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We bring out the selective scope of sportswear that is comprised of value fabrics and according to the customer’s guidelines. We offer these in different sizes, hues, and outlines. 

Free Design, Professional Consultation, Low MOQ, Fast Turnaround, Self-own Factory, and Affordable Price, if you are looking for the Best Custom Sportswear Suppliers in India, here we are.

Our Products


We can custom made any cycling clothing, such as cycling shorts or cycling jerseys, etc.


Comfortable custom activewear with logos can boost team spirit for any business! You dream it, we make it!


Create your own running suits brand now! Or customize some running team tops/shorts of your style!


Find here your custom-made equestrian clothing of high-quality, and expertly tailored, non-restrictive fit.


Berunwear can customize different kinds of teamwear: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, etc.


Custom Performance Fishing Apparel here. Discover the highest quality technical fishing shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.

Event Wear

We enjoy personalizing custom marathon t-shirt, tank tops, running gear, team shirts ...


Design your own custom yoga apparel, including short/long-sleeve tech-tees, shorts, training pants and more.

Our Service

Wholesale Activewear in India

India is a nation where children go to playgrounds before going to school. In a country that much active in sports, it is impossible to find a person lacking the desire for the best activewear.

We, at Berunwear, understand the passion of Indian people and are here to provide the best of our services. With over 50 years of services in activewear manufacturing and wholesale, we have created a brand name in this industry and are ready to impress our clients with our customer-oriented approach in business.

With our premium wholesale services, we provide the optimal comfort and satisfaction for both customers and businesses. We will provide you reasons for choosing us as your wholesaler:

  • Expertise in the niche:

Our extensive experience in the services related to sportswear is what makes us stand out in the race of best activewear wholesalers. We conduct deep research before making a product and have enough market knowledge of where we are providing our wholesale services. This knowledge is what makes us the ultimate wholesaler you need.

  • Culture fit approach:

We understand the differences of culture all around the world and hence, provide our very culture-oriented services. Sportswear, team jerseys, and other accessories are designed according to the culture of India. In this way, there is no hurdle in the path of your business or style attire.

Berunwear activewear in India

  • Introduction to ultimate manufacturing of activewear

We have been creating history is in the procedure of manufacturing activewear all around the world. We have now become a symbol of excellence when it comes to the perfect manufacturing procedures and quality designs. With our premium manufacturing procedures, we create activewear that gives you the ultimate spirit of sports and makes you feel already athletic.

  • Perfect cricket jerseys for young players

No one on this planet is unaware of the passion for cricket in Indian people. We know how passionate the people of India about this game and what they like and dislike. This is why we are providing a range of cricket jerseys that is very elevated to the level that matches the passion for cricket in Indian people. But what makes our Jersey so unique? Let’s have a look at our specialties:

  • Material that is just right

Cricket is the game that goes long way. A player has to face harsh environmental conditions as well as maintain a rhythm in the game. For this, the material of their jerseys matters a lot in the game. The material that we use in making these jerseys is very lightweight as well as premium quality. A player can breathe easily and feel comfortable in our jerseys. There is enough room to be easy and stay focused on only the game, not the restrictions.

  • Perfect designs

Our jerseys are not only comfortable and easy to handle but also up to the level an athlete to match their ultimate fashion sense. Today is the world of fashion and all the athletes are required to elevate their sense of fashion in addition to their sportsmanship. And this is the point where you will need Berunwear. We have the best design team that is ready to show all of its creativity in outfit designs. With a touch of fashion, modernity, and culture, our designs are a complete package for the people of India.

  • Up-to-date manufacturing procedures

The quality and design of the jerseys scream all about the manufacturing procedures that have been used for creating the jerseys. We use top-notch machinery and ultra-modern equipment involving premium modern-day technology. It makes the jerseys highly resistant to wear and tear. Hence the end result is the strong comfortable fashionable and durable cricket jersey that shows your taste in sports.

