Does your business search for a manufacturer of high-quality Sport Clothing? No matter you call it sportswear, activewear, athletic wear, or athleisure if you are plan to launch this category of clothing line in 2021, read this ultimate guide. We will share all you need to know about the secrets of sports clothing manufacturers and the reliable factory you can wholesale from with low quantities.

1. Relations of Sportswear and Activewear as Sport Clothing

activewear sportswear difference

When compared to activewear, sportswear is much more general. Activewear is specifically attached to clothing designed for physically doing sports, whereas as sportswear clothing is also designed and made as fashion for everyday wear. An important era in history for sportswear came from French fashion powerhouse Coco Chanel. Known for her active lifestyle, she began to create more casual two-piece sets for women in the ‘20s, known as sportswear. As other couture fashion houses began to follow suit, sportswear started to trickle down into the high street and more affordable brands, making sportswear a new niche of its own. It was during the 1970’s that global fashion brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, later joined by Tommy Hilfiger, really began to embrace a more casual sportswear aesthetic, which has since become synonymous with the brands’ identities.

2. Fabrics Takes The Most Important Role in Manufacturing Sport Clothing

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Fabrics have always played an important role when it comes to the sportswear clothing industry. As technology has advanced and high-performance fabrics have become a thing of the norm, increasing numbers of sportswear brands can innovate and evolve the market with new and never before seen designs. From wicking fabric, which allows moisture and sweat to pass through the fabric for comfort and quick drying, to neoprene, which is an insulator and water-proof, sportswear designers now have a wealth of options when it comes to creating performance clothing.

If you are designing performance sportswear and require fabrics that have a range of technical attributes, take a look at some of the most popular options for your next sports clothing line.

  • Nylon – This popular synthetic fabric is breathable, quick-drying, and is soft against the skin for a comfortable and flexible fit.
  • Polyester – This fabric is great for outdoor sports gear and provides a durable and lightweight barrier against the elements.
  • Polypropylene – For complete water-resistant sportswear, this synthetic fabric is a great option.
  • Spandex (Lycra) – If you’re looking for flexible and breathable fabric, spandex is a top choice. It also has tons of other benefits including moisture-wicking capabilities and quick-drying attributes.

For brands looking for eco-friendly alternatives, take a look at some top sportswear fabric options below:

  • Bamboo – Fabric made from this plant has tons of natural attributes such as UV protection, temperature regulation, and odor repellent. Plus it is silky smooth on the skin.
  • TENCEL – This fabric is created from wood pulp and has a luxury feel. It’s great for performance wear due to its breathable and moisture-wicking properties, plus it’s also biodegradable.

3. Balance Between Quality and Price in Choosing Sports Apparel Manufacturers

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Always keep this in mind, money means quality, the more you pay, the better you get. Never trust anyone saying that to you, we give you the best quality sport clothing at the cheapest price. It’s totally lying. What you should look for is a sports apparel manufacturer offering the highest quality within your budget. The old and original sport clothing manufacturers in China can help you reduce expense without sacrificing quality because they are the factories, no middlemen fees, they are working in CN, lower labor&material cost, they are available for small MOQs, you can only wholesale a few pieces.

4. Only Select From Experienced Sport Clothing Manufacturers

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It’s important for the manufacturers to be in the sports industry for at least 10 years. The experienced and efficient sports apparel manufacturers can ensure you get high-quality clothes in a short time at a lower cost. They always have their own factories and hire clothing designers in their company. Their specialist based on the long experience in sportswear and clothing production will help you design stylish local-friendly athletic wear, source the best fabrics&trims, and produce the quality guaranteed sport clothing.

5. Features Must have for Top Quality Sports Clothing Factories

best sportswear factory

★  Huge Collection of Sports Clothing

For that, the primary thing we need to see is that they have a lot of variety of products for sportswear or activewear or athletic wear or gym wear. The more the collection of sports clothes the easier it would be for us to choose the best from them.

★  Reasonable Pricing

As a business owner, you are not looking to only sell sport clothing and barely make any profit. You are doing a business to provide quality products to your customers and in return earn good profit margins. So check if their products are overpriced or rightly priced. You can do so by comparing with other manufacturers. Try to get the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality.

★  Fast Response

We all do not want to wait endlessly for our products. The fast response not only means fast to respond to your email or chat but fast to design, fast to produce, and fast to shipping. Find a list of sports clothing manufacturers, tell them your need and your desired sportswear concept, and ask them to give you a quick response. The one who can send you a reply at the fastest speed with good quality will be a proper sports apparel manufacturer to you.

