We understand it is a challenge for startups to meet the typical minimum factory standard for garment production. Finding a reliable sportswear manufacturer is a key step to successfully start up a small sportswear company. Therefore, I have compiled a comprehensive resource package that will help you find excellent overseas sportswear manufacturers with low minimum quantity, and build your own sportswear company from scratch. Before leaving, be sure to catch it!

How to Find Sportswear Manufacturers in the USA

Without the knowledge on how to find the best sportswear manufacturers in the USA, locating manufacturers you can work with can be hard. Below, we show you the best ways to find sportswear manufacturers in the USA.


Google can be an ideal way to find sportswear manufacturers in the USA. However, you need to know that the best manufacturers often have outdated websites. 

Therefore, you have to parse 10 to 30 pages on the search engine before finding sportswear manufacturers in the USA you can work with.

Trying a variety of keywords can help you. Less specific keywords such as “apparel manufacturer” and “sportswear manufacturer” will work as best as specific keywords such as “T-shirt manufacturers” would.


Tradeshows are a great way to find, get to know, and even vet manufacturers you may work with in the future. Most tradeshows can help you meet sportswear factory representatives. They can also help you source the fabrics you need.

Local Library

While you may think it is impossible to find sportswear manufacturers in the USA via local libraries, it isn’t. Libraries feature some paid or exclusive access to directories which can help with your search. Some of the otherwise expensive directories may be affordable or even free at your local library.


When using the methods outlined in this section to find sportswear manufacturers in the USA, you may have to deal with some dead ends. 

For example, your order may be too small for a particular manufacturer. Maybe the manufacturer is not capable of offering you the services you need. In some instances, you may find the company is too busy to work with new customers.

You can make the best of these setbacks. Instead of just ending your conversation with a particular company when you realize that they cannot handle your order, ask for referrals. The manufacturers can recommend sportswear factories which may be willing to handle your order. 

Incubators and Local Fashion Schools

Fashion schools and incubators usually have great relationships with manufacturers. They do make use of the manufacturers regularly. Calling or visiting a fashion school or fashion incubator can help you access some of the top-rated sportswear manufacturers in the USA. The incubators and schools work with vetted manufacturers. Emailing or calling the schools should give you access to a list of manufacturers you can trust.

Directories and B2B Marketplaces

Marketplaces and directories are one of the best ways to locate sportswear manufacturers in the USA. In fact, the bigger directories can have thousands or at least hundreds of sportswear manufacturers in the USA.

It is worth noting that not all directories are helpful. While there are numerous manufacturer directories on the internet, most of them are either outdated or low-quality. Therefore, finding the best B2B marketplaces and directories may take some work.

Anyway that’s the methods you can take to find some manufacturers choices, though most of them won’t really satisfy you, why not check below our recommended choice of sportswear manufacturer & supplier in USA: Berunwear.

Berunwear: Professional Small Run Sportswear Manufacturers

Berunwear.com is an emerging private label garment manufacturing factory that has been working for small to large fashion brands all over the world. Located in Hong Kong, with 20 years of garment experience under our belt, we are dedicated sportswear manufacturers mainly targeting startups. We deal with different categories of sportswear such as women blouses, shirts for men and women, jackets, jeans, uppers etc., From plain to chic , from casual to formal, we are able to manufacture a varieties of clothes for our clients. Our work is our passion and we love to explore new possibilities of fashion for brands out there.
Our services include Fabric/Material Sourcing, Sampling, Pattern Making, Sizing, Grading, Marking and Bulk plus Small Quantity manufacturing along with shipping etc. Serving as custom sportswear manufacturers, we can do the fabrication of utterly different garment designs, material and patterns, as per your desire. Basically you give us the design; we’d worry about the rest. So, if you are trying to attract your customers with fascinating designs at your shop outlet, then our custom sportswear manufacturers will surely fulfill your requirements and meet your expectations.


Unlike most of the manufacturers in the industry, we do not have any order limit or quantity restriction. We start from as low as one (1) piece. A small quantity is a must to cater for consumers’ desire for uniqueness because nobody want to be embarrassed by bumping into someone wearing the exact same outfit. That how “fast fashion” is born. If you have just entered the sportswear industry and are looking for “small quantity garment factory” or low MOQ, then Berunwear Hong Kong is just the manufacturer you need.
Other than small orders, we have great expertise in doing bulk production. During this process, we take special care of product quality and timeline of the production process. We have an experienced team that provides full end to end “inception to closure” type of project management for our customers’ peace of mind. We pay attention to all the details carefully and make sure that all of your demands are met strictly. Our designers work alongside the team in a small quantity garment factory for checking every step and detail. We can work on your desired materials and/or make the right recommendations if it is required.

Start Your Sportswear Business Today

Okay, that’s it – that’s everything you need to know when you’re searching for a sportswear manufacturer for your business.

Remember, this is a big decision for your business, so take the time to properly do your research and find a manufacturer who fits your business needs. The extra time that you spend now will help you to avoid any larger setbacks in the future.