Selecting the best clothing supplier requires you to know your business type, investment budget, and inventory space. Print on demand models are good for finding custom clothing manufacturers for small businesses of dropshipping but not suitable for bulk orders of online wholesale. You may find some POD platform websites to start your ecommerce store but when your businees grows up, you still must find a custom clothing manufacturer which will help you better reduce cost and deliver faster. So in today’s post, let’s check together how to choose the best custom sports clothing manufacturers for online store business owners.  

What to consider when choosing custom clothing manufacturers?

Business model

A good business model will not only give you flexibility, but it will require little to no upfront. Wholesale manufacturers are good for getting good rates. However, if you are just starting up with your business, you can select a print on demand model. A print on demand dropshipping service allows you to fully customize your product. They will then create and ship orders for you when they arrive on your storefront. 

Printing methods 

Screen printing and direct-to-garment are the two most common, budget-friendly printing options, but look for the printing methods that suit you the best. For instance, if you want a patch, you should look for an embroidery print manufacturer. 

Domestic or Overseas 

Domestic clothing manufacturers are great. They provide faster shipment,  and better contact, and above all, the vetting process (if required) is easier. Another good thing about domestic suppliers is that there aren’t custom fees. 

Overseas manufacturers are ideal for those who have an audience base near the supplier location. If you decide to go with overseas manufacturers, make sure that your state doesn’t include custom duty on clothing items. 

Production time 

This point is especially relevant for seasonal sellers, i.e. for those looking to sell Halloween clothing items and want their inventory to be stocked before the holiday season. 

Available clothing products 

Oftentimes a manufacturer offers custom solutions, but they are more specialised in a particular type of clothing. In that case, if you order custom clothing that is different from their regular creations, you’ll have to pay a little more. Look instead for clothing manufacturers that already have the type of clothing item you need stocked up and listed in their product catalogue. 

Minimum order quantity 

Minimum order quantity is something you should always check before proceeding with an order. MOQ decides how much upfront it will cost you. I have tried to list in the post only custom clothing manufacturers for small businesses with little to no MOQ. 

Berunwear: Why Choose Us As Your Custom Sportswear Wholesale Supplier

You know now the standards for choosing custom clothing manufacturers and apparently according to these rules, we are proud to introduce ourselves Berunwear Sprotswear Company to you all as your good choice of custom sports apparel manufacturer. As clothing manufacturer, we strive hard to appease our customers and engage in ethical and quality business practices to thrive in the industry for long owing to our own merits. From hiring skilled and quality labour, to ensuring the installation of the latest infrastructure, using quality fabrics, colors, etc- we take complete care of the custom clothing needs of customers.

After gaining years of experience and having served a few thousand clients, we know exactly the kind of service, product, and partnership you want. Berunwear Sportswear believes in delivering value for money products that will make you our regular customer.

In fact, we in conjunction with our clients, work as a team. We are pretty confident that we can form a good partnership and assure you that you won’t be disappointed in the way our professional deals shape up.

  1. MOQ is flexible as we pledge to cater to bulk customers with varying needs, as low as ZERO.
  2. Best in class manufacturing units to produce quality products in huge quantity.
  3. Affordable rates that is definitely a plus for business owners.
  4. Easy delivery options for clients.
  5. Huge catalog of every imaginable custom clothing options.

We help our bulk buyers to go through a satisfying emotional journey with us from the moment we start binding into a professional relationship. As one among the best custom apparel manufacturers USA, Australia, Canada, UAE and Saudi Arabia, we are very particular about deadlines and always make sure that you get your merchandize on time at wholesale rates!

Sportswear Wholesale: Learn More About Custom Clothing Production Process

Our production managers guide you through the process, help you at every step, and regularly give you updates about the progress. The information below gives you a general overview of the ODM clothing manufacturing process.

1. Let’s Get In Contact!

Please send us a message through the contact form to give us a short overview about your project. Let us know, if you have any questions. A production manager will get back to you soon!

2. Your Designs

We work based on spec sheets (tech packs) or samples from you. You are also welcome to send us fabric swatches. Based on your design information, we will provide a quotation, so that you know about the costs from the beginning on.

3. Fabrics and Accessories

We source the fabrics and garment accessories for each order and send pictures to you to confirm the selection. We can also send you fabric swatches and accessory samples, so that you can choose the right materials based on their look and feel.

4. Sample Production

For every style you want to order, we will produce a production sample. As soon as the samples are ready (usually within two weeks), we will first send you pictures and then the physical samples, so that you can check that every detail is correctly.

5. Bulk Production

Once you confirmed the order we can start with the bulk production. It usually takes 30 days, but may vary based on the order volume. Your production manager will confirm the time frame with you before we start with the production.

6. Delivery

Depending on the order quantity, we ship goods by sea freight (usually 4 weeks), by air freight or as express parcel (usually 4-5 days). For every parcel we send, we provide the tracking number, so that you know the date of delivery.

What are other ways to find custom clothing manufacturers?

You can easily find custom clothing manufacturers that fit your needs by selecting one of the above. However, if what you need is very specific, here are a few other ways to find apparel manufacturers: 

Industry meetups 

A great way to find fashion industry experts and get in touch with clothing experts is via industry meetups. You can use meetups and similar services that organize events to bring together leading influencers under one roof. 

Search engine

It might sound simple, but the Google search engine can really help you find great custom apparel manufacturers. You just need to use the Google search operators instead of regular search. Here are a few strings to use (the quotation marks tell google to find the exact match)

  • “Clothing Manufacturer near me”
  • “Clothing manufacturer in [your country]”


Online directories like SaleHoo are great for finding great wholesale suppliers that sell clothing products for the cheapest price possible.

Online marketing place like Etsy 

Etsy is a marketplace for artists to sell handcrafted products. If you are fond of handmade items, you can check out a few sellers on Etsy or other print on demand marketplaces and reach them out individually.