Here is the complete guide about wholesaling running shorts for both men and women. I will answer you what are the high-quality running shorts, which materials are recommended for running shorts, and how to choose from different types or lengths of running shorts. No matter you plan to buy bulk running shorts for teams, marathons, track and fields, or for your own retail shop, read this guide first.

What are running shorts and why to wholesale?

Running shorts is a specialized type of athletic shorts that are worn mainly by runners. Like any kind of workout clothes, they are made to be both comfortable and practical. They are also lighter and more breathable than everyday shorts, to better facilitate the running process and improve performance. It’s recommended for avid runners who want to reap the benefits of running or athletes who need to be in optimal condition.

Specialized running shorts help take seconds off each run to make a significant difference. Whether your customer or your team is running on a track, trail, or local road, they will need a pair of high-quality running shorts. 

How many types of running shorts are popular in the market?

The 3 main types of running shorts are compression running shorts, split-leg running shorts, and V-notch running shorts.

Compression Running Shorts

Made primarily from a stretchy material called spandex, compression shorts are gaining traction among athletes of all levels. These shorts are named such due to the “compression” or pressure that it provides when being worn. When we say pressure, we’re mainly talking about a tight fit with sturdy construction, as well as a good grip around the edges.

There are two types of compression shorts and these are underwear or outerwear. It’s a great undergarment and also can double as an outer garment. it just means that the buyer can wear compression shorts alone or as an inner short.

These are best when the buyers are going for extreme sports and endurance races. They are usually made of longer inseams and probably the best option when someone is looking for activewear to prevent chafing as well as one that will give the wearer exceptional flexibility. Compression shorts are also warmer and therefore help reduce muscle fatigue and lower the risk of muscle soreness.

Recovery-wise, compression shorts can also be worn after and between strenuous workout as it increases blood flow, and support key muscle areas such as the glutes and hamstrings.

V-Notch Running Shorts

V-notch running shorts are the most popular type of running shorts. It got its name from the upside-down v-shaped cut from the half-inch of the hem. Compared to the traditional cut of shorts that are sewn all the way down, the v-notch running shorts due to their cut allows for a greater range of movements.

Split-Leg Running Shorts

Similar to the v-notch, split leg type of running shorts have an opening cut on their hems. However, the split-leg design is sewn by overlapping the front panel over the back. While v-notch is a simple cut, the v-shaped in split shorts is made by this overlap.

Many runners prefer this type of shorts because they can make longer strides with the flexibility offered by the split design. Shorts with the split-leg design usually come with shorter inseams. Unlike shorts with more conventional cuts, this type of running shorts allows for a wider range of movement.

What are the common materials used in running shorts?

Sports apparel comes in a variety of fabric materials. Materials can be grouped into two broad categories, namely synthetic fibers, and natural fibers.

Synthetic fibers refer to materials such as polyester, spandex, and nylon, whereas natural fibers refer to materials such as cotton and (less frequently) bamboo. Each set of materials comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

While running shorts made from synthetic fibers tend to be more durable, they’re often not as breathable as running shorts made from natural fibers. On the other hand, running shorts made from natural fibers offer great stretch and movement but are prone to chafing.

When choosing your running shorts fabric materials, keep in mind how they will have an impact on the wearer’s running performance. The sweat management technology that goes into it will determine whether the buyer can run at prolonged lengths. 

What are high-quality running shorts to wholesale?

The best running shorts come with premium moisture-wicking fabrics, anti-microbial proprieties, and feature the lightest and most breathable materials available. Better quality also means you’ll get a more durable short. The better the quality is, the longer your buyer can run in them (and the more frequently he or she can wash them).

A great pair of running shorts may cost a little more, but you’re paying for quality.

What is the right length of running shorts to wholesale?

Shorts length is measured based on the inseam which is the length from the crotch of the short to the bottom of the inside of your short. Generally, running shorts come in 2-inch to 9-inch inseams. Length is very much a personal preference, but typically the shorter lengths are preferred for racing and faster running, while the longer length is great for more coverage (chaffing protection) or for other types of workouts other than running.

