kidsfashion neck warmers

Neck Warmers in the following 6 pictures are the most fashionable sporting neck warmers for men, women, and kids. They can be worn in multiple styles, not only as neck warmers but also as the face mask. These neck warmers are super comfortable to wear when you are Skiing, Motorcycling, Running, Biking, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Cycling, or doing any other outdoor activities.

The high-quality cotton, spandex, or polyester fabric provides premium performance for breathability, absorbency, wicking, durability, and abrasion resistance. Free Size. Very Soft. Wrinkle Free. Lightweight. Stay Warm And Dry. They support the ultimate protection from cold, wind, dust, debris, bugs, the sun’s UV rays, and other unwanted.

neck warmer winterneck warmer winter

neck warmer gaiterneck warmer gaiter

neck warmer winterwinter neck warmers

Neck Warmers in the above 6 pictures are the most recommended thick warm neck gaiters for winter. Many of them have stretch fleece fabrics featured with elasticity and texture soft, comfortability. They are multi-functional neck warmers can be worn as a scarf, a face mask, or an open balaclava, a neck gaiter. Your sports team or your staff can wear them in autumn and winter for outdoor hiking, camping, running, skiing, cycling, and other sports. One size fits most, suitable for men, women, and kids.

Thick fleece neck warmers are designed for the ultimate protection against extreme cold conditions, supports windproof, dust-proof, warm-keeping. Thermal fleece lining is comfortable to the touch, skin-friendly, keeping you warm in chilly winter. Stretching neck gaiter covers your face, mouth, and neck. Drawstring closure can be adjusted at will to fit your head, get comfortable wear.

Custom Neck Warmers in 2020 and 2021

If all the styles are still not fit you, don’t worry, you can Custom Neck Warmer Gaiters with your specific need or design. You can choose 1 layer or double layer, you can decide to use sublimation or any other printing method, you can select which fabric is the one suits your budget. Yes, that’s the reason for customizing neck warmers. You will create another hot-sale style and get a ton of profits!

Custom neck warmer gaiters always has to have a MOQ, the minimum quantity, most manufacturers or suppliers require 100 or around, that may be a huge number for you. So if you are looking for custom neck warmers with No Minimum or Very Small One, we are proud to be one of your options-Berunwear.

Our site, Berunwear, can design and make your customized neck warmers with MOQ=10. Beunwear is a perfect and experienced multi-purpose customized neck gaiter for your organization or business! We make it easy for you to put your logo on the customizing neck gaiter bandana. 

  • Minimum orders start at just 30 units and pricing can be as low as $3.00 each
  • Design is free and the sample is free for most larger orders
  • The custom face masks are made of 100% polyester microfiber or ice silk or any fabric you want and perfect for both men & women & kids
  • You can customize the face scarves with your own picture, a name, a date, your initials, a joke, your pet’s name, your kid’s name, or anything else you can think of, which is more personalized
  • The design is seamless, stretchable, and flexible. One size fits most. Machine Washable and Reusable
  • Digitally printed in full color using a dye-sublimation fabric process

custom neck warmer gaiters

Tips on Wholesale Neck Warmers Gaiters

What material are your custom neck warmers made from?

We make our personalized neck gaiters with a single layer or double layers or 3 layers of polyester-spandex, 100% cotton, or polar fleece fabrics. All of the materials are durable and breathable, wick moisture, and dry quickly.  The lightweight material such as polyester-spandex is thinner and cooler and adds an antimicrobial treatment to the surface. The thick material such as polar fleece is warmer and soft and skin-friendly. keep your face when exercising in chilly days.

What type of printing process do you use for adding designs to custom neck warmers?

We print the customized neck gaiters utilizing a dye sublimation process. We first digitally print your design in reverse on heat-transfer paper; then, we feed both the paper and the polyester fabric into a heat-transfer machine, which transfers the image from the paper directly to the neck gaiter’s fabric. This process serves to embed the design right into the fabric – so you get a durable, high-quality gaiter that can be easily cleaned. This process also ensures that your neck gaiter is washable and will not chip, peel, or crack.

Are your custom neck gaiters printed on both sides – the outer as well as the inner surface?

No, we only print the gaiter’s outer surface. The inner surface remains essentially white (the natural color of the chosen fabric).

What is the lifespan of your custom neck gaiters – and are there any durability concerns?

Because we’re using high-quality fabric in conjunction with dye-sublimation inks, our neck gaiters will last approximately 1-3 years, depending upon use. 

Are there restrictions when it comes to what I have printed on my custom neck warmers? My company logo? Sports logos, cartoon characters, superheroes?

You can, of course, print your own company logo onto your custom neck gaiter – or any image or design you have copyright/trademark permission to or have created yourself. Plus, don’t forget that we offer free design services on our custom neck warmers. However, printing any copyrighted image of a sports logo, athlete, cartoon character, superhero, etc. that you don’t have permission to use is prohibited by copyright laws – which would include Disney characters, logos from the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics characters, and all animated cartoon characters. 

Your design services are really free? How does that work?

Yes, our design services are indeed free for our custom neck gaiters (and any signage). We know that it’s easy to get frustrated creating a design that meets your needs. So here at, we’ll work with you for free on up to two mock-ups, as long as you plan to purchase the product from us that we’re helping you design. We have found that we can almost always create what you want within two mock-ups if you provide enough details on your design needs up-front.

Your custom neck warmers are not appropriate for use in medical situations, right?

Correct – our custom neck gaiters are intended only for general use while out in public. They are not medically rated.

Because of the high elasticity of the neck warmer, the one size really does fit all. It’s a super stretchy neck scarf that can easily be pulled over your head and twisted into different styles, without becoming loose. Springy in nature, it will return to its original shape after being stretched.

Your neck warmers are designed for outdoor life, and due to the beneficial properties of the premium fabric, the colors and quality of the print will not depreciate over time. Fast drying and wind resistant, your custom neck tube is the ultimate accessory for long walks, hikes, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor adventures you plan on taking.

Yes, you do! The more you buy, the more you save!

Wholesale Neck Warmers in Canada and UK

wholesale neck warmers

Neck warmer gaiters made in Canada or the UK are not there, which means the local manufacturer or factory doesn’t exist. In fact, they get neck warmer gaiters, scarves, or face masks from China or other countries. So to wholesale neck warmers in CA or in UK, choose a Chinese supplier like us Berunwear is direct and money-saving. 

We can ship worldwide, including the Canada and United Kingdom as well. You can choose the express carriers such as DHL or UPS, or you can choose slower shipments by sea. From design to shipping, the whole procedure may take 3 to 4 weeks, for rush order, if you are willing to pay more, we can complete your order in 2 weeks. 

No matter you want to wholesale neck warmer gaiters or custom your own styles for selling, just order from us Berunwear, your Best Wholesale Supplier to get cheap but high-quality customized daily use or sporting neck warmers with a low Minimum!!!