★  Ease of Business

While looking and finalizing your sports clothing supplier or manufacturer you will also be looking forward to the ones who are easy to be contacted and communicated with. Language shouldn’t be your barrier and they can be reachable at most times in your schedule. Most importantly, their payment, shipping methods, and websites are easy to use for you.

6. Bespoke Sport Clothing Manufacturers Are Better to Choose

custom sport clothing manufacturer

Personalized sports clothing is more attractive to customers, trying to be different is everyone’s need. Find sport clothing manufacturers support Customization is already a trend in recent years, you should not miss the fashion too. Whether you are considering starting up a new sport clothing line or looking for customized designs for your sports team, bespoke sports apparel manufacturers are a better choice. Those sport clothing factories can assist as much or as little as you require, and understand the budget limitations of small businesses. 

7. Build Your Brand With Private Label Sports Clothing Manufacturers

private label sports clothing manufacturer

When you consider building a sportswear brand with the help of a manufacturer, this one should support customizing and making private labels, tags, or packages. Effective branding in the sports and activewear sector is essential, and this is what will get your customers returning time and time again. Creating a brand identity will help to showcase your brand message to consumers, and often sets the subtle and straightforward design aspects of your sport clothing line.

Most customers don’t want to be decorated with branding in their active sportswear so using private labels, tags, and packages to showcase your brand is the best idea!

8. Think of Sustainability and Inclusivity to Custom Sport Clothing

sustainable sports clothing

A significant aspect to explore for sportswear brands is sustainable options. In 2021, numerous eco-friendly alternatives could provide a specialized element to your brand. Historically, sportswear has been portrayed as clothing only for athletic types. However, inclusivity is vital to secure a place in this competitive market. People of all shapes and sizes love working out, so having a sportswear line to reflect this will ensure long-term success in the sector.

Question: Partnering with which sports clothing manufacturer in 2021?

best sport clothing manufacturer 2021

Berunwear, one of the Chinese leading sport clothing manufacturers and factories with more than 15 years of supplying and production experience.

Support Small MOQs, Fast Response, Full Custom, High Quality, and Reduced Cost for your newly sports apparel business!

We guide new and established sports clothing and accessory lines through sketching and design, fabric and trim sourcing, labels and branding, pattern and sample making, duplicates, fittings, pattern revisions, marking and grading, cutting, production and packing. No need for you to know much about the technical aspects of the sports clothing production process that many beginners are worried about the most. We provide all the help you need. Simply send us some sketches, basic design files, or reference products. As your sports apparel manufacturer, we guide you through everything from design to production planning.

We have served worldwide clients include large department stores, online retailers, major labels, and independent brands in America and around the world. We are exporting globally including but not limited to USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, France, etc. at a reduced price.

We develop and produce sport clothing for women, men, and children, plus size supported. We can also offer you hats, bags, neck gaiters, cloth masks, and any other promotional products. We employ all the latest machinery and technology to ensure our active wear offerings are the best available anywhere. We are your one-stop-shop for athletic wear, activewear, sportswear, and athleisure wear manufacturer.

We accept small quantity orders and work with several sports clothing factories. We specialize in helping you regardless of the order quantity!

How Berunwear Custom Sportswear for You?

custom sport apparel manufacturer

1. Develop a Concept

Whether you want to make athleisure, athletic, workout, or fitness apparel, it’s important that we understand your design. You can send us any hand drawing, mockup, or reference product that we can use to get a basic understanding. We will go over all details with you before proceeding to the sample and wholesale order.

2. Create a Tech Pack

Next, we create a document with professional drawings, fabric, color, and sizing information. This type of document is called a tech pack, which serves as the specification and design file for your custom sportswear. It follows all relevant standards and can be used by any sports apparel supplier.

3. Get a Cut Sheet

It is important to determine all relevant dimensions with length, width, and shape. Moreover, these dimensions have to be adapted to the different sizes you want to offer your activewear in. Sizing charts are required so that private label sportswear manufacturers know how to cut and sew.

4. Sample it!

See your sports clothing design in reality for the first time! We give you a free custom sample after completing the clothing development with us! We can also send you a super-comprehensive swatch book when needed. Test your idea and check all aspects so that potential changes can be considered before production!

5. Make the Product

Once you approve the custom sample and are ready to move forward, we start mass production by integrating your design into the production line at our sportswear factory. Rest assured that the production will go smoothly and that all details are as planned.

6. Quality Control

We check each production batch at our sportswear manufacturing company for any possible issues. Be sure that you will deliver the perfect activewear wholesale product to your clients and that you are proud of your unique custom design!