Face masks is an important gear that is becoming an important part of our day to day lives not just due to the pandemic but also due to the increasing level of pollutants in our environment. When the state government has made face mask a compulsory gear in a public setting; we are trying to find ways to use it for other purposes as well such as brand promotion. 

Why your small business should use custom masks

To make your business stand apart from your competitors, you need to do something out of the box to attract consumer attention. Customized dresses have been used for years by many small and major brands to make an impression. Since face mask is the most important gear for the year 2020; it is best to customize them for getting the word about your business to the world.

As a small business owner, you’re already creative – and you know that your business is unique. So, now that you’re operating during a pandemic, shouldn’t your protective gear reflect your one-of-a-kind enterprise?

Now, you can create completely custom face masks for your small business. These masks are a great way for you to promote your business in a unique and safe way…and make mask-wearing fun.

You can use custom face masks to:

1. Elevate your employee uniform with a custom-printed mask, complete with your logo. When customers come into your shop, salon, or restaurant, they’ll be able to quickly identify who the employees are.

In the past, a uniform could have been as simple as a branded t-shirt and baseball cap. Now, add a mask to the mix! There’s a lot of value in wearing a uniform – it inspires confidence, makes people feel safe, and creates team spirit. If your employees are feeling uncomfortable or unsure about wearing masks, including it as part of their everyday uniform can ease everyone’s worries.

Face masks can be easily customized according to your color preference and printing of your brand logo. Good quality reusable face masks can be customized easily at Berunwear.com online. Their masks meet government compliance and their customer service team can help with easy printable customization of the masks in wholesale prices. These are not medical grade masks though and should not be used in high-risk places.

2. Custom masks are an easy way to make sure your staff is in compliance with local safety guidelines. In addition to other precautions and new sanitation procedures, supplying employees with a mask as part of their uniform is an easy way to help keep everyone safe.

3. Branded gear doesn’t have to be exclusively for employees – think about selling logo face masks to customers along with the rest of your merchandise. If you’re an illustrator with a signature print or a coffee shop with a much-loved logo, consider selling masks that you design as pretty (and practical!) merchandise.

Want to give customers additional incentive to purchase one of your masks? Create a rewards program! If they remember to wear your branded face mask on their next visit to your shop, offer them a discount on a product or service. Whether it’s $1 off a coffee or a 10% discount on a personal training session, this is a great chance to get creative…and build customer loyalty.

4. Give out specially-designed masks to your regular customers to thank them for their continued support…and create some excitement around more ‘exclusive’ designs.

A while ago, we heard about a coffee shop who created custom masks for their best customers, printed with each of their usual coffee orders. So, when they came in each day, the barista knew their order instantly! Global brands are getting on the mask action, too. Burger King gave away 250 masks in Belgium via a social media contest, each pre-printed with customer orders.

This might feel a bit silly at first, but you’ll be brightening someone’s day and reminding your customers how much you value them.

5. Is there a cause that aligns with your business’ core values? Order a batch of branded face masks to donate to a local non-profit organization – you’ll also help spread the word about your business and create a sense of goodwill around your brand.

You can also get customers involved with your charitable efforts.

  • Donate a mask for each one you sell.
  • Offer a BOGO deal – customers can buy a full-priced mask for themselves, then one at half-price to be donated.
  • If a customer buys a mask to be donated, give them a discount on their purchase.

Tips: Factors to consider while purchasing customized face masks

  1. Several protective layers:
  • Masks can be made from as little as 1 to as many as 4 to 5 layers.
  • Each added layer provides additional protection.
  • Specialized engineered material is placed in between the layers to protect the wearer from aerosols, dust, and micro-organisms.
  • Health care workers or people working in high-risk environments need 3 or more ply layers.
  • More numbers of layers make breathing a bit difficult.
  1. Method of imprinting used:
  • For simple logos; 1 or 2 color heat transfer or screen imprinting is sufficient to get the desired results.
  • If you desire to match the mask with the rest of the uniform and perfect branding; go for full-color sublimation of the dye for enhanced color quality.
  1. The fabric of choice:
  • Reusable pure cotton fabric face masks are comfortable for the wearer, cheaper to buy, easy to wash, and is intended for general public use.
  • However, you only go for 1-colour printing on cotton masks.
  • Canvas based cotton fabric provides good protection is uncomfortable if you need to wear it for a long time; the fit of the mask is also questionable.
  • If your choice of material for a face mask is polyester; you get multiple options including full-color printing.
  • Polyester masks can have as many as 4-ply layers and pockets for adding extra filters for added protection.
  • These are the ones if you belong to a major retail brand and want to match the mask with the uniform of your employees.
  1. Comfort and ease of wash:
  • This is the most important factor to consider as your employees might need to wear one mask for an entire shift.
  • Easy to breathe and easy to wash mask would work better for regular public use.
  • However, if you belong to an organization where your employees are highly exposed to the virus; consider a medical-grade mask.

The mask should also fit properly snugly fitting on the sides and covering the nose and mouth completely. An improperly fitted mask fails to serve its purpose and you might expose other people to the virus unintentionally. Customize the face masks your employees use and give your brand a competitive edge.


Well, many of us already know the significance of logo for business promotion. In this time of pandemic as well, it hasn’t lost its value. So the most used product at this time is a face mask with a company logos that has done wonders for business promotion. Here at Berunwear, we can just provide you with totally personalised face mask as you wish and the best quality of products with the lowest price. Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries and get your business promotion started and speed up!