How to choose from the numerous neck gaiter masks wholesaler online? Here recommend you one, it can print your warm neck gaiters with logos or images, custom them with a small minimum, and ship the bulk face mask neck gaiters to you in 7 days. That is

custom neck gaiters

Warm Fack Mask Neck Gaiters for Winter

The warm neck gaiter face masks in Berunwear are either made of thick fleece or 100% cotton or Merino wool. They are offering warmth in the cold weather, and are breathable with Air holes or other fabric technology. The neck warmer gaiters not only keep warming on your neck, chin, and face but also help you stay away from the outsides within the horrible COVID-19. These face-covering gaiters can be used in daily life or in outdoor activities, if you are one of Sportswear eCommerce site or any organization sponsors, they are highly recommended to wholesale to attract customers.

Our warm winter neck gaiters are of high-quality fabric, can be worn by men, women, and juniors. If you want to customize or print logos, Berunwear is good at doing that too. Neck gaiters can be designed to fashionable and sports friendly, meet any need you want.

Fleece Neck Gaiter Masks

Fleece Neck Gaiter Masks: This stretchy, breathable fabric protects your face while wicking away moisture. The fleece lining retains heat. The Air holes allow you to easily breathe without letting the cold in. It gives you additional protection from elements such as cold, wind, dust, and the sun’s UV rays. The fleece neck gaiter has a stretchy surface which will conform to the wearer for comfortable and non-constricting fitment. Our fleece gaiters are constructed for rain & wind resistance. They are perfect for your winter outdoor activities. 

  • The premium thermal fleece is the ultimate in soft comfort and won’t fit too tight.
  • The thermal fleece prevents heat loss and helps maintain your core temperature while keeping you warm, dry, and shielded from the wind & elements. 
  • The polar fleece has a lightweight design with little bulk for easy storage in a jacket pocket or pack. 
  • The anti-pilling / anti-balling fleece is fast drying making it easy to care for while always maintaining its shape.

Polar Fleece Neck WarmerPolar Fleece Neck Warmer

100% Cotton Neck Gaiter tubes: 100% Cotton or 90% Cotton blended 10% Spandex provides a lightweight neck gaiter mask for ultimate all-day comfort. Two-way stretch cotton to accommodate small to large heads. They are stretchy tubes of cotton with a little spandex for stretch that you can wear as a face mask, headband, neckerchief, neck gaiter, hair band, bandana, wristband, beanie, balaclava, or hood. One size fits most adults. Because the gaiter mask is made with 100% organic cotton it absorbs sweat away from the skin and helps your skin stay moisturized.

  • Available in 24 amazing item colors.
  • Free design and printable.
  • Your business logo, advertising slogan, or custom artwork screen printed.
  • Makes a great promotional giveaway item to hand out in autumn or winter. 

fleece neck gaiters winterfleece neck gaiters winter

Merino Wool Neck Gaiter Face Coverings: A perfect neck gaiter should be extremely soft, warm, and comfortable. Well, that’s just what you’ll get with our Merino Wool Neck Gaiters. 100% Australian Merino Wool, interlock knit construction. These lightweight neck gaiter face coverings are machine-washable on cold setting and safe to tumble dry on low heat with like colors. Merino wool’s natural wicking and odor-resistant properties keep the wearer dry and comfortable in hot or cold weather. A warm, moisture-wicking 50% merino wool/50% polyester style is also supported.

  • Merino Neck Gaiter also features a simple design that goes perfectly with all your winter gear
  • Comfortable and convenient, the unisex Merino wool Neck Warmer is perfect for men and women
  • This wool buff is multifunctional, comfortable, versatile, soft, and tubular.
  • Breathable and water repellent

Custom Imprintable Neck Gaiter Masks

Custom Imprintable Neck Gaiter Masks

Personalized face mask neck gaiters have become a hot selling item. And, offering your customers sublimation mask gaiters are a great addition to your current inventory. Beunwear manufactures custom-made neck gaiter & face masks for corporations, sportswear eCommerce, events, and sports teams. Choose any of our products to customize with your logo and brand, using our design or yours – the outcome is vibrant and memorable.  We’d love to help you and please email: [email protected].

100% Cotton Neck Gaiter tubes                 100% Cotton Neck Gaiter tubes

Custom Neck Gaiters – We have over 3000 different models all in stock including solids in multiple colors, patterns, and cool neck gaiter face masks designs. Available fully printed or you can order these blank. 

Complete Customization: Unlike our competitors, our custom printed neck gaiters are 100% customizable. Your custom artwork gets printed directly onto the material exactly as you designed it. Personalize your own custom gaiter masks with business logos and company branding.

Design Online: With Berunwear – there is no need to wait. Design your neck gaiter in minutes using our online design tool or product templates. Want us to design it for you – free of charge? Use our free design services!

