Wholesale Sportswear from Berunwear- Sportswear Manufacturer in Turkey

We bring out the selective scope of sportswear that is comprised of value fabrics and according to the customer’s guidelines. We offer these in different sizes, hues, and outlines. 

Free Design, Professional Consultation, Low MOQ, Fast Turnaround, Self-own Factory, and Affordable Price, if you are looking for the Best Custom Sportswear Suppliers in Turkey, here we are.

Our Products


We can custom made any cycling clothing, such as cycling shorts or cycling jerseys, etc.


Comfortable custom activewear with logos can boost team spirit for any business! You dream it, we make it!


Create your own running suits brand now! Or customize some running team tops/shorts of your style!


Find here your custom-made equestrian clothing of high-quality, and expertly tailored, non-restrictive fit.


Berunwear can customize different kinds of teamwear: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, etc.


Custom Performance Fishing Apparel here. Discover the highest quality technical fishing shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, etc.

Event Wear

We enjoy personalizing custom marathon t-shirt, tank tops, running gear, team shirts ...


Design your own custom yoga apparel, including short/long-sleeve tech-tees, shorts, training pants and more.

Our Service

Wholesale fitness apparel in Turkey:

Turkey is the place of the fittest people who have the Ultimate taste in sports and fitness. We are aware of the athletic people of Turkey and we are going to provide our services related to fitness apparel in Turkey.

Who are we?

We are Berunwear Sportswear company. If you have a slight background in sports clothing manufacturers, you are probably aware of our name. We have been serving humanity for over 50 years and now we have reached Turkey to provide our quality services related to sports and fitness.

We provide all the sports accessories, sports clothing, gym clothing, fitness apparel, and related stuff on wholesale, retail, and private label. We have created a name in the industry and will be providing our premium services and show excellence for the sake of building the trust of our customers.

Why choose us?

There are tons of fitness apparel manufacturers out there, then why one particularly has to choose us? Well we will not just provide promises here but we will give you solid reasons and benefits for choosing us:

  • Experience in the field:

It is a well-known fact that practice is what makes a man perfect. Our experience is what makes us unique and stand out in the race of the best fitness apparel manufacturers all over the world. With over 50 years of experience with the best designer team, up-to-date machinery, and quality materials, we become the number one choice of the people of Turkey when it comes to taking care of their fitness and of course, how do they look while performing regular fitness workout.

  • We stay in style:

The style and fashion sense of the people of Turkey is not hidden from anyone in the world. Those are the people with the ultimate taste in fashion and we cannot restrain them from applying these fashion skills to fitness as well. And we will be the perfect pick at this point. Our world-class quality designers introduced the best possible designs for our fitness apparel. You will shine just like the movie stars while maintaining your fitness!

Private label fitness apparel in Turkey by Berunwear

One of our main specialties is the private label sale of fitness apparel. New and struggling businesses can find the best-manufactured products from Berunwear and give them their own name. In this way, you will have your own brand just like Adidas, Nike, and what you have heard of. This will not only kick start your business and give you a great profit margin but also create your brand name in the world. The benefits of the private label business cannot be e denied especially when it comes to Berunwear. We have special offers for our private label customers that can be described below:

  • Very less investment and greater profit:

The benefit of private label is that you get the product at the minimum possible price and can generate the profit margin of your own choice. With us, you will have many other benefits for your private label business. We offer very cost-effective individual units as well as bulk that will allow you to create a greater profit margin. This will result in a successful and established business.

  • Your brand name:

The main benefit of a private label business is that it will create a name for you in the industry. As the biggest name in the sports clothing manufacturing industry, you can also have your brand name printed on your national team player one day. Yes, it will not be just a dream. With Berunwear, the dreams are going to turn into a material reality!

Creation of the ultimate fitness apparel in Turkey

We are not just a brand name for our promises and name tag, we are a brand name because of the quality and the excellence in the manufacturing procedures. We have achieved the ultimate excellence and professionalism in each and every step of creating a single fitness apparel item. Some of the excellence measures of ours can be described below:

  • Quality fabrics:

We are aware of what kind of fabrics a fitness enthusiast needs. And this is why we have picked one of the best fabrics in the world to create fitness apparel. It is lightweight, strong, and shows resistance to extreme gym conditions. The fabrics are just right for the fitness enthusiast as well as up to date with today’s fashion.

  • Proper stepwise creation of apparel:

The procedure of making a single item related to your fitness is not random or incidental. It is the complete series of steps that takes place in designing single fitness apparel. These steps are done under advanced supervision and with perfect machinery that results in an Ultimately comfortable as well as edgy gym look.

Customized fitness apparel in Turkey by Berunwear

Customization and Berunwear always go hand in hand and it has become our benchmark now. We will now let the people of Turkey experience the ultimate comfort of customization of their favorite fitness apparel. You can sketch your imagination and turn it into material reality by ordering from us. Along with customization, here come other benefits that this customization carries along:

  • Consultation opportunity with one of the best designers:

Our team of designers is always ready to guide and assist our customers in order for them to experience the best customization services. You can come up with just a sketch in your mind, and our design team will be creating a complete appearance based on your instructions. More ever, we have hundreds of templates available. From those templates, you can select one of your own choice that matches your imagination. Then all you have to do is to tell us the number and name of the player as well as the color. Rest will be done by our designers and then you are going to have your custom-made shirt or any clothing item with zero effort and 100% satisfaction.

  • A unique experience of fitness enthusiasm:

Fitness enthusiasts know that how difficult it is to maintain such a strict routine. To lighten up this heavy routine, they need something unique and personalized. Berunwear takes responsibility for this and will provide your very own and personalized experience of fitness apparel. With our fitness apparel included in your routine, there is no chance of getting bored or tired of strict gym routines. Every day you will experience something new in your old routine once you pick Berunwear as your brand!

Sublimation fitness apparel in Turkey

The process of sublimation has been really popular among professional designers of global fashion week and top-notch clothing brands. This is why we decided to do something new. We have introduced the process of sublimation in the manufacturing of our clothing items. This process has the following benefits:

  • Durability:

Along with the sublimation comes the comfort and trust that the print and the color I will never lose its soul for many upcoming years. This trust makes our apparel the most durable when it comes to creating sports clothing. You can completely trust us because Berunwear is reliable!

  • Advanced and ultra-modern technology:

Sublimation has become the most utilized step in all the clothing manufacturing companies. It is up to date and keeps your designs last for longer periods. It has certain color lock technologies with itself. When a fabric goes through a sublimation process, the color gets lock inside the fabric. After that, no matter how harsh the environmental situation gets, the color never leaves fabric and stays locked. This will give ultimate brightness and lasting color to the fabric. Not only your future will shine bright but also you can shine bright in the present day by using our sublimated fitness apparels.

Buy wholesale fitness apparel from Berunwear in Turkey

We have discussed the benefits that you will be getting if you order from us. But there is a lot more to come! We have tons of different offers and special discounts if you buy bulk from us. As we all know that it is a common benefit of buying in bulk that the cost per unit is reduced. This will give you an opportunity to add a profit margin of your own choice on every single item. All you have to do is to buy bulk from us and resell it in a retail store. Your profit margin will enhance and your business will reach the heights of success. It can also help you establish your own new business as a retailer.

If you are not a business, then there is an opportunity for you to buy bulk for teams. Any quantity or any size will be available without any restriction and you can easily gain benefits as per your purchase.

So these were all the benefits summarised and presented to you that we are capable of offering. Are you not excited yet? If yes, then what are you waiting for? The ultimate fitness apparel is looking for you!