In the years past, pregnancy might be likened to an in-house arrest. It meant staying indoors, bed resting and just eating. thanks to on-going research in the eld of health and wellness. We are now aware that exercise is important for not only pregnant women but also for the baby. Women can now workout even when pregnant. Maternity activewear is meant to satisfy this need. These enable women to exercise comfortably and luxuriate in the advantages derived from exercise. Exercise eliminates constipation, boosts mood and energy, gives better sleep, minimizes backaches, manages weight, and stops swelling and bloating. Exercise is additionally good for supporting muscular tonus , endurance, also as strength. it’s for this reason that a maternity activewear business makes sense to investors. Here’s what you ought to know about maternity activewear wholesale for your business.

Normal activewear vs. Maternity Activewear

Many mums-to-be ask whether they need a specific maternity activewear wardrobe or if normal tights are enough. While going up a size in tops and crops might be enough to get you through your pregnancy, most women’s health providers will say that maternity tights are necessary to support your hips, back and pelvis as your bump grows.

That’s because your body produces additional relaxin during pregnancy — a hormone that can relax the ligaments at the front of the pelvis. Wearing the right size maternity tights, particularly compression support tights, can help women with instability or pain around the hips, back and pelvis. So while some women do choose to just wear extra-stretchy yoga tights, you’ll miss out on the benefits of compression during pregnancy.

It is important to note that the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) recommends underwire free crops when both pregnant and breastfeeding.

Do You Really Know Well About Maternity Tights?

Maternity tights are leggings that are designed to accommodate a growing baby bump and are tailored to be comfortable for women during pregnancy. They can be worn over or under your baby belly depending whether they feature a high-rise overbelly band, or a curved or V low band to sit underbelly.

Most maternity tights will be constructed from a stretch fabric with lycra or elastane in it to allow you to move comfortably during exercise and not be restricted or uncomfortable with a too-tight fit. The stretch and shape retention in a good quality fabric will keep maternity tights up on their own without them sliding down. You’ll also want to check that the fabric provides squat-proof, opaque coverage so they don’t turn see-through when stretched!

Pregnancy support leggings for workout exercise

Tips for Starting a Maternity Activewear Business

Just like in any other sportswear business startup, you need to identify and research about your target clients. Narrowing down your options will give your businesses a competitive advantage over those that overstretch. The maternity activewear market is huge and not fully served. Choose whether to reach out to local or global consumers. Conduct a feasibility
study on your target market. This may include seeking insights from potential buyers. Ask what they need and what works well based on their lifestyle. Check out what is lacking in existing brands and ll this gap.

  • Versatility

You need to consider a design that meets both indoor and outdoor needs. Pregnant mothers continually engage in both indoor and outdoor exercise. This may range from taking a walk, yoga, or even running. You need to come up with a design that will meet these needs.

  • Consider leisure

Activewear that can also work as leisure wear oers greater advantages than other types of workout wear for pregnant women. Take this into consideration when designing your product. For instance, yoga pants that is comfortable for everyday wear is highly preferred by women.

  • Choice of fabric

Your activewear product will not be complete if you choose the wrong fabric. The materials should be comfortable and exible. That way, the various changes that come along with pregnancy will not interrupt workout. Remember as the pregnancy progresses, the body shape and size of the woman changes. You need to select the best material to meet this need. For instance, synthetic fabrics tend to be comfortable, durable, and resist moisture. Natural fabrics also work well. These include bamboo, polypropylene, Lycra, wool, tencel, and polyester. Once you choose a fabric, it needs to be tested. Ask for samples and check out aspects such as stretching, comfort, t, colour, durability, and moisture resistance.

  • Sizing

This is a critical aspect when considering a maternity activewear business. What is produced should meet the changing needs of expectant mothers. The ideal size should be standard. You might need some help from a professional if you do not understand proper sizing in this niche.

  • Manufacturing

Two things come in mind when you think about manufacturing; outsource or do it yourself. If you need to outsource then you have to nd reliable manufacturers either locally or overseas. You will need to look for apparel factories that specialize in maternity activewear. Conversely, if you need to do it on your own then you need the right equipment for the job. Other logistics aspects of attire supply will follow including storage and transportation. All these should be planned beforehand.

The maternity activewear niche is just like any other. Your creativity can enable your business standout. Do not limit your creativity.

Pregnancy Activewear Brands Recommended in Australia

From perfectly cut, over-the-bump leggings and supportive bras for growing boobs to comfy camis and tanks for loose layering, pregnancy activewear is all about a great fit as your body changes. To help you find the best maternity activewear for you (and your bump!), we’ve compiled this handy list of fab brands to get you started in your search. In no particular order, here they are:

  • Bloomberri
  • The Ten Active
  • Maze Activewear
  • Active Truth
  • Movemami
  • Belabumbum
  • Cotton On
  • Reebok
  • 2XU

Tips of Maternity Activewear Wholesale Industry Insiders

Where to buy maternity activewear in Australia and NZ?

There are limited options for shopping maternity activewear in Australia and NZ. Many products aren’t technically suitable for sweaty workouts or don’t provide the support and compression needed to assist with pregnancy discomfort. the foremost variety are often found online. Because you can’t try garments when online shopping it’s important to seek out a store that gives generous shipping and returns policy.

How to find the best maternity activewear?

While ultimately it comes right down to personal preference, the simplest way to determine which maternity tights are the best is to ask other pregnant or postpartum mums! If you don’t have any friends with babies you’ll read maternity tights reviews on maternity product pages, invite advice in pregnancy forums and Facebook maturity groups, or check out the awards and proposals in pregnancy magazines and websites.