Premium Materials: Our custom face mask neck gaiters are printed on a stretchy, 100% polyester, cotton, fleece, or wool fabric. They are designed to be super soft, seamless, and durable enough to last you for years into the future.

Dye Sublimation Print: A top of the line printing technique. Dye sublimation involves infusing colors directly into the fabric, making for vibrant, full-color, fade-resistant graphics that are unmatched by our competitors.

Custom Imprintable Neck Gaiter Masks

If you want to see our quality before purchasing a bulk order, simply contact us here and we’ll send you a free sample.

How to wholesale Neck Gaiters from Berunwear?

  1. Go to our website, choose to view the Neck Gaiter or Face Mask page.
  2. Choose your wanted style or if there’s no favorite one, chat us via the online app.
  3. Design with us what the final product will be and ask for a free sample. (free design)
  4. Bulk orders start once the sample neck gaiter or face mask is received with satisfaction.
  5. Send full payment or a part of the payment in advance. ( Paypal, bank wire, and other payments are accepted)
  6. Mass production with strict QC Inspection.
  7. Arrange shipping to your warehouse with a reliable international shipping agency. (usually 3 to 7 days)
  8. Custom-after sale service is always with you.

FAQ of

neck gaiter face mask manufacturer

What material are your custom neck warmers made from?

We make our personalized neck gaiters with a single layer or double layers or 3 layers of polyester-spandex, 100% cotton, or polar fleece, or wool fabrics. All of the materials are durable and breathable, wick moisture, and dry quickly. The lightweight material such as polyester-spandex is thinner and cooler and adds an antimicrobial treatment to the surface. The thick material such as polar fleece is warmer and soft and skin-friendly. Protect your face when exercising in chilly days.

What type of printing process do you use for adding designs to custom neck warmers?

We print the customized neck gaiters utilizing a dye sublimation process. We first digitally print your design in reverse on heat-transfer paper; then, we feed both the paper and the polyester fabric into a heat-transfer machine, which transfers the image from the paper directly to the neck gaiter’s fabric. This process serves to embed the design right into the fabric – so you get a durable, high-quality gaiter that can be easily cleaned. This process also ensures that your neck gaiter is washable and will not chip, peel, or crack.

Are your custom neck gaiters printed on both sides – the outer as well as the inner surface?

No, we only print the gaiter’s outer surface. The inner surface remains essentially white (the natural color of the chosen fabric).

What is the lifespan of your custom neck gaiters – and are there any durability concerns?

Because we’re using high-quality fabric in conjunction with dye-sublimation inks, our neck gaiters will last approximately 1-3 years, depending upon use. 

Are there restrictions when it comes to what I have printed on my custom neck warmers? My company logo? Sports logos, cartoon characters, superheroes?

You can, of course, print your own company logo onto your custom neck gaiter – or any image or design you have copyright/trademark permission to or have created yourself. Plus, don’t forget that we offer free design services on our custom neck warmers. However, printing any copyrighted image of a sports logo, athlete, cartoon character, superhero, etc. that you don’t have permission to use is prohibited by copyright laws – which would include Disney characters, logos from the NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics characters, and all animated cartoon characters. 

Your design services are really free? How does that work?

Yes, our design services are indeed free for our custom neck gaiters (and any signage). We know that it’s easy to get frustrated creating a design that meets your needs. So here at, we’ll work with you for free on up to two mock-ups, as long as you plan to purchase the product from us that we’re helping you design. We have found that we can almost always create what you want within two mock-ups if you provide enough details on your design needs up-front.

Your custom neck warmers are not appropriate for use in medical situations, right?

Correct – our custom neck gaiters are intended only for general use while out in public. They are not medically rated.

Because of the high elasticity of the neck warmer, the one size really does fit all. It’s a super stretchy neck scarf that can easily be pulled over your head and twisted into different styles, without becoming loose. Springy in nature, it will return to its original shape after being stretched.

Your neck warmers are designed for outdoor life, and due to the beneficial properties of the premium fabric, the colors and quality of the print will not depreciate over time. Fast drying and wind resistant, your custom neck tube is the ultimate accessory for long walks, hikes, cycling, skiing, and other outdoor adventures you plan on taking.

Yes, you do! The more you buy, the more you save!

Where can people wear this custom neck gaiter?

These neck gaiters are designed to be worn for a number of different applications while offering protection against the outdoor elements. They are perfect to wear while running, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, and motorcycling among many other applications.

Is your neck gaiter bandanas machine washable?

Yes. Simply throw it into the washing machine and hang dry or quickly machine dry.

Will the material irritate the wearer’s face and neck?

No, when designing we made sure to only use fabrics that will not irritate the skin.

Are neck gaiters the same as custom face masks?

Vey similar for now, it can cover the wearer’s face and neck.