Getting started with a wholesale clothing supplier will be got to happen sooner than later. It’s a matter of doing all of your due diligence and researching the suppliers on various platforms. After all, you need to seek out the right one. The one which will supply you with the products you want for the proper price. It’s tons of screening, but it’s all worthwhile in the end when you’ll have happy paying customers. Therefore, in this post, we’ll tell you some great tips to find out a verified sportswear wholesale supplier and smart pricing strategy so as to earn more in your sportswear dropshipping business!

Tips for Choosing Best Clothing Dropshipping Wholesalers or Suppliers

We have talked about sportswear dropshipping in our last blog and also some guidance to help you start athletic clothing dropshipping from scratch. So we won’t repeat it again here. As for today’s topic, supplier selection is a critical step that every dropshipping company needs to take. When looking for dropshipping providers, however, many factors must be considered.

Even if you already know the products you want to sell and you’re sure they’ll be successful for your business, you need to make sure you find the right dropshipping suppliers that deliver the quality service that your business deserves.

Here are some steps you need to take to make sure you find the right one:

1. Do Proper Research

After you have selected the products you want to sell, you determine which dropshipping providers are available and which is the best one that meets your need. Depending on the number of suppliers in your selected product niche, you may need to choose to contact a domestic or foreign supplier.

2. Contact The Suppliers

Talk to the dropshipping provider that meets your need and get involved with them. If you talk to them, you can ask questions about the services offered and they may even provide you with the contact information of some of their current customers, so you can gain hands-on experience with the provider before you contact them.

3. Request Samples From The Supplier

When you have selected two or three main suppliers, request samples yourself. Test their service quality, delivery times, packaging and other manufacturer-related questions to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision.

4. Read Their Reviews

If you choose providers, many of them look good when they read their comments and the products they offer. However, once you do business, they may not be suitable for your audience. This may be due to the raw materials they use, their business, or their handling of returns. Make sure you talk to the suppliers and know how they work before committing to work with them.

Tips for Determining a profitable pricing structure

The most important step is to look at the market trends and think of the prices that you would charge to sell the activewear pieces to customers. To earn more profits, you have to think of the right pricing strategy, so that you can have your share of the profit. Your expenses should be kept in mind while deciding on the prices so that you gain a good margin of profit, and never incur losses. Remember, the money you get from the customers also helps you to repay your loans and EMI’s.

Now that you have the right suggestions to enter the competitive world workout clothing business and choosing one of the best women’s and men’s clothing wholesale suppliersspecializing in fitness apparel, it is time to have the most exciting ideas to make your venture the super-hit one.

  1. Prepare a budget that will help you to take all the financial decisions, and this plan should be framed with the help of someone who is an expert in this field.
  2. The manpower and marketing team must be recruited by taking in-depth interviews so that the people you work with can identify with the goal of your business.
  3. The workout essentials like clothes and accessories you have decided to have in your store must also exude the correct balance and fusion of trending style statement and superior quality, enabling you to increase their demand in the wholesale market.
  4. The best idea to increase sales would be to keep seasonal discounts, offers and exciting benefits that can draw the attention of more buyers, and help you gain more profits.
  5. Make use of the most updated and best promotional forums to turn your business into a brand.

Last Tip: Be Sure to Work with Genuine Wholesale Sportswear Suppliers

When preparing to buy wholesale sports apparel, extensive research of the industry market is one of the necessary things. Verified and reputable suppliers don’t have the sole purpose to earn money through fake deals. Same as you, the majority are registered wholesale suppliers who are working hard to make a decent living. They invest in the relationships they build with their customers and do their best to offer boutique owners fair deals.

Wholesale suppliers that are worth pursuing stay on top of the latest trends in the wholesale industry. They invest valuable time in hanging out at places where the other professionals in the industry hang out as well. These places include industry events and shows, communities, and forums. The reason for this is because these places provide a great networking opportunity for everyone in the industry of selling clothes online. As a boutique owner on the hunt for the perfect supplier, you will need to make an effort and join the wholesale community.

Take advantage of such events to search for reputable suppliers and learn the industry tricks. Learning about the manufacturers and suppliers for the clothing you find at the fair and are interested in will help you make the right decisions for your business when you start sourcing for the products.

Aside from industry events, the majority of reputable wholesale suppliers invest in listing themselves in some online supplier directories, such as Alibaba, you should know it. These directories don’t just allow anyone to put their business name on the list. Their suppliers undergo a thorough authentication and verification process before appearing on their business lists. Therefore, supplier directories are one of the safest places to look for suppliers for your boutique. Once you locate them, you can make a fair deal for buying sports apparel at wholesale prices from them.


Verified wholesale suppliers are vital when it involves where to shop for wholesale sports apparel for a boutique. In summary, wholesale suppliers are the simplest and safest source of wholesale sportswear. Just follow our tips and find yourself a verified sportswear wholesale supplier to urge your profits to flow.