What is the right length of running shorts to wholesale? Some would say the shorter the better. While that could be true, preference in inseams should depend on where your customer will be using the shorts and what he or she will use them for

Running shorts come mainly in 3 different lengths: 3 inch running shorts, 5 inch running shorts, and 7 inch running shorts – the difference lies in their inseams. 

Short Inseam (3 Inches Or Shorter)

Short inseam running shorts provide the best ventilation and range of movement. They are the ideal option for both sprinting and marathon runs. Because they have less fabric and exposes the majority part of the skin, these shorts can keep the wearer cool during the summer. Overall, because of their technical construction, lightweight and non-restrictive cut, they are the best option for all-out performance.

Middle Inseam (5 – 7 Inches)

Between short and long inseams, there is middle inseam running shorts that is versatile for different activities. If your customer neither like short shorts nor longer ones, these are probably his or her best option. When the wearer switches from track to trail and having different types of running shorts for every run is not ideal for budget, he or she should go for shorts with a middle inseam. 

Long Inseam (7 Inches Or Longer)

Long inseam shorts have a healthy amount of fabric that go just above the knee. They are the recommended length for when the buyer is running on the track or the road.  They are also used for marathons when the goal is for the material to not rub against the skin due to its long length. The wearer will have to most coverage with this length. So if your customer is into trail running or just like running off-road, long inseam running shorts offer him or her protection from scratching the skin from passing bushes or shrubs. No more insect bites and ticks.

However, when you’re going for this length, make sure that you are choosing the right fabric so they don’t hamper your performance. Longer inseam shorts tend to build up heat and moisture on a warm day if the material doesn’t have a breathability feature. Ideally, find one that is sweat-wicking and ensuring ventilation. 

Is it better to wholesale running shorts with a liner?

A liner will give your customer a more ‘locked-in’ feel and tends to be the case for the most performance-driven men’s running shorts. Running short liners also come in a few different varieties; unlined, brief liner, or a compression liner. Each liner provides different benefits.

For example, having a compression liner can help with performance and recovery, whereas an unlined short is great if you want to wear tights or any type of undergarment. From Berunwear, you can wholesale running shorts included all liner types, so you can choose what your customer will like.

Some people love this compression-like feel, others prefer a little more freedom. To expending your running shorts range, you can wholesale a small batch.

Is there a difference between wholesaling men, women, and unisex running shorts? 

Not all running shorts are created equal – they are designed to fit the gender-specific needs of runners. Men’s and women’s bodies differ vastly, especially in three main areas/parts: the waist, hips, and thighs. While running shorts can be worn interchangeably between genders, this is generally not advisable.

Men’s Running Shorts

Men’s running shorts are designed and cut uniquely with the male body in mind. Specifically, it has a bigger space in the crotch area, with the built-in liner offering more support in the groin. While some men preferred wearing a jockstrap for added support, most running shorts will have a built-in liner as an added feature so jockstraps won’t be necessary. As mentioned earlier, mesh liners or compression liners are used as a substitute for underwear and jockstraps. This feature is added to prevent discomfort with layers as well as chafing. Men’s running shorts also usually have longer inseams. But then again, some types of run like sprints and marathons will require running shorts with shorter inseams for bigger strides and more flexibility.

Women’s Running Shorts

Women’s running shorts, on the other hand, will have less space in the crotch area but will have more space in the bottom area. The cuts should fit the female waist, hips, and thighs and with emphasis on the waist. Women’s running shorts are uniquely designed for optimum freedom for leg movements, and to allow maximum ventilation. This is why most women’s running shorts that you will find in the market have shorter inseams. A lot of female runners also find tight-fitting shorts more comfortable than loose ones. 

If we look at the difference between men’s and women’s running shorts, it all boils down to comfort. When it comes to comfort, running shorts cater to needs based on the structure, shape if you will, of the male and female body.

