Over the past decade, yoga —an irrefutable process of total wellbeing—has gained noteworthy popularity globally. Yoga classes are filled to the gills with Millennials who’re opting for this form of fitness over hitting the gym for multiple reasons including lowered stress levels while becoming body strong through stretching and relaxation. According to a report by Technavio Research, in the past decade, yoga has gained significant popularity globally, especially in North America and Australia. In this blog, you will find more business information about the yoga wear wholesale industry. 

Yoga apparel wholesale market worldwide

Yoga apparel manufacturers are constantly evolving to achieve better customer satisfaction using technology and innovation to enhance their products. In fact, in the last decade and a half, there have been several significant changes in the yoga clothing industry as regards the types of yoga clothing produced. Their efforts are bearing fruit, something which is indicative in the fact that the global yoga clothing market is expected to reach a market value of US $47.9 billion by 2025.

The global yoga clothing market is fragmented into men, women, and kids, with the women’s segment accounting for the largest share in the global market owing to a rising number of women turning to yoga as a regular fitness option. Aside from this, yoga outfits are penetrating mainstream and athleisure clothing, further augmenting the segment’s overall growth.

Other factors which have led to the rise of the global Yoga wear market are rising health and fitness awareness, an increase in the number of yoga trainers and yoga training institutes, increased disposable income, and a rise in the number of yoga clothing manufacturers.

Garment fabric for yoga wear

What is yoga wear fabric? When we do yoga, we wear professional fitness clothes for yoga. The fabric of yoga clothes is a very important selection criterion when we buy yoga clothes. The fabric has a great influence on our comfort when practicing yoga, so we must pay attention to the fabric of yoga clothes.

Yoga is a kind of self-cultivation exercise with relatively strong flexibility. It emphasizes the unity of nature and man, so you can not choose yoga clothes casually. If you choose clothes with poor fabrics, you may tear or deform when doing stretching exercises. This is not only not conducive to practicing yoga, but also affects your mood.

Yoga will make you sweat a lot, which is why we choose yoga to detoxify and reduce fat. Fabrics with good sweat-wicking properties can help sweat drain and protect the skin from the toxic and harmful substances contained in sweat. The breathable fabric will not stick to the skin when sweat is discharged, thereby reducing discomfort.

Among so many kinds of fabrics, which one is better?

  • Nylon

This is the most-selling yoga wear fabric currently on the market. Everyone knows that nylon has outstanding performance in terms of abrasion resistance and elasticity, which fits the required use scenarios of yoga wear. In order to make yoga clothes more elastic, clothing manufacturers will spin 5% to 10% spandex into it when they produce yoga clothes. The price of this type of fabric is not high, and it has achieved good sales in the market with its extremely high-cost performance. The advantage of this kind of fabric is that it absorbs sweat and wicks away sweat, has good capability, does not ball, and does not deform.

  • Polyester Fiber

There are still some yoga clothes on the market that are made of polyester or polyester + spandex. Although polyester fiber has good strength and wear resistance, the breathability of yoga clothes made of this fabric is very limited. The yoga clothes made of polyester fiber may not be suitable for the hot summer, but the corresponding price of polyester yoga clothes will be lower than that of nylon. Poor sweat absorption is the biggest disadvantage of this fabric.

  • Pure Cotton

Pure cotton is also a good choice for the production of yoga clothes because cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption and breathability. After putting it on, it is soft and comfortable without any sense of restraint. Cotton cloth is very suitable for the production of sports fabrics, but its wear resistance is not as good as nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics. It will shrink or wrinkle more or less after long wear or washing. The price of cotton yoga clothes is higher than the two fabrics mentioned above. The biggest disadvantage of this fabric is that it is easy to pilling and deform.

  • Bamboo Fiber

At present, viscose fabrics are the most common yoga clothing in the market, because it has the best cost performance in terms of price and comfort. The fabric made of bamboo fiber is indeed good, but it is a little expensive because it is a pure natural environmentally friendly product. In terms of cost performance, I personally feel that the viscose material is quite comfortable and the price is moderate.

  • Lycra

At present, the best and most comfortable fabric for sportswear is Lycra. The difference between Lycra and traditional elastic fibers is that Lycra can stretch up to 500% and can be restored to its original shape. In other words, this fiber can be stretched very easily, and it can be close to the surface of the human body after recovery, and the restraining force on the human body is very small.

Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk, and cotton, to increase the close-fitting, elasticity, and looseness of the fabric, making it more flexible when moving. Moreover, Lycra is different from most spandex yarns. It has a special chemical structure and will not grow mold in a humid and heat-sealed space after being wet.

Wholesale yoga clothing in Australia

We know that Australia loves high-quality yoga leggings and leg fashion and finding quality and dependable suppliers/retailers can be a difficult task, that is where the Berunwear sportswear company comes in. We offer our huge wholesale leggings and women’s fashion catalog to Australia with the very best in quality and service.  We have been shipping to Australia and New Zealand for over 10 years and are dedicated to only the best as we know that you expect nothing less.

Yoga sessions become more comfortable and productive when the wearers don the right set of wholesale yoga clothing and there are no two ways about it. In order to help the business owners or retailers to spruce up their stock in a fascinating way, we are always paying heed to the changing needs of yoga lovers in terms of their choice of yoga apparel. To ensure that business owners dealing in yoga pants wholesale are able to meet the yoga pants buying needs of their end customers, our wholesale inventory has the broadest range ever!

From tracksuits, tights, yoga leggings with cut-outs to retro boot cut yoga pants, flared yoga pants, and more, we bedazzle you with variety. You can go for the staple black, dark grey, or even the custom printed ones to those done with floral motifs. The choice is humongous for business owners.

Custom yoga wear manufacturer

Over the past decade, yoga has become one of the most popular exercises for people to do at both gym classes and at home. It is designed to be calming and help with flexibility, but it can be tricky for beginners to know what they should wear if they are attending a class for the first time. Ultimately, custom yoga clothes should be comfortable, light, breathable and form-fitting, so that you can easily move around in them.

Tips To Know Before Creating Custom Yoga Clothes

  1. Choosing The Right Top – The first yoga clothing essential is a top. It is normally recommended to choose a fitted top that is made from a breathable material such as Lycra, nylon, or cotton as these will ensure customers do not get too hot when holding poses. Designing your custom yoga clothes to be fitted also ensures that it is not going to move when doing inverted poses especially when manufacturing sports bras, as these items have to support the body while moving. However, if it is Bikram or hot yoga, then cotton is not usually recommended as it can hold on sweat and make your top feel very uncomfortable. In terms of style, t-shirts and tank tops are both great options to choose for manufacturing and will appeal to the widest audience of yoga goers.
  2. Choosing The Right Bottoms – The next yoga essential is bottoms. These should be made from a comfortable and breathable material like Lycra, cotton, spandex, or nylon and leggings are the most popular option. As they are being worn for yoga, it is vital that your custom yoga clothes provide a full range of motion. Popular styles that suit both plus-size and normal sizes are full-length and cropped at the calf. Other popular styles to consider for manufacture are bicycle shorts that cut off just above the knee. Loose-fitting shorts are not recommended for yoga. 

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