Private label activewear in India by Berunwear

It is a great opportunity for new and established businesses in India. Businesses can now collaborate with Berunwear and create their brand name with our quality manufacturing and top-quality fabrics. Young entrepreneurs and businessmen can find a good way to kick start their own business and excel in their careers. Private label businesses can find their best manufacturers here at Berunwear. We provide the following benefits for private label businesses.

  • Lower pricing:

Per unit cost of all the products will be reduced to a lower level compared to wholesale price. We at Berunwear provide the minimum possible price for our private label dealers. This is an opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs with the minimum investment and maximum quality.

  • Can create your own brand:

You see tons of brands around you daily. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many others. So what is stopping you from making your own brand? We will be providing quality and you will be giving it your name. And this will create an unstoppable brand name in the world of sports. This will also provide a platform for a good start-up for your upcoming business. Briefly speaking, it will be the point where you will reach your dreams.

  • Customization services:

Customization has always been a fantasy for any young sportsperson or a fan of a particular team. We always want to see ourselves wearing the jersey of our favorite player’s name and number to support him. This dream will come into reality with our ultimate customization services for sports fans of India.

Custom Activewear by Berunwear in India

As described earlier, customization is going to be one of the best things to be introduced in our services. We love the diversity and culture-oriented approach of Indian people and will be providing customization accordingly. This customization will be carrying the following benefits.

  • Clothes that are just right:

The passion of Indian people about cricket is unmatchable and it will have to show up in their activewear in order to express it completely. This is why we have introduced a range of differently colored and differently designed activewear. With the diversity in Indian people, we have kept our designs are as diverse as possible. You can find any type of activewear of your own choice if you have a proper sketch in the mind.

  • Culture fit approach:

As we have discussed earlier, the cultures of Indian people are as diverse as their origin. Everyone has a different approach to different clothing items. Especially when it comes to you something like cricket, this is what Indian people live for. Hence creating something that much unique which combines the beautiful culture with an extreme passion for sports will definitely be a tough job. However not for the qualified design team of Berunwear. Our design team has understood the core of the matter and has introduced a variety of different clothing items that match the culture as well as extreme passion.

  • Create what you think:

With our hundreds of online templates available, you can create a sketch in the mind and then turn that sketch into reality! With Berunwear, all the dreams will be turned into reality with just a tap of your mobile phone. Yes! The online selection of the designs has been made possible at Berunwear. Not only the selection, but you can have your favorite activewear within the comfort of your home without even stepping outside. And the perk is that you don’t have to spend even an extra single penny! All of these compounds will be provided to you with no extra fees or charges.

  • Meet with our designers!

Our designers have been made available to consult at any time on the website. It will let you have an expert opinion by one of the best designers in the world.

Buy Bulk cricket jerseys in India from Berunwear

We are providing our bulk purchasing services keeping in mind the diversity and demand of Indian people. We will be providing our services in bulk purchase options. And this bulk purchase option will be carrying tons of different benefits. The most prominent ones of those benefits can be found bulleted below:

  • You can open your retail store and resell it with greater profit margins:

Buying in bulk will allow you to resell it with greater profit margins. All you have to do is to find your retail customer, add up your profit per unit and resell on your desired profit.

  • You can purchase for a whole team or a local club:

Not just resellers but you can make a bulk purchase for your own team as well. Build your own team with Berunwear activewear.

  • You will have to pay way lesser than those of the individual unit purchase:

It is a well-known fact that bulk purchases will reduce the per-unit price of a clothing item, hence it will be highly beneficial in a long run.

  • You will be able to get all the special discounts and offers that we have introduced for our bulk buyers:

You can get all the benefits of our permanent bulk clients. Just choose the desired quantity of your favorite activewear and be a part of the Berunwear family.

With all of these benefits, we are sure that the perfect choice for Indian people is going to be no other than Berunwear. So what are you waiting for, contact us and place your bulk order right now?