Unisex Running Shorts

If you remove the gender-specific features, you get unisex running shorts. These are clothes that do not particularly address body shape. While you can still find brands that sell unisex running shorts, you will notice that Berunwear doesn’t offer a unisex variant. Trusted workout shorts manufacturers categorize their athletic clothing into men and women, or girls and boys categories. The reason behind this is that unisex workout clothes, specifically, running shorts don’t offer much support and chafing-prevention.

Which is a cheap running shorts wholesale supplier to choose?

One of recommended athletic shorts suppliers and manufacturers is We are the sports clothing factory as well as a customized running shorts vendor. We not only provide running shorts, but also design and manufacture biker shorts, football/basketball/other sports team shorts, and yoga shorts.  

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Berunwear can offer bulk workout shorts with the following features, no matter your desired running shorts customer is in which group, we can satisfy your need. We only use high-quality materials and can print your logos or brands onto every pair of shorts.

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Specifically, 4-way stretch fabrics which in essence stretch in any direction you try. Running shorts that stretch and recover both crosswise and lengthwise is called a 4-way stretch.

UPF 50+ Protection

We use SPF to protect our skin from UV rays. But did you know that clothes have an ultraviolet protection factor, too? Especially in running, which we usually do outdoors, we get a lot of exposure from the sun. UPF (or ultraviolet protection) benefits that we get from fabric are a nice added protection from sun and ultraviolet exposure. UPF 50+ is the highest protection that you can get from sun-protective clothing.

2-In-1 Features (e.g. Compression Liners)

What do runners wear under their shorts? Quick answer: liners. A great option for those that want some support but also prefers the look of a traditional short may find liner features come in handy. The 2-in-1 feature adds either a compression liner or a mesh liner inside as support. Although compression shorts is quite snug to the body but provides the best muscle support, many runners find it uncomfortable to wear compression shorts alone as it is revealing. There are a lot of running short brands that add compression lining as a built-in feature. On the other hand, built-in mesh briefs provide a breathable fit. Due to its net-like material, it gives extra ventilation that you might see handy during the hottest days of running.

Visibility And Reflective Features

This one special feature might be something that others find unnecessary. But runners who usually run in low visibility tracks will find it useful. If your buyer likes running during the night, don’t forget to look for running shorts with visibility and reflective features. Reflective details, as well as bright colored running shorts, may add safety and visibility to drivers, especially when you’re running on the highway.

Waistbands (Adjustable Or Elastic)

Elastic waistbands that offer a snug fit and can be folded down is another preference for most women runners. These versatile fold-over waistband shorts provides a perfect fit that allows women to move easily. Even for pregnant women who wanted to stay active in the early weeks of pregnancy, they specifically look for running shorts that has a tight waistband. Ideally, they can roll this down or up. High-waisted running shorts that are designed to flaunt the woman’s shape typically has thicker elastic waistbands. On the other hand, most running shorts for men will have either have just the right size of waistband thickness or an adjustable waistband.


A lot of times, you will need to bring your phone, or some cash, or house keys. Hence, built-in pockets will be a nice added feature as opposed to using a belt-bag or a small bag. Some running shorts will have deep side pockets huge enough to fit important items. Pockets are usually hidden in the waistband of your shorts and can range in size. A lot of runners are really happy with shorts that have deep side pockets. When you’re looking for this feature, you must get the zipped one. Your pockets should zip up so that you don’t need to worry that you might lose your items during your run.

Flatlock Seams

The flatlock stitch is simply a sewing technique that will have almost no bulk. This type of sewing is best for activewear as it makes them the most durable due to the stitching materials. The flatlock stitching technique helps to reduce friction on the user’s skin. This feature will come in handy during long runs as well as on humid days when chafing creates an issue.

Cable Holes

A lot of times, the wearers’ headphones restrict their movements and get in the way of their workout. If your customer is looking to run with some music on, cable holes is a must-have feature for your running shorts (unless you have some Airpods on, this will totally be unnecessary). These Baleaf shorts have this specific feature that comes with a hidden pocket where the wearer can put his or her phone inside.