Activewear is on the rise and according to a research report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the worldwide marketplace for Sports and Fitness Clothing is projected to reach US$480 billion by 2025. It’s no wonder, then, that activewear is leading many trends in fashion both on and off the catwalk. In today’s post, let’s take a glance at 5 big trends in wholesale activewear of 2021 which will guide you to more accurately grasp consumer preferences and sell better, especially in the market gap period when the pandemic crisis will eventually pass.

1. Men can wear leggings too

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have seen any man wearing leggings, but it’s now becoming the norm both in the gym and out of it. In this new age of bending gender norms, men are saying yes to wearing what was once an exclusively female fashion item. Rewind to 2010 and there was an uproar as women started wearing leggings instead of trousers or jeans and it was seen as socially unacceptable. Now, we’re actually buying more leggings than jeans, and this includes men. 

It’s no wonder really as men’s leggings are so comfortable, and brands are catering to the fact they can be potentially unsociable by making them thicker, hardier, and more stylish. Men’s running leggings can easily be worn under casual shorts for a fashionable and acceptable look whether you’re at the gym or not.

2. Loose yoga top over a colorful sports bra

Wearing a loose-flowing yoga top is nothing new, but by styling it over a colorful sports bra crop top, you create an effortless look that can be worn from the gym or yoga studio to lunch or coffee with friends. Yoga tops for women are getting their own identity and there is now more choice than ever. With the new eco-movement in full swing with a rise in veganism and more people getting in touch with their spiritual side, yoga is no longer just a practice but an entire lifestyle. 

Wearing a loose yoga top over a crop top is a really stylish look that can be pulled off by anyone. You don’t need the ultimate beach body to feel comfortable in this outfit and that is one of the reasons why it is such a big trend. 

3. Black high-waisted leggings

Women’s black leggings are timeless, but it’s now becoming socially acceptable to wear them instead of traditional trousers or jeans. High-waisted leggings are here to stay because they cinch your waist, skim over problem areas, and hold everything in while looking wonderfully stylish. Wearing high-waisted leggings also means you can get away with not wearing a t-shirt or vest and instead just pairing them with a sports bra or crop top. 

In a more practical sense, high-waisted leggings are less likely to fall down and be annoying when you’re wearing them. By opting to have your high-waisted leggings be black, you’re opening up limitless possibilities in fashionable activewear. You can style black high-waisted leggings in many ways for any number of different occasions. 

4. A denim jacket over a sports bra crop top

Taking your activewear out of the gym is a big trend and wearing women’s activewear as casual wear is easier than ever with the stylish designs, luxury fabrics, and modern twists on old classics. Being healthy is desirable and one of the reasons why activewear has grown so much in the past few years is because being seen out in activewear shows you take care of yourself by exercising and have the time to pamper yourself. 

You can make your fitness clothing look more casual by pairing it with a denim jacket. Wearing a denim jacket over your sports bra or crop top creates a totally effortless look and means you don’t have to get changed between hitting the gym or yoga studio and going for coffee with friends.

5. The Rise of Athleisure: When Sport Meets Fashion

By layering a loose boyfriend hoodie over any women’s gym clothing, you create a low-key fashionable look that can be worn anywhere and will transition from the gym to a social setting. It’s easy to throw on a hoodie over tight gym clothes and can help to hide your physique if you enter a situation where you don’t want to be wearing skin-tight gym clothes! 

The style on the streets has changed. Women are wearing leggings, crop tops and sports bras, men are spotted in sweatpants, hoodies and sneakers. Everyone looks like having just finished a work-out in the gym, while grabbing a cappuccino in a coffee shop, meeting friends for brunch or heading to the city center for a shopping trip.

This established lifestyle emphasizes one thing: People have the need for comfortable clothing. Embodying an athletic and casual leisure time is what athleisure is all about. And there is no doubt that this segment of the fashion market is on the rise.

Analysis & Conclusion

From the above sportswear trend matching trends, we can clearly see a kind of cross-mixed elements. Whether it’s men starting to wear leggings or women adding a casual jacket outside the sports bras, people are no longer satisfied to wear activewear only when working out in the gym. People want to wear comfortable and functional athleisure wear anytime and anywhere.
In view of this, for the sportswear wholesale industry in 2021, we can no longer just focus on the traditional sportswear sales market but should focus more on athleisure apparel. Only in this way can we always be at the forefront of fashion.

So the question is: Where can we find the reliable and fashionable activewear wholesale supplier in 2021? Let’s see the answer below.

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